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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    hey, how's everyone?
    i'm good, no busy activities for this day. we just had our wine mixing in the morning && some discussions and in the afternoon, we just decorated our then-plain-room-now-filled-with-christmas-spirit. oh, that's right, christmas is EVERYWHERE in our classroom. i enjoyed a lot today - good thing i didn't cut class because this day isn't a day that's worth to miss!

    we did our project in TLE this morning which was the wine mixing and it was great. our group didn't perform today because our materials weren't complete yet so we would be performing tomorrow or in the other day. but we drank some alcoholic drinks - only mild - that were made by our fellow classmates and they taste good. even our teachers praised them.

    in the afternoon, we only decorated our room with christmas decorations. the result was amazing. even though i didn't help that much - ok i admit, i am L-A-Z-Y - i'm proud for our classroom. i guess our classroom is the most incredible room in the HS department so far. we had so much fun while decorating it. all my classmates were super mega hyperactive as always - as ever! especially the boys, my god, they were unstoppable! all of us joined forces to bug our classmate named GAPATE - i mean MICHAEL PAUL, && GAPATE is her, oh i mean his family name. we always tease him as GABAE, GAPANTY, GAFERTY, GAPEYT, GARAPATE, GAPATITI, GAPATITA, MIKAELA PAULA GAPEYTI in a veryyy loud voice. and we always frustate him that's why he easily gets angry, or maybe he was born just like that. man, he is a MADMAN! hahahaaa. my day won't be complete without him in the class because we always fight. yea, he's fighting with a WOMAN! he always strangle me. ohw, pity me! xDD

    and the last thing we did was the practice for our field demo this coming december 15 - as what i've heard, that day would be our foundation day. the dance steps were plainly okay so far. i hope we would win! go SENIORSSS.

    PS: i'm gonna sleep early tonight for the first time because we'll gonna have our annual book picture taking tomorrow and i'm gonna have a make over - not that much because i don't like wearing MAKEUPS! - so that i would be presentable even for tomorrow's event only. well, that's all for today guys. hit you up soon! ;)

    7:13 PM | 6 comments