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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    what-an-unfortunate-week. [not really!] ;)

    JUNE 23 '08, MONDAYY.
    it's monday && at the same tym no classes.
    yipeee. u heard the news aight? there was this so called "bagyong Frank" and it was a heavy typhoon that made cavite city on the signal no. 2 spot. honestly, yesterday, i wished that it would rain pretty hard tomorrow so there's gonna be no classes && my wish came true! and as the result, there were no classes over all the schools here. it rained for the whole day. i didn't see the sun for this day. only the gray dark skies. this afternoon, i watched the movie "Juno" online through www.watch-movies.net [that's the best website everrr if you like watching moviess. but just be patient on waiting because there are timess that its so slooooowww.] and i freakin love this movie. it tackles about teen preganancies, even though i haven't experienced having a biggg bump, it's a cute, kinda romantic && sad story but i like it. u SHOULD have to watch it. ;)

    i also watched detective conan episodes. i've watched 300 plus episodes of it out of 500 something because others don't have subs yet. detective conan is myy favorite anime. i've also watched all the movies of detective conan [except for the movie 12 beacuse it doesn't have subs yet.] && OVAs. it's way wayyy cool and amzingg. shinichi is ooh so handsome. he's my husband and he never knew it. haha. just kiddinggg. ;) and when he shrunked, he named himself conan by the sudden ask of ran. this girl named ran, is shinichi's love interest. ran doesn't know that shinichi, his love, and conan, their freeloader who stays on their house, is actually the same person! but it was sooo obvious, beacause conan is WAY smart for an ordinary prep student. imagine a 7 years old cjild who can solve murder && other cases. but of course, they don't have a clue that conan was the one who is solving the cases because he always put to sleep kogoro, ran's father, a not-so-famous detective but became really popular because of his knowledge in solving cases, which is actually done by conan. he always use a voice changing bow tie to emit other people's voices, which was made by professor agasa. btw, ran and shinichi were childhood friends and as time goes by, they realize that they love each other, even though they always fight and they never knew that they love each other but actually i know that they can feel it somehow. their love story is so romantic! same as with shinichi/conan's friend heiji with kazuha. another thing is, i abso-fucking-lutely lovee the cases! especially the murderrrr ones. even though some are a bit harsh, brutal and everything, i love it so much with all my effin heart. for me, it's the best anime everrrr made!!

    so das it for dis dayy. :]

    JUNE 24 '08, TUESDAYY.
    REGADA in cavite cityy.

    today's the feast day of St. John the Baptist, and here in cavite, it's our tradition to celebrate it by means of "basaan" && obviously, we dont have our class. that was usually held near the market place and here in cavite, we call it "regada". but unfortunately for me, i have a cold ryt now so i didn't join the regada with my friends. sad to say but i only stayed here in our house with nothing to do && i'm not feeling well. but actually, i woke up very very late! 12 noon! haha. so weather i liked it or not, im not making it to join my friends. haha. wth. ;) so as the result, i only surfed the net for almost the whole day.

    JUNE 25 '08, WEDNESDAYY.
    back to school after a long "weekend"! && paos ako!!

    whew. back to school drama again. okk. okk. imma paos this day! errrr! it's totally annoying. i just wrote what i'm gonna say in a piece of paper because i'm so embarrassed whenever i talk. but i can't help it but talk && talk && talk! my mouth is very precious to me, you know? especially when i'm with my folkss! bittersweet, eh? it's regular class this day and somewhat boriinngg. i bought 2 old issues of candy mag to jewel. haha. candy magazine is one of my precious collections. ;) others are tag prices from diff. clothing brands, detective conan merchandise, and other stuffs. after class, we went to our so called "tokwahan [it is located outside our school] && it's our regular hangout place every after class since 3rd yr if we don't have much money left in our pockets. then, after, we bought a first aid kit for our CAT because, guess what? i'm a medic and im PROUD of it. :] nyahaha. we are the "dakilang medics"! i also bought a detective conan dvd because as i said, detective conan is my favorite anime! i love CONAN veryy much! ;) ehemm. after buying, i saw someone. urghh. lets just say someone in the past. ;) well, its definitely nothing because i have my very very special someone aight now. his name is adrian and i love him wayy much. ;) as the matter of fact, he's not here in cavite ryyt now && i miss him so much.

    quote of the day: "anu nga bang course ang kukunin ko??"

    JUNE 26 '08, THURSDAYY.
    i can't talk clearly. i can't talk loud. i can't shout. helppppp!

    it's myy second day of being cursed by this raucous voice! this morning, after the flag ceremony, we held our community worship at the gym [elem. - hs.] then in the afternoon, we held the meeting de avance from 1-4 pm for tomorrow's ARSC election. then, this is the most crucial part, we had our 3rd training for the MOCC! OMG, at that tym, i dunno what to do because we really need to shout at the training && for the count off. but i'm very blessed because i actually did shout! whoaa. lucky me, eh? but at the first count off, i had a mistake in numbering. haha. foolish me! it was kinda embarrassing but it's so normal && that's fine. then, after this long cursed school day, we went to dunkin donuts [me, jewel, lea, majo, kris, katre, raf] to have some fun. we took pictures and did some funny yet interesting conversations. as usual. ;)

    JUNE 27 '08, FRiDAYY.
    3rd day of having a raucous voice. arghhh!

    today was half day only && yeaa, hoorayy. the election of the ARSC officers was held in the morning. [we do this every year in SJC. sadly, it's my last school year here. gonna be a college student next year and i dont have any plans yet. but im hoping to make the right decisions.] after that, we took pictures with our classmates [our section is IV-MATTHEW and our adviser is Mr. Paraiso. we have so much fun in class && batch 2008-2009 is the best everrr!] on our classroom while the boys are having back-to-back massage and we joined them. haha. they are wicked fun && crazy, u know. and that was silly. we head to mcdo [me, lea, jazze, kris, katre, rafaella, franze, majo] after the bell rang to have lunch. and again, we took several pictures and it was crazyyy. we made a somewhat pyramid out of plastic cups and a flag using straw, tissue, and ketchup as glue, && we wrote a big "paxtro" [name of our clique] in it. we took pictures on the cr and while taking some pics with kris, katre, && franze, my back bumped on the hand dryer, && i felt hot on my back, then i suddenly shouted "aray. ang inet! aray! aray! ang inet! ang inet!". then i pushed them off and then franze's head bumped on the wall. after that, we got out of the cr laughing && laughing. that was hilarious! ;D that thingg was bananas. ;)

    taken from our classroom.

    on the jeepney.

    from mcdo. love ko 'to.

    JUNE 28 '08, SATURRRDAY.
    happy birthdayy ka3na!!

    today is katre's birthdayy and it was amazingg! ;) i woke up 10 in the morning yesterday and i received txt msgs, actually it was a group msg saying that they were going to katre's house in noveleta && they're gonna eat lunch there. even though i have a raucous voice [paos, since wednesday && i'm very very irritated!] && a cough, i joined them to go to katre's house. lea and jazze picked me up here at my house and we immediately went to the bus stop. there, katre, kris && erika were waiting for us. after we met, we run to the bus heading to noveleta. we talk a lot and laugh out loud on uncertain stuffs and it was fun. when we arrived at katre's house, we ate lunch and have picture takingss. after 2 hours i think, we went to jewel's house because their house were near from each other. on the way, we met rafaella [actually it was a planned meeting.] then when we arrived at jewel's house, jewel was not there. only her aunt and cousin were on the house and they welcomed us in. we talk about the latest happenings [in short, chismis!] on school and other thingy thingss and that were way hilarious! it was wicked funnn! and then and again, we took pictures here and there as usual. then, we took a bus again to take us home. :]

    JUNE 29 '08, today SUNDAYY.
    apee 5th monthsary PAXTRO! luv u all guyss. x3

    i love myy tropa so muchhh! ;) they are like my sisters whom i share my secrets with and whom i can lean on in times of trials or happiness. actually, we are good old friends since 1st yr hs. and some, since elementary. but it's so complicated why we're only celebrating our 5th month of friendship now instead of 3 years and so on. because there are someone who join other group and there are people that joined us, so we finally decided to change the name of our former tropa and changed it as "paxtro".

    btw, today is a boringg day for me bacause i have nothing much to do. i only surfed the net for half the day and i made my project in english. i also watched the 1995's movie "clueless" and it's freakin gooood. it rained for half the day and i wish it will continue tomorrow. let's cross our fingerss!

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