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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    i've finally got one! ;)

    randomly, i browsed the pile of magazines in the booksale branch of mall of asia yesterday and hoping that i could find even one magazine that features my most favorite band ever, paramore. and unexpectedly (oh yes that's right, i'm hoping but not expecting. huh. what's the point apparently? haha.) i found one! and it's the spin magazine march 2008 issue! a few days ago, i've searched magazines featuring paramore and i knew that spin magazine march 2008 issue has an article about paramore. and by the very moment that i saw it, i immediately went to the cashier, and of course with the magazine. i'm so glad to have one. and then i saw a lot of alternative press magazines but unluckily, there were none that features paramore. i am browsing for the february 2008 issue of AP magazine wherein paramore is the cover (plus hayley is so beautiful in there. oh right, anywhere and anytime, stolen, live or not, she's still gorgeous as ever!) but there was none! oh well, even though i couldn't find any AP magazine that features them, i still bought the october 2008 issue of it. i scan the pages afterwards and found it amazing. this magazine has tons of articles on different bands in the US and some punk && rock fashion. this mag indeed rocks! and eventually, while browsing it's pages, i found an article about the warped tour 2008 in the US and i found a pic of hayley williams summoning her inner strength in her astounding performance. yea, go hayley!

    here's the spin magazine 2008 issue.

    and here's the article about paramore.

    click here to read the full article && to watch the behind the scenes of paramore's nashville cover shoot.

    && finally, here's the AP october 2008 magazine.

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