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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    high school musical 3.

    HSM3 is gory awesome! it's the best HSM everr. my sister && i watched the high school musical 3 just a few hours ago at sm bacoor. and yeah, today was the second day of it's showing. we're so lucky because by the time we entered the movie theater, the film had just ended, and the best thing is, we didn't saw the ending that would be an exceedingly super duper extra major spoiler! i hate spoilers so much. who wouldn't hate it? if you don't, you suck. xP

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    entrance test in DLSU-D.

    OCTOBER 19, 2008.

    heyaa. the title for this post is such a major SPOILERR. so yea, that would be the main topic for now. im gonna give you... maybe not all the details but at least the reasonable ones. so the day before our exam day, lea, marjorie, jewel && I had decided that we will meet at our house at exactly 5:30 am because our test would start at 8:00 am and we should be there 30 minutes before the said time. lea is the first one to arrive at our crib and next is marjorie, then we picked up jewel near their house at noveleta. we all rode in our car with my parents && with my siblings. we arrived in DLSU-D at around 7:00 am. and after some minutes, they finally let us go inside the building. i am the only one who will be away from them because i'm in the first room and they are in the third room. but i have my classmate named gapate(it's a surname, okay. so don't find it WEIRD.) who was with me in the first room. i am in the seat number five. the test is just like the NCAE but i find it hard, but not really HARD okay. after the three and a half hours, the test had finally ended! whoa, so much relief. i wish i would pass this entrance exam but i will also take entrance exams at the other universities.

    after the exam, we proceeded to sm bacoor and it's the last day of the three day sale. it was so CROWDED! i swear i will not go to malls whenever they have a three day sale anymore. there's so many people that you can't really enjoy shopping and even though there's a sale, it's hard to pick the good stuffs. c'mon, it's much enjoyable if there's less people around, right?

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    jewel's bday.

    today's jewel's bday. happy birthday jewel! she've been my bestfriend since 2nd year. we're always together whenever there's a galaan. you can really count on her if you need someone to be with or if you want a companion. we celebrated her bday on chefoo - a restaurant here in cavite city - and yea it was fun. it's always fun whenever i'm with my buddies for life. she ordered a bunch of foods. after eating, i swear to myself that i'll never gonna eat again, forever! haha. wish i could do that, but i am only human, a human who needs food, even though i'm on a diet right now. after that, we took tons of pictures - yea, that's part of our lives, being vain.

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    we had this project of ours in araling panlipunan, && we were grouped by our teacher in AP last month. this project involves a "company" - which will be played by each group - and each company should make two products and each of them should defend the products to our teacher and should make a commercial for those two that will be presented at the commercial fest. one, is a food product and the other one is a medicine product. our group came up to the idea for our comapany's name which was the "Gourmand Company" && it consist of precious, jazze, kris, angela, danae, kevin && me. i am the art director of our so called company.

    so this day was our planned day for the taping of our commercials. we decided to shoot at the Mt. Sea Resort, just a 40 minutes ride from home. the resort is a nice and calm place && it's a great venue for our shooting. we took a lot of pictures before we shoot. we enjoyed a lot while filming and the only thing that bothered us was the ravenous heat from the sun. damn, it really burned our skins! then after we finished our commercials, we decided to eat at mcdo for our late lunch. we were so hungry by then and it came to the point that we actually heard the growl from each other's stomachs. this day was way gruesome but a hell lot of fun. thumbs up. ;)

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    man, i love this organization, to write love on her arms. i definitely want to support this one. TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

    plus, i love the shirts! if you have noticed, some of the popular bands like paramore and switchfoot and the other bands who also performed on the warped tour 08, have twloha shirts. if you'll search for hayley williams' photos, you'll see that she has so many TWLOHA shirts that she wore in her performances. her band mates also wear those kind of shirts. i am dying to order a TWLOHA shirt online. so now, i'm in the process of asking my father to buy me one for over a gazillion times already. in ordering, you should pay with a paypal or with a master card but he won't allow me. thus, i've lost my ipod classic so i think i'll be having a hard time to convince him. well, all the money will go directly to the treatment and recovery programs of the organization and not for their own benefit. anyhow, i've visited their myspace account and i've read the comments of the other people to them. there's so much thank you in their comments. they are giving hope to those people who are lost and depressed.

    if you are interested, you should visit their website. click here.

    and for their myspace account, click here.


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    the final twilight trailer.

    OME! the final twilight trailer is now officially released! edward. eadward. edward! bahaha. the final trailer is extremely awesome! i watched it an hour ago and it gave me freaks. this trailer made me even more exceedingly excited for it's showing. i can't really hardly wait! i watched it on myspace and it's much better to watch it there rather than in youtube. i've repeated it for over 7 times for this night. and yea, i'll spread the thrill, so here's the link:

    oh yes, it's obviously longer than the other two trailers. so if you're really a twilight addict, you should watch it...right now! ;p

    8:42 PM | 2 comments


    yeah! i know. paramore rules! i friggin love the paramore so much. and yeah, they've got two singles for the twilight soundtrack! the first and the one that was released a week ago is the "decode", which is effin great! by the time i've heard this song, i totally freaked out! i was all like, "ohmigadd! ohmigadd! it's so effin cool!". i easily got hooked at it. it really suits for edward and bella. the "decode" is very much reasonable to be added at the twilight soundtrack. OMG, i'm so excited on it's release here in the philippines! i'll definitely buy one! ;p

    How can I decide what's right
    When you're clouding up my mind?
    I can't win your losing fight
    All the time.

    Not gonna ever own whats mine
    When you're always taking sides?
    But you won't take away my pride.
    No, not this time.
    Not this time.

    How did we get here?
    When I used to know you so well.
    But how did we get here?
    Well, I think I know.

    The truth is hiding in your eyes
    And it's hanging on your tongue.
    Just boiling in my blood.
    But you think that I can't see
    What kind of man that you are,
    If you're a man at all.
    Well, I will figure this one out
    On my own.
    (I'm screaming, "I love you so.")
    On my own.
    (My thoughts you can't decode)

    How did we get here?
    When I used to know you so well, yeah.
    But how did we get here?
    Well, I think I know.

    Do you see what we've done?
    We've gone and made such fools
    Of ourselves.
    Do you see what we've done?
    We've gone and made such fools
    Of ourselves.

    How did we get here?
    When I used to know you so well, yeah, yeah.
    How did we get here?
    Well, I used to know you so well.
    I think I know.
    I think I know.

    There is something I see in you.
    It might kill me.
    I want it to be true.

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    twilight standee!

    oh-ehm-gee! haha, i got so excited by the time i laid my eyes on it! it was an official twilight standee! i saw it last week, when we treated my grandparents on the theater. i am so happy at that time that i abruptly got a cellphone from my bag and took pictures at it. whoawhoa. i'm way excited for it's showing! i can't hardly wait! comiiiiing soon! bahahaha!

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    tarot card.

    i was quite miserable and depressed today because of what had happened yesterday, the day i lost my ipod. i was sooo confused that i came up to the idea that i might find out the stealer if i go to a fortune teller. and lucky me, my best friend jewel knew a fortune teller whom they say is a good one. they say that all the things he said was true. he was kinda popular here too. after class, before the championship of the basketball, we went to the house of the fortune teller. at first, i got so nervous but then, i found it easy and i enjoyed it. maybe because it was a good news! he said while reading the tarot cards one by one, that my ipod will be back to me. and he also said that HE was only playing a trick on me. that person he was talking about didn't intentionally steal it from me, thus it's only a joke. then i asked what are his traits, physical and emotional. first, he said that he was boastful but kinda shy at times. then he also said that, that person steal my ipod from me because he want to caught my attention because "DAW" he has a toooot on me. he also said that he was my classmate, he is taller than me, he is medium in size, he is cute, and he always tease me in our classroom. hmmmm. i wonder who is that "HE"? i want to know! but he said that my ipod will be back to me within 5 days and most likely next monday. oooh, i wish that what he had said was true! i am yearning for my ipod so badly! i wish it was true! *cross fingers*

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    i lost my ipod. && it sucks!

    today was so unlucky for me! why? what did i do for this situation to happen? i can't remember that i ever crossed under a ladder. i didn't even spill a container of salt! and no black cat had ever crossed my way! but, it's officially my most unlucky day ever since august 21, 1993 in this survival of the fittest planet. i lost my ipod classic 80G! someone stole it from INSiDE our classroom. it happened this morning while we we're praying rosary at the court. but i don't know who is the thief. the only thing i know was someone from my classmates had stole it. it really really sucks, but it's true. i hate it to judge others but i had this feeling that i know the stealer. but i don't have any proof! maybe it's not that person, and i don't want to bear false witness against her. and i'm not the only person in our classroom who had lost a gadget. my classmate, percy, lost a video camera too. it's my first time to experience such a horrible thing. anyone shouldn't get anything that aren't theirs. it's a sad thing because we're studying in a catholic school and that's what they do. it's very bad to own things that aren't yours. arghh. it's really getting on my nerves! i really love that ipod of mine so much because it's way crucial to me and i don't leave the house without it, unless it's lowbat. oh c'mon, whoever you are, please give it back to me! ;(

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