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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    graduation day.

    march 24, 2009

    just to tell you guys, this post would be short. i'm not gonna put so much enthusiasm in this post like my other "leaving my high school life" posts because i don't really want to and it's not that exciting for me. idk but that's how i feel. i am not excited to leave my high school life. i am not an "AB" but maybe because i'm just immature as hell right now and i know i'll just accept the truth in some matter of time, but not now. :C

    the day i hated most has arrived, our graduation day and the day i'd finally say goodbye to high school life. it was so sad, yet i have to face the fact that i'll be leaving my high school days from now on. i'll be a college student next school year and will be apart from my same ol' school, saint joseph college cavite city and to my classmates and friends. our graduation started at 4 pm at the school's gymnasium. it started, first with a mass and then followed up by our actual commencement exercises. it lasted for 3 hours. i will not narrate the sequence anymore because it's just like any other graduation programs. but before the program ended, we sang the saint joseph college hymn and the song my schoolmate kzer tanada composed. it was a dramatic one. at that time, i was thinking of the thought that it would be the last time i'd sing the saint joseph college hymn again together with my batchmates. i've been singing that song every morning during our flag ceremony since i was in elementary so i would surely miss it. btw, i got an award, the loyalty award. haha. xD then after the recession, i took some pictures together with my classmates and friends. and after that, we held our last CAT-MOCC training. i felt like crying at that moment but i didn't cry at all. until now, i really wonder why my tears didn't show up throughout the whole graduation program. i was expecting that i would cry real hard during this day but i didn't. anyways, after our last training, i hugged my friends real hard and we said goodbye to each other. but i believe it isn't the real goodbye yet, because i know that we would all see each other again some time but it really is hard to be away from them. and after that, i left school together with my family and we headed off to san miguel bay (near the mall of asia) to have our dinner. my two siblings and i - which completes the son and daughters of mom and dad - had our graduations in this same year. me, a senior, my sister, grade six and my brother, kinder two. my sister's graduation was in the morning and mine was in the afternoon while my brother's graduation was held yesterday and we're all in the same school. we decided to have our dinner at the president's tea house and the foods were freakin' delicious. we also took pictures and then went home afterwards. i'll just share the pictures to you guys. have a great day!

    click here for more photos.

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