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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    wow. award.

    1. Repost the award and the this rules in your post.
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    4. This does not include any official criteria or whatsoever. It depends on your liking.

    this awesome award was passed to me by jhe anne && yea, a major thanks for this one. i appreciate it, btw. xp

    so now, i'm gonna pass this award to my fellow bloggers whom i think have great layouts. these people are:
    2. marga.
    3. lia.

    x x x

    hey guys, i've been pretty busy today, sprawling at the sofa, eating some craps that i think would mess up with my body, while watching detective conan - the best anime ever, for my own opinion only. i can't say that i've been productive for this day. i've wasted all my free time - yup, free because of ditching. whenever i am busy, i'm doing all the excuses i could ever think of only to have free time && whenever i have the free time, i can't even think of anything i wanted to do. it might sounds absurd, idiotic and all that nonsense but it's the fact && it sucks. as what jacob was saying, "life sucks && then you die."

    hell yeah, this would be my last post for this month. november 2008 would never ever come back again. november would be officially over by midnight and of course, hello december! man, time goes by way past. i wonder what would i miss from this month...

    9:37 PM | 2 comments

    team jacob.

    hahaa. i love EDWARD CULLEN and so do JACOB BLACK! alrighhht, i AM bias now, sorry for that but i can't help it. jacob is totally the opposite of edward - in terms of being goofy, the way he talks && all that stuff except for how much they love bella, they don't differ on that matter. well, jacob is hell cool! especially in breaking dawn. i love the book two so much! so in the movie, the role of jacob black was played by the teen actor taylor lautner which starred in the adventures of shark boy and lava girl. man, he grew up so fast! - just like jacob, huh? by then, he was still a little boy, and now he's all grown up! plus, he became cuter too! ;) i wanna share to you his video in popstar magazine wherein he shared his worst habit! i already knew this video a few months ago && it was even on my then-ipod-classic-80G-now-stolen and i swear the one who stole it would gonna die. wawawow. what a long word we got there. ok, i'm not going to bring up that sad story of mine again so here it is.

    i freakin love taylor lautner! he's gorgeous! xDD

    8:07 PM | 2 comments

    final RIOT! trailer 3.

    so i've already posted the final riot! trailer 1 && 2 just a few days ago && now, you're going to witness the newest trailer of the final riot! fresh from fueled by ramen, the final riot! trailer 3! they just added it 22 hours ago. imma totally gonna have this one! ;p here it goessss. enjoy! \m/ (^^,) \m/

    and this next vid is from their dvd, the final riot! which is crushcrushcrush live! they performed this during their final riot! tour. hayley is AMAZING and so do the other band members - especially JOSH!!

    7:32 PM | 0 comments

    8 things you should know.

    yeaa. i got tagged by kyra and ciara.. thanks! ;)

    Here are the rules:
    1 - Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
    2 - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
    3 - At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
    4 - Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

    Here are the 8 things about me:

    1. i love nonstop talking. blab over here && rant over there. (that's why i've got a vocal cord nodule just like what happened to miley cyrus a few months ago i think. oh, i don't want to be in the operating room! T_T)

    2. i friggin' love PARAMORE, the best band everrr.

    3. i do dancing but rnb isn't my genre in music. i like either rock or punk songs.

    4. i still don't know what course i would take in college. oh help me!

    5. i love my clique, PAXTRO. we are 11 in the group && i love them all. all of them are crazy though. ;P

    6. i am confused of what am i going to do with my relationship with someone "you-know-who". T_T

    7. i love DETECTIVE CONAN! the best anime ever made in the history. ;) thanks for it i just learned so many strategies on killing. hahaa. just kiddin'. ;p

    8. the TWILIGHT SAGA is irresistable! ;)

    hey, guess what, i tagged you...
    1. katre.
    2. kat.
    3. patricia.
    4. jeru.
    5. ava.
    6. lulu.
    7. paw.
    8. ayesha.

    10:24 AM | 3 comments

    what's wrong with my hair?


    i'm pretty bored right now. i'm all alone here in the house [except for our maid] and was left with NOTHING to do. oh well, maybe it's better for now because i'll be busy tomorrow, working with my groupmates for our project in physics which would be "making of anything that moves project". uhh, and still, i - i mean WE - have no idea yet! can't blame my teacher for having this kind of project since it is physics, but the thing is, maybe because i'm sluggish? well, i guess that's the word that fits flawlessly for me.

    so ok. we're half day again for the omnipresent reason that we had our monthly test. it's our 3rd monthly test and today was the last. after the final test, which is english, we had our CAT - only the officers - && it's not for the training. our teacher - the one who's responsible for the CAT - shared a homily with us. yupp, that's right, he scolded us. but he's not that mad. so meaning to say we're still safe. first were the boys which haven't take their haircuts yet, were all suspended for some weeks. and next were the girls. he pointed out the ones whose hair was "untidy" - only for him! - even though it's NOT. certainly not. so for the punishment, he told us to pony our hair everyday and clip our bangs for the rest of the school year. uh-oh, i don't like this. WTH!

    sir: aro - that's my family name which means "ring" in spanish - ano ba yang buhok mo? nakasupalpal nanaman sa mukha mo! ano ka emo? paemo-emo ka pa dyan eh! hindi na nga makita yang mata mo. simula sa tuesday lagi nang nakaclip yan ah.

    i was about to tell him that "sir, hindi pa uso ang emo may bangs na ako!!!" haha. but i could not and would definitely not tell him that. he'll fire me as an officer if i'll do that! but then, my bangs actually became a part of me and i can't really change it. since i was a kid, 3 years old i guess, i already had my bangs. my mother was the real suspect, and the leader for this matter too. haha. here's some of my childhood pics - with my bangs of course.

    so that's it. see? i was born with my bangs! ;)) so can you tell me, WHAT'S THE **CKING WRONG WITH IT???

    4:47 PM | 1 comments

    what a colorful day.

    our dull school became colorful for this day. color gives life in this earth. without it, we would experience massive darkness and eternal boredom. so why play with the colors? ;p

    PS: mine's the pink one. ;)

    1:41 PM | 0 comments

    candy magazine december '08 issue.

    here it is. the candy magazine december 2008 issue! ha wow. kristen stewart was the cover girl! ;) i already bought one after my friends && i watched twilight at the cinema. the magazine was good. as always, it has articles that every girl would love. i love candy mag. i learned a lot on so many things since i became a candy girl. i immediately read some articles by the moment i got home. oh man, can't get twilight out of my head! i also bought an AP magazine for the simple fact that i saw paramore at the back of the mag. it's the august 2008 ish btw. okayyy, gonna read some moreee! be back ASAP.

    11:35 PM | 0 comments

    twilight: now showing!

    i watched twilight with some of my best buds for the very first time at sm bacoor this afternoon (of course, it's pretty much obvious, it's the first day of showing!). && fortunately, we have no classes in the afternoon because of our monthly test. the movie was great. you can see that they really did their best to make the movie as wonderful as it is in the book. bubububut. the movie was just too plain. (ok, remind you guys, no offense) i doubt it if the people who doesn't read the book yet would understand each and every part of it. they made several cuts && it cause me to crave for moreee && seriously, it made the movie kinda complicated for those who doesn't know the gist of the story. but i don't judge anyone && i can't blame anyone for having several cuts because we all know that it's way hard to summarize the whole book. especially for only two hours short when the book is about four hundred pages and something! and oh, i watched the movie for two times with my fellow twilight addicts kateriina && rafaella!

    okayy, i dunno if what i'm gonna type now would be a spoiler for you but i just want to express what i have watched. sorry guys, can't blame me for being such a stupid twilight addict. ;) so here's the thing, my top 5 scenes from twilight:

    1. the baseball game - it's so cool! the cullens were so cooltastic! the effects were good too. it really suits for the scene. it is indeed the coolest part of the whole twilight movie. ;) (my opinion dudes.)

    2. the first time edward drives bella for school - wherein their fellow students got amazed && shocked that edward and bella were officially dating! ;) everyone is staring at them! (edward was way handsome at that part! nice shades, edward.)

    3. james vs. edward + the venom from james - in short, it's the whole ballet scene! ;) the fight was too short but it was really great. i loved the way edward took off the venom from bella. hmmmm. blood! ;D no wonder why it belongs in my top 5 scenes.

    4. the truth - it is the scene wherein edward and bella is having a conversation at the middle of a forest && edward confessed the truth about him. it also includes the meadow part wherein edward showed to bella his actual self whenever he's underneath the sun, glittering! ;)

    5. the prom - oh, it's the last part of the movie and it was great. gonna watch the movie again anytime soon guys! ;))

    oh, i almost forgot! i also LOVE the kissing scene part! how i wish i was bella! lol. ;p

    NOTE: if you'll gonna watch twilight, i recommend you not to step in the theaters without knowing ANYTHING about the book. you'll just have advantages if you'll read the book first before watching so you'll understand it better. but if you don't want to, it's also fine but the thing is, you'll not appreciate it as the way WE twilighters who have read the book do. ;)

    so in general, even though there are some scenes that were cut and the movie went off too fast that i hardly noticed the time, all i can say is, it is worth the money i'd spent for the ticket! ;) cheers twilighters! gonna wait for the NEW MOON! ;)

    PS: OMG. i forgot that i have exams for tomorrow! awww, i doubt it if i could ever sleep for tonight! oh well, gonna study after i post this. till laterrrr, maybe i'm gonna add something more.

    10:28 PM | 0 comments

    marian exhibit.

    during our CLE period, our teacher in the said subject instructed us to go see the marian exhibit in the San Roque Parish - very very close to our school. the exhibit was great. you could notice the different images of the Blessed Virgin Mary. i'll let you see some of the pics. ;)

    5:53 PM | 0 comments

    hayley williams and robert pattinson; artist on artist!

    i surfed through the official website of paramore just a few minutes ago since now, which is my same old routine everyday. yea, that's right, i always on the update, yah know? then, i searched youtube for the whole part of it and by the time i played it, i got so thrilled to see hayley williams and robert pattinson hanging out together; artist on artist! man, both of them were so lucky! so, stop this chatting and let's get going to the real climax guys. enjoy watching twilighters + parawhores! nice combi, right? ;)

    "i liked the way you said "HERE""
    LOL! xDD
    (for those who don't get it, the "HERE" pertains to the accent that hayley williams did in the song decode "how did we get HERRRRREEEE.")

    HAYLEY WILLIAMS is so cool. she doesn't seem awkward at all. ;)

    "this is rob everyone, rob pattinson"
    "this is hayley HERRRRRREEEE"
    hahahaa! nice one rob! xDD

    4:57 PM | 5 comments

    i've finally got one! ;)

    randomly, i browsed the pile of magazines in the booksale branch of mall of asia yesterday and hoping that i could find even one magazine that features my most favorite band ever, paramore. and unexpectedly (oh yes that's right, i'm hoping but not expecting. huh. what's the point apparently? haha.) i found one! and it's the spin magazine march 2008 issue! a few days ago, i've searched magazines featuring paramore and i knew that spin magazine march 2008 issue has an article about paramore. and by the very moment that i saw it, i immediately went to the cashier, and of course with the magazine. i'm so glad to have one. and then i saw a lot of alternative press magazines but unluckily, there were none that features paramore. i am browsing for the february 2008 issue of AP magazine wherein paramore is the cover (plus hayley is so beautiful in there. oh right, anywhere and anytime, stolen, live or not, she's still gorgeous as ever!) but there was none! oh well, even though i couldn't find any AP magazine that features them, i still bought the october 2008 issue of it. i scan the pages afterwards and found it amazing. this magazine has tons of articles on different bands in the US and some punk && rock fashion. this mag indeed rocks! and eventually, while browsing it's pages, i found an article about the warped tour 2008 in the US and i found a pic of hayley williams summoning her inner strength in her astounding performance. yea, go hayley!

    here's the spin magazine 2008 issue.

    and here's the article about paramore.

    click here to read the full article && to watch the behind the scenes of paramore's nashville cover shoot.

    && finally, here's the AP october 2008 magazine.

    2:59 PM | 0 comments

    field trip 08.

    9:20 PM | 0 comments

    heather marks.

    why am i posting her here? isn't it pretty obvious that i idolize her? well, heather marks is my favorite model and i adore her. i first saw her on ftv channel (that's right, i love ftv channel. i often watch ftv because when i was younger, i really want to be in the catwalk, but now, oh well, i'm not that girly anymore but still, i totally like her) in a fashion show wherein she totally amaze me. and then i searched the web for some of her pictures and she's greatly awesome. she's indeed a great model. that's why many popular and international brands of clothings hire her for representing their brands in different magazines like vogue, etc. here are some of her pics.

    8:05 PM | 1 comments

    chocolate craze.

    my friend precious recommended me to buy personalized chocolates from a seller whom she found in multiply. and luckily, that seller is also from cavite city. so instead of spending money for the delivery, we can do meet ups. we meet her whenever we order chocolates, after our morning classes near our school. after my classmates saw the chocolates we ordered, they also ordered from her. her chocolates are very delicious and you can request the designs you want. it's a great gift for this coming christmas, plus the prices are so reasonable. cookies and cream is the best. ;) here's her multiply. check this out!

    6:11 PM | 0 comments

    the final RIOT!

    OMG. i really want to see paramore performing live! in front of my very own eyes. i know. those dudes are totally amazing and nothing else could ever beat that (no offense guys, that's my own opinion && you can't do anything to change it && besides this is my blog). well, i envy the people who attended their final riot! tour so much. they were able to see the paramore's remarkable performance. anyway, the final riot! has it's CD/DVD that would be out (unfortunately in the US only) this coming november 25. i really wish that it will also be released here in the philippines. i really reaaly want it && i will do anything or even EVERYTHING to have that one! BTW, i'm gonna give you the chance to peek some (really, only SOME, it keeps me left hanging in the air man!) of the scenes. if you're a parawhore, && you love their album RIOT! && of course the songs in it, && if you think hayley, josh, zac && jeremy are the coolest dudes, then you'll also gonna crave for that CD/DVD! cheers, parawhores! ;)

    note: josh farro is the one who's doing the back-up vocals for hayley && he has a wonderful voice. you got to admit that, okk. oh, and i love JOSH! ;)

    Fueled By Ramen recording group Paramore has announced details of their upcoming CD/DVD set, "The Final RIOT!" Filmed and recorded during the band's blockbuster 2008 summer tour, the two-disc package arrives in stores on November 25th. Having traveled nearly non-stop since the release of last year's RIAA platinum-certified second album, "RIOT!," the DVD set documents Paramore's extraordinary year with ebullient live renditions of hits such as "Misery Business" and "That's What You Get," alongside "40 Days of RIOT!," an exclusive documentary feature from director Brandon Chesbro (see tracklisting below).

    Release Date: November 25th

    1. Born For This
    2. That's What You Get
    3. Here We Go Again
    4. Fences
    5. crushcrushcrush
    6. Let The Flames Begin
    7. When It Rains
    8. My Heart
    9. Decoy
    10. Pressure
    11. For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
    12. We Are Broken
    13. Emergency
    14. Hallelujah
    15. Misery Business

    8:29 PM | 0 comments

    the coolest girl in the planet.

    hey. here are some of hayley's amazing photos. i love hayley williams so much because she effin rocks! i won't elaborate to you how much i adore her. no words for it okk. it has over 130 pictures in it. i made this one here. so, happy viewing! ;)


    9:25 AM | 1 comments

    featuring paramore!

    okk. so paramore's on the cover! && even hayley's solo's! i want to have these magazines! check this out. ;)

    [paramore is the best band ever && hayley williams is the coolest girl in the planet + josh farro is way too cute! there's no such word to describe how GREAT paramore is.]

    BIG CHEESE. [may 2008]

    ROCK SOUND. [march 2008]

    ALTERNATIVE PRESS. [february 2008]

    ALTERNATIVE PRESS. [warped 2007]

    BIG CHEESE. [september 2007]

    AMP. [june/july 2007]

    KERRANG! [march 2007]


    KERRANG! [october 2006]

    craving for more infos? click here!

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    spread the lalala-LOVE.

    i've been tagged! ;)
    c'mon, let's spread the LOVE. ;)

    tags alekx, chichi, janine, nadine, kirstie, jam && marga.

    6:52 PM | 0 comments

    i've passed! ;)

    yes! that's right! i passed the entrance exam in DLSU-D. me && my family went to DLSU-D last week to find out the result of my test. with the average of 88, i passed the test! and then, after that, we went to UST to file my application form. and yea my test would be this coming december 7. if ever i would pass the test in UST, i would choose to study there. whew, good luck to meeee! ;D

    12:50 PM | 0 comments

    things that caught my attention @ HK.

    zesto juice bag. export quality made in the philippines @ citygate. ;)

    sleeping beauty's castle @ HK disneyland worth HK$300,000! xP

    he's CUTE! ;) a guy from the HSM live @ HK disneyland.

    wu chun is popular in HK!

    punk store @ the chic mall. oh so PUNKKK! ;D

    manga stand. i can't understand ANYTHING! ;p

    stuffs i bought @ HK disneyland.

    jackie chan's handprint! ;)

    && of course, the neon lights everywhere!



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