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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    it was so sudden. and yet, we're complete! i invited my bestest buds to come over here at my crib because my parents were out for almost the whole day so my friends and i could have some fun here. i invited all of them this morning and i was so happy to hear that all of them could come. this is really rare. really really rare. because whenever we have plans to have some reunions, malling or whatsoevers, we're always incomplete. they came here in the afternoon and it was so much fun! we talked and laughed a lot. we surely missed each other already. we also shared some gossips as always and we did a lot of silly stuffs. that's our major, totally. after killing some time here at my crib (like watching nick and norah's infinite playlist, EATING, surfing the net, etc. etc.), we headed off to the best gotohan here in cavite city. it was only a few walks from our house so we didn't need to ride the jeepney anymore. it was so fun walking with them. it was like we're having a parade, by two's. :) then, they also accompanied me to buy some DVD's near the market place. i had a lot of laughs for today and it was fun being with all of them once again. i hope we could do this everytime. :)

    btw, i would like to share to you the fun i had last night. we had a conference through our mobile phones yesterday and it was fun talking to my friends. we laughed and laughed from every other topic we've discussed. my sister was already complaining of the noise but i only ignored her. haha. :)

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    17 again... and forever!

    i really wish the same thing could happen to me in the near future, wherein i could go back to the year i wanted most. haha! my parents dropped my sister and i at the glorietta by 10 am because they had to go to some boring place. and then we planned to watch 17 again because i am really excited to watch this movie for a month already. supposedly, we really planned to watch it on it's exact showing date which is last april 17 but we arrived at the mall really late so we decided to postponed our plan. and now we did it! the movie was really awesome. i totally love the story and everything in it. plus the characters in the movie really fit the actors who played the roles. they really did their best. i really like NED! he's the comedian on the movie. oh God NED! and of course, i totally love ZAC EFRON! he is so smexy! he is hot and awesome and amazing and handsome and talented - he could sing, dance, act, play basketball well and everything! - and perfect! he really act so well in the movie. the movie is so hilarious that i laughed almost every minute of it. this really should be one of the best films in 2009. if you hadn't watched it yet, pls go to the nearest cinema now! haha. then after that, we strolled a bit around the mall and then we headed off to divisoria to buy some stuffs i need for my dorm.

    10:07 PM | 5 comments

    drive all the way, hey.

    hey guys. it's been an era since i posted anything from my blog, umm here of course. i got so busy - yea, busy doing some stuffs from the other websites, teehee^^ - so i'm so sorry for the unreplied comments and tags. i just wanna say that i had my driving lessons minutes after we attended the mass this morning. my dad was the one teaching me and it was so much fun. now, i improved after practicing for two hours. haha. and i might get my student driver's license this week. i hope so! because i'm only 15 - incoming 16 this august. ok, i'm gonna add some details later! and i'm gonna post my summer vacation randomness too! have a great night dudes!

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    this is what we call summer, babyy

    i really love the beach. and of course the summer. i also like the sun even though it sometimes makes me invisible in the dark. and of course i love having a vacation! and going to the beach with my family is one of the reasons i love summer vacation. we always have some outings during this month of the year and for now, we decided to spent our summer getaway in batangas. we went to kabayan beach resort in batangas because they said that it's one of the best resort in batangas. we spent 4 hours in the car and yet it wasn't boring. and by the time we got there, the trip was all worth it. first, we picked the largest cottage there and we dropped all our things and we immediately headed off to change our clothes and to take a shower. it was so hot yet i had so much fun. but sadly, some of my cousins weren't with us because their dad has something important to do. btw, we saw gladys reyes (a local actress) with her husband and family there. anyway, i'm not going to blab all the details so i'm gonna share to you some pictures. i wasn't able to take many pictures because... umm, i really don't know the reason. haha. but maybe because i spent almost all of my time in swimming. but in general, i had so much fun! totally.

    PS: i didn't get so much tan! hoorayy!

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    my favorite female artists 2009

    descriptions? later would be good. xD

    12:42 PM | 2 comments

    la la land machineee.

    ZOMG. i am so in love with this song. i can't stop playing it. i kinda liked demi lovato since her disney movie camp rock, but when i played her songs in her debut album "don't forget", i instantly became her fan! i love her songs and her taste in music. i also love her voice. amazing isn't it? many unpopular singers in youtube have said that demi is incredibly amazing. her voice is so high and all that stuffs that only singers could understand. haha. it just irritates me whenever i watch the videos with her pictures copying the style of my number one inspiration in life, hayley williams but now i just ignores it. she's a fan and she already admitted it and despite that, she also has her own taste in fashion and i like the way she rocks. yeeey to demi! btw, this is her music video of la la land. enjoy!

    7:01 AM | 0 comments

    gonna share to you something...

    hey guys! i am back... from youtube. haha. *dendennenen* because i am not selfish, *applause* i wanna share to you guys one of the videos of my most favorite singer in youtube. her name is tiffany alvorld and she sings great and plays instruments great as well. i discovered her last year in her cover "this is me" from the original soundtrack of camprock. and now, i'm gonna share to you her cover of "the climb" by miley cyrus. pls watch this one and i swear you'll gonna have goosebumps! and don't forget to watch her other covers too. click here to view her channel. she totally rocks!

    9:25 PM | 2 comments

    i'm diggin' for it.

    yay! i've started to make some AMVs (Anime Music Video) and i've already posted it in youtube. the first three were ef - a tale of memories, special a and vampire knight. gonna make more soon so stay tuned. :) i'll not make so much explanation for this post, but be sure you'll gonna watch my AMVs! bye. xD and pls don't forget to comment and if you do have a youtube account, pls add me. click here.

    PS: i am so SORRY for the unreplied comments and messages. gonna catch up soon to you guys. i swear. and i PROMISE i'm gonna update soon. i already have so many drafts here but i can't finish it yet because of what i am doing right now. audtion (online game) and making videos in particular. :)

    8:34 PM | 1 comments