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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    sleepover madness.

    march 28, 2009

    the whole aro family had a get together this day because we celebrated my graduation plus my two siblings' graduations too. we held it first at our house, my aunt and uncle treated us miryenda and then in the evening we celebrated it at the chefoo restaurant here in cavite city. my dad ordered a lot. the tables were all full. but there was still not enough space for the other foods. and all of us were all full afterwards too. there were so many excess foods so we divided it. the restaurant was also full. it was bloated. it's because of the graduation of san sebastian college-recoletos. many of the students there had their graduation dinner at the chefoo restaurant so the venue nearly explode. then after our wonderFULL dinner, my sister and i decided to have our 2 nights stay at my cousins' place at sampaloc, manila. luckily, my dad agreed and my tito too so the plan was a success. we packed our things before we have our dinner at the restaurant. by the time we arrived at my cousins' house, we went upstairs to have our chikahans and we also do soundtrips and laugh trips. it was fun to be with them. btw, my stay there has a purpose and the purpose was for this day - look at the date under this.

    march 29, 2009

    i am longing for this day to come, and yes, my plan was a success! wanna know why? because the secondhand serenade was in trinoma! yeah, that's right. my stay at my cousins' place was really a plan. a plan that was successful afterwards. i knew that the secondhand serenade - actually it's only john vesely - would have their mall tour at the trinoma so the easiest way for this plan to be a success is to stay at my cousins' house because it's only near in trinoma. first, we headed off to sm sta. mesa because my cousin troy had his haircut there. and then right after that we headed off to trinoma. i asked the guard where i could buy the ticket and he said that it was already sold out the day before the event. i was SO disappointed at that time. if i only knew it, i would buy a ticket earlier. i could already hear the shouts of their fans like me at that very moment because john vesely would be coming out soon. so instead of mocking around, we searched for a better view and luckily we found one that we could really see his performances. the mall was bloated. really really bloated. just add one more person and the mall would surely explode to it's maximum level. nope, i was just being exaggerated but the people were really uncountable. so, by the time john vesely appeared on stage, the people were like lions roaring. they became all wild. and of course i screamed my lungs out too. i really like that band. all their songs were great. john vesely's live voice was awesome. the first song he sang was vulnerable and i wouldn't forget that moment and the feeling i've felt right at that time. after that, my cousins, my sister and i were all hungry so we decided to eat something. my cousins decided to eat at mexicali and they treat me a plate of nachos. then, we came back near the stage to see john vesely again, nearer and with less people around. he was so handsome. i really like him. haha. then we bought a blizzard at the dairy queen and began strolling around. there were a lot of EMOs around the mall. some of them were really troublesome and some of them don't have manners. they were doing weird stuffs that i don't really get. then, one of those peeps talked to me about some nonsense things and of course all i could do is ignore it. anyways, aside from that, i really had a lot of fun at the trinoma today.

    for more pictures, click here.

    and after we got home, we ate dinner and then went upstairs. we had soundtrips - yea, secondhand serenade songs! - and guitar jammings and the major stuff that we did this night was being vain. yeeea men, vanity is one of our best traits. haha. we did some funny poses and we also had pictures together with undies. hahaha. we're all crazy and we know that. after that, we watched the grudge two even though we already watched it. it was really fun that night.

    click here for more photos.

    march 30, 2009

    this was the day we would be going back home. my cousins asked us to stay for some more days but we have to go home already because i should be getting ready about my college stuffs and my sister has her own things to do. but i really want to be with them for some more days too. my dad and mom picked my sis and i in the morning and we left my cousins' place after lunch. we headed off to CEU to ask for the requirements for my educational plan. then, we searched for some dorms and luckily, i found one that really caught my eye. it's all thanks to my friend prenz who graduated from my school saint joseph college the year before us. the dorm is called sun suites and it is located near CEU. it was a 6 floor building with elevator for the girls. the building is just new and it's the type i was looking for. then after that, we headed of to sm bacoor. my sister and i watched "you changed my life" on the cinema. the movie was romantic, funny and good. just like it's prequel "a very special love" that we've watched together with jewel at the cinema in moa on it's showing era. then after that, we went straight home.

    3:43 PM | 1 comments

    family trip.

    my dad dropped us at the mall of asia on his way to his office. our vehicle was color coding for this day so we had to wake up early in the morning so that we couldn't break the rule and of course because my dad wouldn't want his driver license to be confiscated. it would be really troublesome. my sis and i part ways with our mom because we decided to play at the timezone. that place is always effin fun! i really love the dance maniax. totally! then, my sister and i planned to ice skate. we always do the ice skating in moa. i remember the first time i ice skated, it was years ago and i am freakin' shocked to myself that by the moment i stepped on the ice, i already know how to ice skate. maybe it's because i am roller skating since i was little. i always do roller skating outside our crib together with my sister or together with some of my childhood friends. and to tell you guys, the feeling was awesome. it's really totally fun. then after our ice skating, my dad suggested that we should be going already because of the color coding stuff. and then, we decided to drop by at sm bacoor first before we go straight at home. and after that, home sweet home! xD

    10:44 PM | 0 comments

    so long, high school life.

    ito ang kaunaunahan kong tagalog na post dito sa aking blog dahil ang post kong ito ay para sa mga kabatch ko. tinagalog ko na ito para maexpress ko ng masinsinan ang aking saloobin.


    unang una sa lahat, nais kong PASALAMATAN ang aking mga kabatch, mga kaklase, at ang aking mga kaibigan sa apat na taon na nakasama ko kayo. MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT sa lahat lahat. naging kaclose ko man kayo o kahit sa mga hindi ko naging kaclose, nagpapasalamat ako sa inyo dahil kayo ay naging parte ng aking buhay, sa aking buhay hayskul. salamat sa mga tawanan, chismisan, galaan, kwentuhan, kalokohan, bentahan, kainan, tawanan ulit, okrayan, lambingan, tawanan nanaman, at syempre sa samahan natin. hinding hindi ko makakalimutan ang pagsuporta natin sa isa't isa lalong lalo na kapag nalaban ang batch natin, todo suporta talaga tayong lahat. mamimiss ko ang pagsigaw natin ng "go freshman!", "go sophies!", "goooo juniors!" hanggang makaabot sa "go SENIORS!" at may pahabol pang "manalo matalo, pogi parin/cute parin!", "L-O-V-E russiana!" at kung anu anu pang mga pauso! sa totoo lang, tayo ang pinakamaingay na batch tuwing may intrams o kung anu pa mang labanan. kayo ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw ko pang grumaduate at umalis sa saint jo. okay lang kahit mabulok at amagin na ako dun basta tayo tayo parin ang mga magkakaklase. ngunit iyon ay imposible. basta salamat talaga sa inyong lahat, ng dahil sa inyo kaya ako ganito ngayon, baliw. haha. pero sa totoo lng, kung hindi dahil sa inyo, hindi siguro ako ang PATRICIA na kilala niyo ngayon. kahit papiliin pa ako ng mga maaari kong maging kaklase, kahit sila robi domingo, aj perez, wu chun, joe cheng, josh farro, dino imperial at lahat na ng gwapo sa mundo, kayo pa rin ang pipiliin ko. kahit bayaran pa nila ako ng bilyon bilyon (hindi na ako mukang pera ngayon!) kayo parin talaga. masasabi kong ito ang THE BEST BATCH sa lahat lahat.

    masakit mang isipin pero kailangan nating tanggapin ito pero sana WALANG LIMUTAN at FRIENDS FOREVER tayong lahat. mamimiss ko talaga kayong lahat, ang mga pinagsamahan natin, lalo na sa mga kabatch ko simula prep pa lamang. hinding hindi ko kayo makakalimutan. lalo na yung mga may utang pa sa akin, hindi ko pa yun nakakalimutan kaya mas mabuting magbayad na kayo sa akin ngayon. bwahahaha! masaya ako dahil so far wala naman akong nakaaway sa inyo. maliban nalang talaga sa mga taong patuloy na tumatangkilik sa panunukso sa akin, di ko naman kayo away, peace tayong lahat at napatawad ko na kayo. hahaha! sa totoo lang, di naman talaga ako naaasar sa mga tukso niyo. nakakatuwa nga eh. kaya yun na yun.

    mga bagay na mamimiss ko ngayong lilisanin ko na ang buhay hayskul:

    -mga nilalang na kabatch ko (syempre).
    -ang eskwelahan na pinasukan ko simula prep (st. jo syempre! kaya nga may loyalty award eh! haha).
    -ang mga guro na hindi nagsasawang magturo kahit na may gyera na ng papel na nagaganap sa likod nila.
    -ang mga madre na walang sawa sa pananaway.
    -ang school uniform na 11 years ko nang sinusuot.
    -ang madreng napito (foul) sa canteen.
    -ang mga pagkain sa canteen na may napakataas na presyo. (haha, peace tayo sister)
    -ang canteen kung saan ako'y nakikipagsiksikan tuwing 9:00 am .
    -ang aking pagiging late halos araw araw.
    -ang mocc at ang cat, kahit nakagawa na ako ng libo libong squats simula junior pa lamang ako.
    -ang chismisan ng PAXTRO.
    -ang pagpapatawa ng mga komedyante sa batch natin.
    -ang TAWANAN na parang wala ng mamaya.
    -ang mga panukala ni percy tungkol sa mga bagaybagay.
    -ang mga practice natin kapag may mga activities.
    -ang paggawa na mga projects sa bahay bahay na nauuwi lang sa galaan at kwentuhan.
    -ang pagbebenta ko sa inyo ng mga bagay bagay. kayo ang suki ko forever. hindi na yun mababago, bigyan ko pa kayo ng suki card. haha!
    -ang gala uniform, kahit dati pinandidirian kong suotin yun, mamimiss ko padin yun.
    -yung kalbit ni lea fe diaz at lahat ng klase ng pangangalbit na tayo lang ang nakakagawa.
    -ang pagtatawanan sa mga walang kwentang bagay.
    -ang pagawa ng mga assignments at requirements sa araw ng deadline mismo.
    -ang mga kopyahan (oops, aminan na) haha.
    -ang paguulit ulit natin ng salita.
    -ang pagkakaisa natin tuwing intrams at everytime na may program. with matching banner pa!
    -ang paggawa natin ng cheering squad tuwing lalaban ang batch natin.
    -at lahat lahat na talaga!!!!!!

    mensahe ko sa mga naging kaklase ko simula 1st year hanggang 4th year high school:

    grabe, dito ko unang naranasan ang buhay ng isang magaaral ng hayskul. napakasaya ko at ito ang naging bungad ng high school life ko. masaya ako dahil naging kaklase ko kayo noong 1st year pa tayo. dito nagsimula ang mga kalokohan na hanggang nagun ay nakatatak parin sa utak ko. grabe ang mga nilalang dito, hanep magpatawa! dito nauso ang wrestling sa loob ng room. sina oliver yap, cedric tanseco at king de guzman ang pasimuno noon. ang mahulog dun sa may platform sa loob ng room ang talo. tapos tulakan pa at tunay na napakagulo kaya si maam vendiola na ating adviser ay laging nahahigh blood sa atin. dito rin nauso ang paguulit ulit ni cedric tanseco ng mga salita, ang "talk to my hand" ni king de guzman at ang mga kalokohan na talaga namang nakakabaliw ni oliver yap. nagkaroon pa ako ng tropa sa seksyon na ito, ang TGIS (tropang ganda inggit sila). haha batang bata pa talaga tayo noon. meron pa nga akong slum book na ginawa noong taong ito at sa tuwing nababasa ko iyon ay di ko mapigilang mapahalakhak magisa. naaalala ko rin ang project natin sa AP kung saan naassign akong maginterview sa city hall ng tanza at ang mga kagroup ko noong panahong ito ay sina francis rosario, carina medina, king de guzman at dana famy. si oliver yap naman ang seatmate ko noong first grading at lagi akong ginugulo kaya naging top 18 ako ng klase. pagdating ng second grading tumaas, naging top 11. haha iba talaga si ed. hindi ko rin makakalimutan ang outing ng section natin sa munting resort kung saan nagdala si ed ng libreng lechon! tpos ung kinakain niyo nahulog pa sa swimming pool. haha. napakasaya ng araw na iyon. ang dami din nating mga kalokohang ginawa.

    ang mga naging kaclose ko sa panahon na ito ay sina:
    -precious de castro (since grade 3 bff na kami niyan!)
    -lea fe diaz
    -jazze crisostomo
    -marjorie morales
    -erika preciado
    -aubrey javier
    -ahra anciro
    -kris sanchez
    -francis rosario
    -aileen aninon
    -karen reyes
    -shalom betinez
    -kathleen gonzales
    -lynn faustino
    -ian dael (mukang nakalimutan na niya un!)
    -mavericks tayoto
    -king de guzman
    -at halos lahat naman eh!

    ang pinakamagulong section na napasukan ko sa buong high school life ko. at isa sa pinakamasayang taon sa high school para sa akin. maraming mga bagay ang nangyari noong panahon na sophies pa tayo. pano ba naman, pinagsamasama sa seksyon na ito ang halos lahat ng magugulong boys sa seksyon natin. dito pinanganak ang tinatawag na "saranggola boys" kung saan kayo ay nagpapalipad ng saranggola sa loob ng hallway ng 3rd floor. ayos diba? kaya nung taong ito, lagi tayo napapagalitan ng mga teachers pero ayos lang kasi masaya naman. lagi ding nahahigh blood sa atin ang ating adviser na si maam anciano dahil laging may nagaguidance sa atin. di ko rin makaklimutan ang pagkakaisa natin noong mga panahong ito, lalo na nung time na may nangyari sa pagitan natin at ni sir tapia. pero masaya ako ngayon dahil ayos na naman ang lahat at ayos na tayo ulit nila sir tapia. hinding hindi ko rin makakalimutan ang mga kagroup ko na kasamang kong gumawa ng video sa florante at laura. isa yun sa mga projects na ginawa ko na masaya. sobrang saya at hindi boring. mamimiss ko talaga ang bahay nila percy carballo kung saan practisan lagi ng kung sinu-sino. dito rin nagsimula ang tropa namin dati, ang super gals na binubuo nila precious de castro, francis rosario, marjorie tayoto, jewel de guzman, kris shellyn sanchez, jazze crisostomo, danae dagan, camille cutura at ako, pati dinagdagan nina loi ann rafael at graciel portacio na sandali lamang eh umalis narin. hindi ko rin makakalimutan na naging top 1 ako sa seksyon na ito kahit first time lang. minsan lang yun mangyari sa buhay ko kaya masaya ako. haha. basta hinding hindi ko talaga makakalimutan ang taong ito dahil sa panahong ito, nagkaroon ako ng mga tunay na kaibigan na hanggang ngayon ay kasakasama ko parin.

    mga taong naging kaclose ko sa seksyon na ito:
    -super gals (names are already mentioned above)
    -lynn faustino
    -ahra anciro
    -lynn faustino
    -rolando "kuya kim" naranjo jr.
    -at marami pa! halos lahat naman eh! ;)



    section 1 for the first time sa high school life ko. haha. lagi kasi ako nasa section 2 eh. kala ko hindi na ako makakaalis doon. noong una napakalungkot ko dahil mahihiwalay ako sa tropa ko. gusto ko pa nga magpalipat noon eh. si precious at jazze lang kase ang natirang mga kasama ko doon na kaclose ko. pero buti nalang talaga at hindi ako nagpalipat dahil naging super saya ko din sa seksyon na ito. dito ako natutong makipagkaibigan at makisalamuha sa iba. nagpapasalamat ako sa mga naging kaklase ko sa taon na ito sapagkat hindi niyo ako binalewala at naging open din kayo sa akin kahit yung iba sa inyo ay first time ko lang maging kaklase. nagpapasalamat din ako sa bobitas na sina fay paredes, erika pueblo, angel tipa, hillary gaspar, jen cortez at irene luzon dahil tinaggap niyo kami nila jazze at precious sa tropa niyo at masaya ako dahil naging kaibigan ko din kayong lahat. kayo ang naging tropa namin sa classroom at masaya kayo kasama. hindi ko makakalimutan yung mga dance number natin pati ung mga meetings and practices natin, sa bahay nila fay, sa bahay nila stephanie encarnacion or sa bahay man nila davey guinto. yung mga pamatay na projects natin tulad nalang sa journalism na inabot na tayo ng gabi, lalo na yung practice natin ng makulay ang buhay sa bahay nila dan pilapil na inabot pa ng 11 pm ata?! tapos mamimiss ko rin ang galaan natin lagi sa sangley! at lalong lalo nang hindi ko makakalimutan ang pagpipicture picture natin sa loob ng room na may halong mga hiyawan kaya nahigh blood satin si sir senido at pinapila tayo sa labas ni maam young, tapos yung mga kasama sa picture picture eh pinasulat sa limang piraso ng papel, harap at likod ng "i promise i will not run and shout again inside the classroom". lagi din tayong nasasaway dahil sa gulo nila kevin ambos at shane austria kahit first section lagi parin tayo nasasaway. mamimiss ko ng bonggang bongga ang MOCC natin. ang pagmamadali natin pag may nagpapaform na, ang mga parusa sa atin, ang hiraman ng mga kababaihan ng mga net, pin, at kung anu ano pa. lalo na yung advnture trail natin. pero super nagsaya talaga ako sa taong ito at masaya ako dahil kasyong lahat ang nakasama ko sa junior life ko. naging kaibigan ko din sa taong ito sina bobitas, phil "mare" yuvienco, rafaella ignacio, kzer tanada, davey guinto, mark lacson, alekx toyhacao, carminda david, mariel enriquez, rolando "kim" naranjo jr., stephanie encarnacion, jet barrera, czarem ignacio, ian dael, clarisse adriano, iryna lopez, dan pilapil, laurence salas, kevin ambos, larie russiana, caya alonso, janine lapenas, abby anselmo at syempre halos lahat din! si mrs. hilda young ang adviser natin sa taong ito na lagi ding nahahigh blood sa atin. isa sa mga naging paborito kong guro sa high school life ko si maam young dahil nakakatuwa siya maliban lamang sa mga projects at assignments na pinapagawa niya sa atin. haha. peace tayo maam young. :)

    sa practice ng makulay ang buhay natin. ang gaganda nu?

    sa taong ito din pala nabuo ang tropa namin ngayon, ang PAXTRO. february 29, 2008, intrams pa noon, nagkasundo kaming palitan ang tropa namin na super gals dahil meron ding mga dumagdag at nabawas. gusto ko rin humingi sa tropa ko na nasa kabilang section dahil alam kong napalayo ako sa inyo ng panahong ito dahil magkaiba tayo ng seksyon pero syempre hindi ko kayo nakalimutan at tayo tayo parin hanggang sa huli.

    PAXTRO. (dahil espesyal kayo sa akin, iisa-isahin ko kayong mga bruha kayo.)
    alphabetical order to! dahil fair akong tao. :)

    francis marie rosario - ito ang pinakabaliw sa tropa. haha. mamimiss ko ang pag "ayiiieeeee" mo sabay tago ng leeg mo kapag nadaan ang mga crush namin. sabay pagkanta mo ng palihim ng mga love songs na ewan ko ba kung saan mo nakukuha yon. basta mamimiss talaga kita ng bonggang bongga!

    jazze lyralette crisostomo - ito ang pinakalokaloka sa tropa. biglabigla nalang yan tatawa ng di ko alam ang dahilan. ang tawa pamandin nyan di lang basta-basta tawa, ito ay TAWAAAAAAA na may kasama pang tono. best friend ko to since 1st year at classmate ko din yan since 1st yr. kaya super close na kami nyan at lagi ko yang katabi sa bus tuwing fieldtrip at kung saansaan pa. kaya di kita mamimiss! joke lang.

    jewel de guzman - ito ang pinakamaaasahan sa tropa tuwing may galaan. kahit saan mo yan yayain sasama yan sayo kaya kung gusto mo ng kasama wag kang matakot na walang sasama sayo dahil nandyan si jewel. nyahaha. best friend ko yan since 2nd year. ang bahay nila ang tamabayan ng tropa simula noon. duon kami nagsisigawan tuwing nanunuod kami ng horror films at nagkakaraoke. tulig din yan! tunay na maaasahan yan at magaling magbigay ng mga advice! ito rin ang business partner ko since 2nd yr! saming dalawa nagsimula ang bayaran sa tropa. mapayema man, bracelet, projects at kung anu ano pa!

    karen reyes - ang tawa din nitong babaing to ay di lang basta-basta tawa, halakhak talaga ng bonggang bongga na may kasama pang tono. nakakatuwa din to kasama dahil di kayo mauubusan ng topic at expert din to sa mga chismisan at daldalan. active na active yan pag may mga chismis. badiiiing ko yan eh!

    katrina lara pinpin - marami kaming napagkakasunduan ng babaing to! oyy! yung mga pictures ha! nagkakasundo kami sa mga bagay-bagay tulad ng pagbablog, anime, mga banda, ** magazine, at sa kung anuano pa. gutom din sa chismis ang babaing to. laging handa ang tenga nyan pagnakita nyang nagkukumpulan na kami. ang camera nyan ay ang camera ng bayan, kaso di naman nagaupload! haha. pero kahit last year lang kami naging close ng babaing to, naging super close naman kami ngayon.

    kris shellyn sanchez - si kris ay ang babaing ewan. isang malaking ewan. sino ka nga ba?? haha. jukjuk. best friend ko din to since 1st year. kala ko dati mataray to, lalo na nung first day of class. kala ko din nung una ay tahimik to ang walang kagulogulo sa buhay, ngunit sobrang kanaliktaran pala ang naiisip ko ngayon at nagsisisi akong inisip ko pa yun. ito ang pinkamagulo sa tropa! di namin maiwasan magkabanggaan pagnaglalakad kami tapos bigla-bigla nalang manunulak. siopai ko yan at siomao nya ako. yan ang tawagan namin nung 2nd year. haha.

    lea fe diaz - ito babaing to ay certified kapamilya at mahilig magswimming. lumangoy sa malawak na karagatan. sa alam mu na. haha! basta super maaasahan yan at di ka magsisisi kapag humingi ka ng payo sa kanya. siya ang mamy lea ng sambayanan! kaya sikat na yan, parang artista na din! kilala ko na sya since elementary kami and matagal na din kaming magkaibigan. masaya to kasama dahil di kayo mauubusan ng topic nito at masaya din to katawanan ng bonggang bongga!

    marjorie tayoto - isang pangungusap para sa babaing to, ang pinakamaganda sa balat na lupa (siya ang nagsabi nyan). haha! siya ang bella swan ng tropa. hindi na siya magiging cullen kailanman dahil nakuha na ni franze ang puso ni cullen. nyahaha! nahirapan nga to magmove on eh. haha! si majo ang pinakabata sa amin (physical lang, ate ko yan eh!). seatmate ko to ng tatlong grading periods ngayong 4th yr at di kami nauubusan ng pagkekwentuhan nito. sarap nito kachismisan!

    precious de castro - best friends since grade 3! hindi na kami nagkahiwalay ng bruhang to. classmate ko siya simula grade 3 hanggang ngayong 4th year. akalain mo yun! 7 years kaming magkaklase! kaya super duper close na kami. kilalang kilala na namin ang bawat isa. soulmate kami eh. hahaha! basta magaling din mabigay ng payo ang babaing to. pag may problema ka, mapaproject man o love problem, lapit ka lang sa kanya. pagwala nang ink ang printer niyo, paprint lang din kayo sa kanya, kaso may bayad! syempre di na mawawala ang bayaran sa tropa namin nu.

    rafaella ignacio - naging close kami ng babaing to noong 3rd year, at naging kasundo ko rin to sa maraming bagay. sa mga anime, manga, mga banda, mga kanta at sa kung anu ano pang bagay. lagi ko rin to nakakasama sa mga galaan at nakakachat sa ym. ito ang genius ng tropa. napakagaling sa math kaya nga yan magiengineer eh. sa kanya kami nagpapatutor pag may hindi kami maintindihan sa math. haha!

    ito na ang pinaka the best na year at section para sa akin ang...


    sa taong ito, magkakaklase kaming buong tropa maliban sa genius na si rafaella. napakasaya ko sa taong ito dahil ang daming nangyari sa panahong ito. naging kaklase ko rin ang iba na first time ko lang maging classmate at naging close naman kami. masaya kasama ang lahat ng matthewnians. the best talaga ang section na ito. wala pang araw na hindi ako humalakhak sa classroom kasama niyo. nagpapasalamat din ako kay sir ely paraiso sa lagi niyang pagsuporta sa atin.

    galing to kay percy. ito ung video na pinalabas sa room natin nung xmas party natin.

    galing din to kay percy. recess time sa classroom natin.

    ito ang mga bagay na hinding hindi ko makakalimutan sa taon na ito:
    -ang CAT natin!!!
    -ang practice natin ng makulayb ang buhay sa bahay nila percy carballo na kala pa natin eh may spy.
    -nung hindi tayo nagkaunawaan ng ibang section dahil sa makulay ang buhay at todo suporta tayo sa bawa't isa. grabe, di ko makakalimutan ang pagkakaisa natin nung panahong iyon. sobrang nagkaisa ang section natin.
    -ang mga groupings natin at pagpapractice sa labas na nauuwi sa galaan.
    -ang pagsuporta natin nung intrams at city meet.
    -ang paggawa ni percy ng mga videos.
    -ang mga picture picturean natin sa classroom.
    -ang pagbabanta namin ni jewel na yema at ng kung anu ano pa.
    -ang pagtago natin ng quiz notebooks natin nung may quiz tayo sa tle.
    -ang pagsuot natin nga gala uniform every first friday of the month.
    -ang practice ng speech choir sa house nila percy.
    -intrams natin. ang mga hiyawan at sigawan, "go SENIORS!"
    -ang kabadingan ni rv castaneda.
    -ang panggugulo at pangbubulahaw ni patrick "de peter" de pedro.
    -ang pagiging robot ni kevin guevarra
    -ang "oooooyyyyy" ni roy oren.
    -si percy agbunag carballo.
    -ang pagpapatawa nila kevin ambos and company. haha! dang dami nyu eh!
    -ang pagiging poste ni edwin "poste" portacio jr.
    -ang mga kalokohan at kadaldalan nina jouize paroan at anthony "balong" daoana.
    -si BAIS. period.
    -ang halos araw araw kong pakikipag-bangayan kay GAPATE.
    -ang napakahabang buhok ni angela dantes.
    -ang pagsigaw ni maxene alvarado sa mga sadyang maiingay nating kaklase.
    -ang naging seatmate kong si aileen aninon na nahawa sa pagiging makalat ko at di ko pagkopya ng lectures.
    -ang tropa nila bais. period ulit.
    -ang pagsulat ko ng lectures sa mismong araw ng pasahan kaya lagi akong naloloka.
    -basta lahat ng classmates ko ngayong taon na ito!
    -ang PAXTRO, syempre!
    -mga outreach programs
    -yung career day natin sa PICC
    -ang fieldtrip natin at mga kalokohan at kantahan sa bus.
    -ang retreat natin na super saya. lalo na yung mga naging kagroup ko sa sharing na sina jazze crisostomo, lea fe diaz, larie russiana, erika preciado, angel tipa, ahra anciro, danica alvarez, abby anselmo at joana leonor, di ko makakalimutan yung mga sharings natin at ang mga tawanan natin nung panahong iyon. feeling ko mas naging close tayo sa isa't isa at mas nakilala pa natin ang isa't isa. masaya ako at nakapagshare ako sa inyo at naging kagroup ko kayo sa activity na ito. di ko rin malilimutan ang nangyari kay marjorie tayoto na muntik na akong di makatulog sa sobrang takot.
    -yung youth day.
    -paggawa natin ng commercial sa AP.
    -yung pagkawala ng ipod ko!!!
    -ang pagsita ni sir camara sa bangs ko.
    -ang pagiging late ko at pagpapalabas ni sir paraiso sa mga late.
    -yung bag ng section natin na pareparehas at iba't ibang kulay.
    -yung mga banda sa atin.
    -yung christmas party natin.
    -yung practice ng mga sayaw para sa js.
    -yung last js natin sa high school kung saan naisayaw natin ang mga cruch natin *ayieeee*.
    -yung family day natin kung saan sasabog na tayong lahat at wala akong ibang makita kundi ang kulay red lamang.
    -at syempre ang GRADUATION natin!

    (wala tong sounds. pasensya na.)

    mamimiss ko talaga kayong lahat! lahat kayo ay naging parte na ng buhay ko at hinding hindi ko kayo makakalimutan kahit kaylan! minsan, reunion tayong lahat! gutso niyo bukas na eh. haha. grabe. parang kaylan lang tapos nagyon graduate na tayo kaagad.

    ooops, di pa to tapos, wait lang wag muna kayo magsawang basahin to ha. haha.

    ang mga honors sa panunukso sa akin:
    valedictorian: kevin ambos - ito ang nagpasimula ng lahat. simula elementary to nanunukso sa akin. walang kupas talaga. kung may bayad lang ang pagtukso sa akin, siguro milyon milyon na utang nya sa akin.

    salutatorian: jet barrera - hinding hindi ko makakalimutan panunukso mu sa akin nung 3rd year. cheter pala ha. ayun nalaman tuloy ng dahil sa yo! haha. hanggang ngayon di parin ako tinatantanan nito sa panunukso ng pahhhhthh!

    first honorable mention: czarem ignacio - di mo lang alam nahihirapan talaga ako banggitin pangalan mo csssszzssarem! hahahaha. sa tuwing magkakasalubong na lang tayo "ssss" ka ng "ssss"! hahaha.

    second honorable mention: laurence "tolits" salas - isa ka pa! bakit pa ang pangalan mo puro may 'S' ha?? tolitssss. hahaha!

    third honorable mention: edwin "poste" portacio jr. - alam mo ba napaiyak mo ako nung elementary tayo?! magkagroup tayo sa cooking, sabi ko patatasss, simula noon tinukso mo na ako ng "patatat"! badtrip na badtrip talaga ako sayo nung panahong iyon. tapos bumalik nanaman ngayon 4th year, "poSSSSte" naman!

    don't worry, wala akong galit sa inyong lahat! hahahaha! natutuwa lang ako dahil kahit papano madadala ko ang mga memories na to hanggang sa pagtanda ko. hahaha!

    sa ibang section ng 4th year, IV - MARK and IV - LUKE, thanks din sa lahat lahat ng memories na shinare niyo sa akin at sa lahat! sana magpansinan parin tayo kung sakali mang makasalubong natin ang isa't isa sa daan.

    mga CAT OFFICERS, thanks din sa memories at sobrang thankful din ako dahil naexperience ko maging officer kasama kayo. thanks sa napakagandang samahan natin kahit minsan eh napaparusahan lagi ang mga medics! hahaha. :D

    galing kay percy ulit. CAT time natin.

    sa ibang mga tropa sa batch natin, BOBITAS, POGI, RECAL, C.G., HAND SUCKERS, BAD BOYS, JONAS BROTHERS(meron ba talaga nito? haha!), ATX, masaya ako dahil lahat kayo ay naging part ng high school life ko, kahit magkakaiba man tayo ng tropa, nagkakaisa pa rin naman ang batch natin. wag tayong magkakalimutan ha! ang makalimot paslang, double dead pa! :D

    ngayong magkakahiwahiwalay na ang mga landas natin, i hope na hindi natin makakalimutan ang mga memories natin ngayong high school. kahit paulit ulit ko na tong sinasabi, di ako magsasawang banggitin na WALANG LIMUTAN HA! goodluck sa college life natin next school year at sana ay magtagumpay tayo sa mapipili nating career sa buhay. kahit na tumanda na tayo, FRIENDS FOREVER tayong lahat. congrats nga pala sa ating lahat dahil nalagpasan na natin ang pagiging high school. i love you all guys!

    PS: alam niyo bang kulang pa ito? hindi ko pa talaga nasasabi lahat ng saloobin ko kaso masyado nang mahaba kaya tatapusin ko na dito. basta mahal ko kayong lahat at wag niyo ako kalimutan. huhu :C paalam! kitakits nalang sa mga galaan ha!

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    graduation day.

    march 24, 2009

    just to tell you guys, this post would be short. i'm not gonna put so much enthusiasm in this post like my other "leaving my high school life" posts because i don't really want to and it's not that exciting for me. idk but that's how i feel. i am not excited to leave my high school life. i am not an "AB" but maybe because i'm just immature as hell right now and i know i'll just accept the truth in some matter of time, but not now. :C

    the day i hated most has arrived, our graduation day and the day i'd finally say goodbye to high school life. it was so sad, yet i have to face the fact that i'll be leaving my high school days from now on. i'll be a college student next school year and will be apart from my same ol' school, saint joseph college cavite city and to my classmates and friends. our graduation started at 4 pm at the school's gymnasium. it started, first with a mass and then followed up by our actual commencement exercises. it lasted for 3 hours. i will not narrate the sequence anymore because it's just like any other graduation programs. but before the program ended, we sang the saint joseph college hymn and the song my schoolmate kzer tanada composed. it was a dramatic one. at that time, i was thinking of the thought that it would be the last time i'd sing the saint joseph college hymn again together with my batchmates. i've been singing that song every morning during our flag ceremony since i was in elementary so i would surely miss it. btw, i got an award, the loyalty award. haha. xD then after the recession, i took some pictures together with my classmates and friends. and after that, we held our last CAT-MOCC training. i felt like crying at that moment but i didn't cry at all. until now, i really wonder why my tears didn't show up throughout the whole graduation program. i was expecting that i would cry real hard during this day but i didn't. anyways, after our last training, i hugged my friends real hard and we said goodbye to each other. but i believe it isn't the real goodbye yet, because i know that we would all see each other again some time but it really is hard to be away from them. and after that, i left school together with my family and we headed off to san miguel bay (near the mall of asia) to have our dinner. my two siblings and i - which completes the son and daughters of mom and dad - had our graduations in this same year. me, a senior, my sister, grade six and my brother, kinder two. my sister's graduation was in the morning and mine was in the afternoon while my brother's graduation was held yesterday and we're all in the same school. we decided to have our dinner at the president's tea house and the foods were freakin' delicious. we also took pictures and then went home afterwards. i'll just share the pictures to you guys. have a great day!

    click here for more photos.

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    david archuleta & david cook live in manila!

    it's official, dudes. david archuleta and david cook would be having their concert here in the philippines! aren't you excited, guys?! this would be on may 16, 2009 at the mall of asia open ground. the ticket prices are not yet confirmed so better stay tuned if you really want to see them performing live and up-close. both David Cook and David Archuleta made video blogs to confirm and invite their Filipino fans on this year's most-awaited international concert event here in the Philippines. here are the videos:

    i hope i could see them live! *cross fingers* i need some MONEY MONEY MONEYYYY!!!

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    last day of school.

    this morning would be the last day i'd enter st. joseph college cavite city as a senior student and as a josephinian (except for tomorrow's graduation). and this also means "goodbye high school life". sad to say, i am now leaving my school for 11 years straight but i gotta accept it. next school year would be a new life for me, new school, new surroundings, new people, new classmates, new && harder subjects, new schedule, and everything would be new for me. i'm gonna miss my classmates and my schoolmates, plus the teachers and the school too. the fact is, i really want to stay as a high school student forever. i believe that the high school life is the best ever (dunno if my point of view would change months from now). honestly, i really don't want to graduate now. i want my classmates now to be my classmates until the time i would graduate from my course. i know it is indeed impossible but that's the thing i want to happen. i don't want to be apart from them, especially from my best friends. in college, we would end up in different schools and universities, with different courses but i promise i'll never ever forget them throughout my entire lifespan. even though we're gonna be separated during our college days, we would still be connected to each other and we promised that we will still see each other and we would still continue our hang outs. but still, it's gonna be different and we can't do anything but to accept the fact and to keep our promises.

    this morning was also my little brother's graduation. he's a preparatory graduate. we only attend school today because of the invitation for our graduation tomorrow and for the last mocc training. we wore our pe uniform today and all we did in school was to take shots here and there and there to here. haha. we're all camwhores btw. it really is fun being with them, no doubt. what i'm gonna miss most about being in high school is the laughters and trippings i shared together with my crazy friends. anyway after that, we headed off to mcdonalds at 9:30 am and we had our usual open forum. we usually do this in our clique, paxtro. we're doing this thing so that we could unlock our feelings and so that we could share our real feelings from each other. if we're secretly hating someone or if someone is changing her attitude, etc. i think it's good to open up with each other so that we couldn't make such misunderstandings and so that we could totally understand each other. then that's it for this day! this afternoon was so boring except that i watched they kiss again. oh my, i'm starting to get crazy again for ISWAK!!! okk, gonna end my post right here because i'm gonna save the drama for tomorrow. stay tuned dudes! just wait for my super duper triper forper extreme ultra major mega omega dramatic post, okay??

    ohh, before i forgot, have you ever wondered what happened to my dedication notebook? it was somehow a success! all seniors at school is a total of 90 students and 70+ students had wrote a dedication for me in that notebook. i was really touched to the things they wrote. i will treasure that notebook for the rest of my life. :)

    ps: my goal for this evening is to sleep early because of tomorrow's event (beauty rest?? nah, that isn't my thing. btw, our graduation would start at 4 pm). haaa, i bet if i would really sleep early. lol.

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    paxtro = friends for eternity.

    hey. i wanna share to you guys the slideshow i made for my bestest friends ever, PAXTRO. i am absent today and good thing we only have a half day class. i am absent this morning because i got sick. cough and slight fever, scientifically. i got afraid that i couldn't attend our graduation this next tuesday but thank God, i am somehow fine right now. i guess i could make it up to class tomorrow (actually, it's not consider a "class" anymore because we're only attending school due to our graduation practices and nothing else). i got bored so i finished this slideshow and i also uploaded it already in youtube. if you want, you can play it. it's not private and you'll not gonna be in prison if you'll click the play button. have a nice day guys!

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    sunday malling.

    i asked my dad if we could go altogether to sm bacoor because i want to buy the materials for scrapbooking at the national bookstore and what i said to him is that i really need that scrapbook this week - even though it's not and there are a bunch of time for that. at first, he hesitated and then i got depressed and i really showed him that i'm really totally depressed and then i got surprised when he suddenly said "oh, magbihis na kayo". then, my plan became a success. i'm a great actress, see? haa, just kiddin'. i bought the materials for scrapbooking at the national bookstore and began strolling after that. we also went to quantum because i hadn't visited there for a long time now. this past few months, i never go back home from the mall without visiting quantum, then it got out of my habit and i don't go there now that often. it's so good to play again in that amusement hall. even my siblings and my cousin had a lot of fun playing there. and, that's all for this unexpected day.

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    family saturday trip.

    we planned to go to divisoria for today to buy the things my sister needs for her grandball this coming wednesday. my dad gave me money and it depends on me if i will spend that money or not. and as i expected, i was tempted to spend all the money and unfortunately, the allowance my dad gave me was now out of sight. it suddenly vanished and i hardly noticed it. but the things i bought was worth it. i bought two tops and it was awesome. i also had some of my pictures developed because my classmates were asking some so they could have a remembrance from me. i'm also asking for their pictures and i thought it would be good if i'll add those in my collections. i had so many pictures developed including my pictures together with my classmates and friends because i'm planning to make a scrapbook as my project this coming summer vacation.

    then, we went to mall of asia and it was not planned. i suddenly asked them if we could hang out in moa for a little while and my parents agreed without any word. i really really want to go ice skating at that time but by the time we arrived, the ice skating rink will be closed after 30 minutes so we just let it pass. we just strolled for a bit and then went home after an hour. we arrived there at 9 pm so it would be closed anytime soon. gahhh, and now, i just got home from our trip for today. later dudes.

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    1 whole day = CAT day.


    we spent our whole day in our CAT training, plus a short practice of our graduation rites. we also wore our type A uniform for the whole day and i hate it. this is the first time we practiced our graduation rites at the gymnasium wherein our actual graduation would happen. it was pretty boring at that time. is this really my fate?? to be exhausted EVERYDAY? if yes, then i would certainly be dead. double dead. haha, nah just kidding, because even though i am tired everyday for heaven's sake, at least i'm spending my somehow short time together with my classmates and friends. i am enjoying myself together with them to the fullest because i don't want to regret something that i haven't done during these days before our graduation. btw, my dedication notebook was very active this day. thanks to my classmates who wrote whether willing or unwilling, i really don't care it's only fine with me. but really, thanks to them because i really appreciate the things they wrote on that small notebook. i would treasure it for eternity.

    anyway, this CAT training is one of the best and funniest trainings in our history. the MOCC had their oral and written test for this day. we also experienced this last year, when we were still under by our seniors. their oral test was so fun. we grouped them into four and i was assigned in the group number 4 and we let them recite our positions. and then some of my classmates and our teacher added some funny jokes on them which really made us laughed out loud. even though today was equal to exhausted day, i really had a lot of fun.

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    dead meat.

    yess! at last, i'm now here in my crib, right in front of the computer sitting and having a good time. and it was exactly the opposite of what had happened to me in the morning. i was dead tired. we had our CAT minutes after our flag ceremony and our worship. they separate the ones who cut class - i was one of them but i don't do this often - yesterday from the rest of the officers. then some of our lieutenant seniors made some heavy punishments for us. i think we did a total of 500+ squats, 200 pumps and a hell lot of marching, dancing and exercises for heaven's sake! it was my first time to experience such things and i think it's unfair. i was so not in the mood at that time and i was so angry at the one who punished us the most. i won't blab her name here because i'm not that kind of person who make people embarrassed - even though idk if she would be embarrassed if i write her name here. gahhh! i will never ever forget this day in my entire lifespan. ok, enough of the punishment stuffs and shall we change the topic? ok? good.

    so, in the afternoon, we just practiced the songs for our graduation day. btw, i made a dedication notebook this afternoon and i made my classmates wrote something to it. it was still incomplete and my goal is to have all the senior's dedications for me in that small notebook. our dear teachers dismissed us an hour before our usual dismissal time. my friends and i headed off at the dunkin donuts near our school right after they dismissed us. then after eating, we read the dedications of our batchmates for us. and it was really funny! we laughed out loud while reading the dedications. i'll tell you more about that soon. ;)

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    i was so exhausted!!! and dead tired!!! But the process was super fun and i can't deny that. i was with my friends lea and jewel for the rest of the day and we went to CEU because jewel would take the test and lea would take her result. i was only their companion. yeah, i decided to go with them yesterday because i want to know how to get there without my dad's help. btw, before i forget, we don't have our classes this day so we took the chance of going to manila because we already had our plans for this weekend and i'll tell you more about that soon. i left home at 6 am and we arrived there at 8:30 am. we settled jewel's account and before taking up her entrance test, we first took our second breakfast - we really don't know but we already got hungry even though we took our breakfast before leaving the crib - at the mcdo near the university. and then while jewel was taking up the test, lea and i toured around the campus and we took her result and thank God she also passed. i am glad because we would still be together in our college days. but i am still depressed because until now, i really haven't decided for my course yet. and it would be either DENTISTRY or PHARMACY. what do you think guys? which one is better? i know it's kinda lame to ask this question to you guys because i know that i am the only creature that could and would answer that, but i am still confused. so confused. hope i would find the right course for me soon sooner. then finally, after jewel's test, we took our lunch, again at mcdo and then we waited for jewel's result. and she also passed! hooray, congrats to us. and then, we headed off to sm manila to kill some time and after that, we decided to go home already. we walked a looooong path until we reached the bus to cavite city. and we felt so relieved by the time we took our seats. even though this day was really a tiring one, i really had a lot of fun today together with my two friends.

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    the boy in the striped pyjamas.

    one appropriate sentence for this one, the best film of 2008. yea, it really is the best film of 2008. many people had said it, not just me and it's stupid that it didn't won an oscar award. once you've watched this movie, it will remain in your hearts forever. it's not just like any other movies that once you've finished watching, the feeling would just end up right at that very moment. this film is very different because it is the kind of movie that you'll never forget and maybe this is the movie that you will end up telling to your future children, or even to your future grandchildren, and to your future grand-grandchildren - okay, i know this 'grand-grandchildren thing is exaggerated, but really, this one is a great film. honestly, it's the very first time i cried out loud while watching a certain movie. i never cried out loud because of a movie, and this film broke the record. normally, if the movie is really a tear-jerking film, i would end up crying, the tears would just fall from my eyes silently. but this film made me look so stupid and it's embarrassing because my parents heard it. but they actually admit that this movie is really worth watching for.


    Vera Farmiga, David Thewlis, and Asa Butterfield star in Little Voice writer/director Mark Herman's adaptation of John Boyne's novel concerning the forbidden friendship that between an eight-year-old German boy and a Jewish concentration camp prisoner in World War II-era Germany. The innocent son of a high-ranking Nazi commandant, Bruno has been largely shielded from the harsh realities of the war. When Bruno discovers that his father has been promoted and that their family will be moving from Berlin into the countryside, he doesn't take the news well. Increasingly bored in his sprawling yet dreary country abode and forbidden by his mother from exploring the backyard, young Bruno searches for something to do while his older sister plays with dolls and vies for the attention of handsome Lieutenant Kotler (Rupert Friend). One day, bored and gazing out his bedroom window, Bruno spies what first appears to be a nearby farm; his parents refuse to discuss it, and all of the inhabitants there are curiously clad in striped pajamas. But while Bruno's mother naïvely believes the "farm" to be an internment camp, her husband has sworn under oath never to reveal that it is in fact an extermination camp specifically designed to help the Nazis achieve their horrific "Final Solution." Eventually defying his mother's rules and venturing out beyond the backyard, Bruno arrives at a barbed wire fence to find a young boy just his age emptying rubble from a wheel barrel. Like Pavel, the kitchen worker who cooks all of Bruno's meals, the young boy is wearing striped pajamas. His name is Shmuel (Jack Scanlon), and before long the two young boys become fast friends. But the closer these two boys grow, the more Bruno becomes awakened to the horrors unfolding all around them. His mother is catching on quickly as well, a fact that causes great tension in her marriage to Bruno's father. Later, after Bruno swipes a piece of cake for Shmuel, Lt. Kotler accuses the Jewish boy of stealing and delivers a swift punishment. When Bruno's father announces that the young boy and his mother will be going to live with their aunt in Heidelberg, Bruno grabs a shovel and makes his way to the camp, setting into motion a tragic and devastating sequence of events.

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