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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    so long, 2008!

    well, 2008 went by very fast. real fast. it's all like, "omg. i thought yesterday was just the start of 2008!". but the year 2008 is not something that i can forget in a matter of time or even in my entire lifespan. it has something to do with my collection of good memories. the year 2008 gave me the best memories so far. it includes my last moments as a junior, my family's second time in baguio, me being a senior, my clique PAXTRO, the funny moments with my best buds ever, my family's trip to hong kong for 6 days, my entrance exams and a hell lot more. i also think that i've changed a lot this year. good changes actually. but i'm still ME no matter what. i'm just trying to be a better ME because as year goes by, my responsibilities for sure would increase && it's better to be ready than sorry. i also experienced a lot of things this year. if there's the good happenings, there would always be the bad. what i hate the most in this year was the loss of my ipod video 80G. if you're an avid reader of my blog, you could recall my post of my stolen ipod && that's it. my treasured ipod was stolen from me. i also hate the way i grew up - not the height, but the AGE - every year, and this year, i became 14 no more. yeah, that's right. i celebrated my 15th birthday last august 21, 2008. man, we're aging as years end!

    but anyway, i loved the life that i had in this span of year. i really enjoyed the half year of my senior life. it's actually the best high school year ever. i'm with my whole clique in the same room so it's always a riot. ALWAYS. i also gained more friends this year. && my blog was born on this year too. i also enjoyed the moments i had with my family. it's definitely the best.

    hey, let's recall some important things, shall we??

    2008. [not in order.]

    the things (it includes living && non-living creatures) i got addicted to:
    1. twilight saga
    2. twilight movie
    3. AP magazine
    4. forehead band
    5. anime (detective conan, hell girl, special a, ghost hunt, vampire knight/guilty, school rumble, kimikiss pure rouge, karekano, ouran high school host club, school days, wallflower)
    6. blogspot
    7. adobe cs3
    8. photography
    9. several international bands (i don't feel like mentioning it to you aight now, maybe later)

    the things i loved to do:
    1. watching horror films at jewel's crib whenever we have half day classes.
    2. reading novels.
    3. renting movies for the weekends.
    4. surfing the net.
    5. watching videos in youtube. [especially paramore's vids]
    6. watching animes.
    7. nonstop laugh with my bffs
    8. going on malls with my family or friends

    the unforgetable happenings:
    1. hong kong tour with my family
    2. in baguio with my family for the second time
    3. selling of yema with jewel
    4. my birthday together with my friends
    5. first CAT as an officer
    6. bonding with PAXTRo [always!]
    7. christmas 08 with the whole family

    in 2009...

    i will be:
    1. a college student for heaven's sake!
    2. graduating. of course before the college stuff, graduation first. adios to the high school life.
    3. maybe a better person? i hope so && i'm gonna do all my best.
    4. in tagaytay for my last retreat as a high school living.
    5. hmmmm. i really don't know! ;D

    my new year's resolution:
    1. DIET. DIET. DIET.
    2. be responsible
    3. save my allowance
    4. be a better and productive creature
    5. to be much closer to God, to my family and to my friends. ;)

    my new year's wishlist:
    1. meet && greet PARAMORE && to witness them performing live here in the philippines
    2. be josh farro's fiancee. ;P
    3. to be able to replace my stolen ipod video 80G.
    4. sony cybershot camera.
    5. brand new cellphone.
    6. new laptop.
    7. to be able to tour in different countries.
    8. to have lots && lots of moneeeeeeey! hahaaa. ;)

    && since 2009 would be our graduation year, my greatest wish of all is that my friends && i would still be friends even after our graduation && i wish that we would all be friends for eternity. ;)

    and to my family, i wish that we will be together as always and that we would enjoy all the moments we had together. i love them so muchhh. ;]

    so to all of you, HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! and wish you all the best this coming 2009.

    okk, so this is my last post for this year, 2008. gotta have some kitchen work to do. hmmm, i can now smell the foods. yumyum! ;D laterrrr guys!

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    what do you think?

    hey guys. i've found a video in youtube about demi lovato's pictures that are way similar to hayley williams' pics && i just want to share it to all of you.

    now... what do you think??
    i don't judge demi or something like that && definitely, i am not saying that she is a copycat but i just found this vid interesting and i really hadn't noticed it until the time i watched this one. i just want it to be clear, i am NOT a hater of demi lovato, thus i think she's truly great && real pretty too.

    3:12 PM | 2 comments

    some of hayley's funny vids.

    3:38 PM | 0 comments

    happy birthday hayley!

    guyss, today's hayley williams' 20th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEY!
    wish you all the best && more power to PARAMOREEEEE! ;)
    good luck in your career on 2009 and good luck to your upcoming songs. gonna wait for your junior album, hopefully this coming new year.
    btw, your sophomore album was definitely a big hit so i'm sure your next album would be greater!
    love you so much! && you rock! \m/

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    merry christmas!

    how was your christmas '08 everyone? hope you all enjoyed this very rare season. we only celebrate it once a year so we should all be happy. i spent mine at my grandparents' house with my relatives, of course. and just like our past christmas celebrations, we exchanged gifts with each other. it's always been our family tradition, we should all gather in one's house, and then bring tons and gazillions of foods - the celebration wouldn't be complete without FOODS! - and then have fun and exchange gifts. i had a bunch of fun today, mainly because i'm with the whole family.

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    bonding with my family.

    we decided to stroll for this day && our first destination was manila zoo. my dad suggested it because my lil' brother && my cousin hadn't visited it yet. and after an hour, we head off to star city. it's always fun to be in star city. i love the rides there especially the flying carpet. i even forced my mother, my sister && my cousin to ride with me. and surprisingly, they said it was fun and they want another round. i didn't expect them to enjoy that ride but it's much better that way after all. in general, we all enjoyed this day. we stayed up at star city until 10pm.

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    xmas party '08!

    today's our christmas party at school && it was a bash! honestly, it was not that extravagant but thanks to my classmates and friends, the party was so much fun && i guess that is the real essence of a party. i mean, it's always fun to be with them. it's my last christmas party as a high school creature and i'm gonna miss all my classmates. honestly, they are great people. so first thing i did in this day was taking pictures with my friends. then there was a movie made by my very creative && talented classmate percy - percy! if you're reading this, i just want to say hi. ;) - and it was a tear-jerking one. it almost made my tears fall out of place. and then, there was this slideshow of our pictures && majority were stolen shots. and of course, there were the FOODS. the foods, man. haha. i was so full! the foods that my classmates brought were all delicious. then, there was our exchanging of gifts. our adviser asked us to form a circle and sit on the floor. just like what we do during campings, with fire on the center && all that stuff - just like that but the fire wasn't present - && what we should do is, talk in front with the microphone and describe the person you picked in random and give your gift to that living creature. luckily, the person i'll be giving mine was franze && she is my friend so it's not that hard to pick the perfect gift for her. && i received mine from aileen aninon && she is my seatmate for two grading periods. i really liked the gift she gave to me. a tee from artwork. she knew what i want because we had our wish list posted on our bulletin board. i really like tees with graphics or texts in it. artwork is one of my favorite shops, btw. i also received gifts from jewel, precious, kris, karen && percy. they were all adorable. in general, all i did for this day was to have fun, FUN && fun!

    after our christmas party, i invited my friends to watch the final riot! at jewel's house - haha, i'm the one who invited them yet the venue is not my crib. && yeah, they're also parawhores. it's much better to watch it with my friends rather than watching it alone after all. we left jewel's house at around 4 pm because i am grounded and it was caused by a baloney reason so don't ask. but before going straight at home, we went to mcdo to kill some minutes and then finally we headed off to our own cribs.

    PS: i still have so many pictures in my bag that i can't put here in my blog because i don't want the scroll bar to be not seen by our naked eye. haha. just view my album in my FS account if you want to. ;)

    6:51 PM | 2 comments

    the FINAL RIOT! is amazing.

    oooh yess! i've already watched the final riot! and it was very very uh-mey-zingg! honestly guys, no words for it! their performances were absolutely the best. no doubt they're the best band everrr! hayley williams was so great even though it's a live concert. her voice is way powerful - as always. and there's josh. oh my god. JOSH. how can i put this into words... well, he is sizzling hot! he's so good in playing his guitar and he's so gorgeous! i lalalalove him! josh, marry me please! ;D and yeah, zac. zac was awesome as ever. plus jeremy. whoa. he actually gone upside down with his bass! whoa. whoa. how could he do that?! that was amazing. and also, there's taylor - not a permanent band member - and he's so good, especially in head bangin' man! i love the way his hair banging up && down && up && down like there would be no tomorrow. i love all of them. plus, in the final riot! dvd, there's a documentary featuring their 40 days of riot! and it was great.

    well, i can't really describe the contents of the dvd that much because i guess it would take 10 years if i explain it all. just buy your own copies and scream for life!

    2:29 PM | 5 comments

    SJC's 63rd foundation day.

    my school is aging! hahaa. saint joseph college cavite city is now celebrating it's 63rd - birthday?? - foundation day. our foundation day started on december 15 and would end up at our christmas party which would be on december 19, 2008. hell yeah, christmas vacation is no longer a week ahead! stay-at-home-all-day-long, here i come! we started our foundation day - day one - with a mass, and then followed by a parade. it's usual for us to have a parade, i do it for almost 11 years, and this would be my last foundation day as a josephinian. i'm gonna miss this school so much. it's already been my second home since kinder. so back to the topic here, after the parade, we had our field demo. our school didn't let us spent much money for this field demo unlike in the past years. we even had costumes back then. after that, we headed off to mcdo. and then, my friends kateriina and rafaella went to our house to play fatal frame and we watched some animes.

    then on the second day, we just watched the program in the gym and we also watched the film showing at the IMC which is led by the college students, and twilight was the movie so we didn't hesitate to buy a ticket. we just love to watch twilight again so badly that we didn't finished the whole program. and then, we cut class - actually it cannot be considered as a CLASS, but... oh well - because there's nothing much to do in school. and on the following days, we also cut class because as far as i know our presence in school is not that important. oh well, i really enjoy staying at home, just surfin the net and watching some animes. ;)

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    me, being sloooow.

    heyy. i hope all of you are doing great! well, as you can notice, i'm kinda slooooooow in blogging nowadays and i am truly sorry for that. it is just that i am really hooked up in watching some animes this past few days that i can't hardly visit my blog. i am awfully sorry for my fellow bloggers who're always hitting me up in my tag box and for those who're giving comments in my recent posts . i'm gonna catch up to you guys soon. and BTW, i made several drafts for this past few days && i'm gonna edit that as soon as possible.

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    entrance test in UST.

    i woke up early this morning because i didn't want to be late on the day of my exam in UST. the schedule of my test was 8:00 am and good thing, i arrived 30 minutes before the said time. the test was good, equilibrium i suppose. not that hard and of course not that easy. by the time i entered the room, i was somehow nervous - oh yeah, i experienced having the same feeling by the time i took the entrance test in DLSU-D. but it was great to experience such thing because not all times i'm gonna be with my family and my current friends, and i think being in college will help me to be independent in some good ways. well, i am hoping that i could really pass the entrance test. bububut, i still don't know what course i'm gonna take! my mind is somewhat chaotic right know on that matter.

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    mom's bday. ;)

    we held my mom's 41st birthday celebration at the san miguel bay - at the back of mall of asia - with the whole family and our relatives. but before that, we first went to St. Paul's cremation at the QC for the cremation of my diseased lola - aunt of my dad. even though i hadn't spent much time with my lola grace, i felt so sorry for her because i know she's a great person and she cares for her family.

    back to the topic here, which is my mom's birthday (yeah, i don't wanna cry here) the food in the i-forgot-the-restaurant's-name, is way delicious. this day was so much fun. i'll just show you the pics for everybody's satisfaction. ;]

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    annual book picture taking.

    so we wore our togas for today, not because of the advance graduation - i believe there's no such event as that one - but for the reason that we had our picture taking for the annual book. i felt both good and bad while wearing it. good because i'm gonna graduate soon and that's because i've succeeded throughout my high school stage, and of course, bad because my classmates, friends && I would gonna be apart from each other and i'm gonna miss my school for almost 11 years and especially, me as a high school student. oh my, the days, weeks and months pass by way too much. we're all gonna graduate soon and i still don't want for that day to come yet.

    i went to jazze's house early in the morning for my then unwanted makeover but somehow liked it at the end. some of my friends also liked the idea of having a makeup artist at jazze's house so that we could go altogether from there to our school. our pictorial was scheduled after our recess so that we could do some retouches. after our pictorial, our group performed the wine mixing && blue margarita was our master piece. it taste good for starters like us. almost all of our teachers gave us the highest grade possible. i can see that they really liked it, so do our classmates who tasted it. now i know how to do it and i guess i would try it for the new year's eve. ;)

    BTW, i cut class today - but REALLY not my habit guys - because i feel like i am no good at all for today. i've always been staying up late at night and i vehemently have to wake up early in the morning. who would be so good about that? but then, i decided to go to kateriina's crib to get some of my pictures from her computer. she's stubborn as always - everyone in our clique is really like that. and then we bought anime dvds because we both love watching animes! ;)

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    hey, how's everyone?
    i'm good, no busy activities for this day. we just had our wine mixing in the morning && some discussions and in the afternoon, we just decorated our then-plain-room-now-filled-with-christmas-spirit. oh, that's right, christmas is EVERYWHERE in our classroom. i enjoyed a lot today - good thing i didn't cut class because this day isn't a day that's worth to miss!

    we did our project in TLE this morning which was the wine mixing and it was great. our group didn't perform today because our materials weren't complete yet so we would be performing tomorrow or in the other day. but we drank some alcoholic drinks - only mild - that were made by our fellow classmates and they taste good. even our teachers praised them.

    in the afternoon, we only decorated our room with christmas decorations. the result was amazing. even though i didn't help that much - ok i admit, i am L-A-Z-Y - i'm proud for our classroom. i guess our classroom is the most incredible room in the HS department so far. we had so much fun while decorating it. all my classmates were super mega hyperactive as always - as ever! especially the boys, my god, they were unstoppable! all of us joined forces to bug our classmate named GAPATE - i mean MICHAEL PAUL, && GAPATE is her, oh i mean his family name. we always tease him as GABAE, GAPANTY, GAFERTY, GAPEYT, GARAPATE, GAPATITI, GAPATITA, MIKAELA PAULA GAPEYTI in a veryyy loud voice. and we always frustate him that's why he easily gets angry, or maybe he was born just like that. man, he is a MADMAN! hahahaaa. my day won't be complete without him in the class because we always fight. yea, he's fighting with a WOMAN! he always strangle me. ohw, pity me! xDD

    and the last thing we did was the practice for our field demo this coming december 15 - as what i've heard, that day would be our foundation day. the dance steps were plainly okay so far. i hope we would win! go SENIORSSS.

    PS: i'm gonna sleep early tonight for the first time because we'll gonna have our annual book picture taking tomorrow and i'm gonna have a make over - not that much because i don't like wearing MAKEUPS! - so that i would be presentable even for tomorrow's event only. well, that's all for today guys. hit you up soon! ;)

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