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    lea's bday celebration.

    today was the birthday celebration of my friend lea. she invited us, PAXTRO, her bestest buddies in the planet at their house in sangley point, cavite city. her real birth date was supposedly last february 18 and since we only have a half day class today, she decided to celebrate it for this day so that we could have longer bonding moments. she also invited our classmate ralph and our friend kzer. but before we got to their house, jazze and i first had our haircuts. my hair is now shorter but i prefer it like this. we took pictures from there to here and here to there. we are all camwhores, man! then, after eating her mom's delicious homemade dishes, we strolled around the sangley base and it was fun. the base is huge. the americans had lived there once during the time when we were still under by them. so meaning to say, many soldiers had died at that place and as the result, many ghosts are wandering there. yeah, it's creepy, but it sure is a fun place to be with. many of my classmates are living there so i am always at that base. so back to the topic here... where did i stopped? ooh, at the strolling part! so we were strolling around and around and we hardly noticed the time. the sun had already set and we were still strolling around. then, my friends suddenly changed our topic and they started murmuring about ghosts. my god, i was so afraid at that time. then we exchanged some scary stories about the base and we ended up shouting and laughing and it was so much fun.

    in general, i really had a fun day today. hope you guys had a lot of fun too. later dudes.

    click here for more photos.

    8:14 PM | 1 comments

    official music video of your call.

    okay, i may be months late to post this video but anyway i feel like posting it now and the music video is truly cool. i heard it was released last november 13, 2008. at last, after a year of waiting, my then most favorite song now has an official music video! cheers for the secondhand serenade. yay!

    3:20 PM | 3 comments

    wild child.

    as what it says in the title, the movie is all about a WILD CHILD who's a spoiled brat, a happy-go-lucky gal and a girly-gurl girl that is set to move in a private school in the european continent because of her "wild" attitude. and from that school, her whole life would change. she started to realize that life should be taken seriously and of course partly crazy. this is the best teen flick of 2008 - except twilight, of course. and this is now my most favorite teen flick of all time! it's really fun to watch and you would learn many lessons from watching it. you should also try to watch it, aight NOW.

    PS: i now admire emma roberts! she is such a goddess. she is way beautiful and adorable and lovely and gorgeous in the movie. in short, she is amazing! i already watched some of her movies and tv shows like aquamarine, nancy drew and unfabulous && it was all good, but this one is the best! i am so much looking forward for her next projects.


    When 16-year-old Malibu princess Poppy (Emma Roberts) trashes her beach front home in order to “welcome” her dad’s (Aidan Quinn) new fiancée, he carries out a long-promised threat to send her away to boarding school in York, England. There, she’ll finally learn the scholarship, fellowship and loyalty that have so far eluded her.
    Very much a fish out of water, Poppy gets off to a royal bad start at the Abbey Mount School for Girls. She refuses to acknowledge the authority of snobbish and cruel Head Girl Harriet (GEORGIA KING) and makes an instant enemy of the fifth-generation Abbey Mount student. She also fails to see the point in bonding with her schoolmates. Why bother? Poppy intends to be out of there and back to the beach in a few weeks anyway.

    Several of her roommates—Drippy (JUNO TEMPLE), Kiki (SOPHIE WU) and Josie (LINZEY CROCKER)—give Poppy the cold shoulder once her outrageous behavior starts costing them privileges. But the most mature of the girls, Kate (KIMBERLY NIXON), extends an olive branch when Poppy confides that her mother died in a car accident five years ago and she’s been struggling since. Naturally, the girls decide to help their wounded American sister get back home by aiding her in an expulsion.
    Let Operation Freedom begin.

    When a series of audacious, humorous pranks doesn’t result in punishment from the school’s headmistress, Mrs. Kingsley (Natasha Richardson), the girls quickly realize they have to up the ante. Kate suggests Poppy target Mrs. Kingsley’s son, Freddie (Alex Pettyfer). The last girl caught snogging with him was sent packing.

    When Harriet discovers Poppy is making the moves on Freddie, she’s furious. She’s always had a crush on him and (in her mind) is the rightful recipient of his affections. As Poppy challenges all Harriet holds sacred, the queen bee begins a campaign of sabotage. She has two intentions: leave Poppy friendless and Freddie-less.

    Meanwhile, to take her mind off her troubles, Poppy gets in the swing of school life. When challenged by Mrs. Kingsley to make an effort, she launches into training the lacrosse team...American style. Poppy begins to understand her new friends are genuine and truly care about her—versus the vapid hangers-on she left behind at her old high school. All her efforts to leave the academy, particularly her flirtations with Freddie, make her realize that happiness at Abbey Mount might be in her grasp.

    Furious at losing her power, Harriet forges emails that suggest Poppy has been using everyone for her own advantage—laughing at the idiocy of her new friends and the foolishness of Freddie. All her mates are hurt and devastated by the lies. Utterly forlorn, Poppy retreats to a quiet corner of the kitchen. She sits in misery, nervously flicking her souvenir lighter. Absorbed and unthinking, she lights a thread at the bottom of the kitchen curtains, and they accidentally alight. Horrified, she quickly puts out the fire and runs from the scene, leaving her lighter behind.

    Though Poppy thinks she put out the fire, it has unfortunately been relit. It spreads and chaos ensues throughout the school. She confesses to Mrs. Kingsley and, after doing so, discovers a lacrosse team photo from 1977 and learns her mother both went to her school and was captain of the team. Mrs. Kingsley has no choice but to propose her for expulsion before the school honor court, a trial by peers system. Fortunately, Kate and the other girls have finally realized the emails were doctored and show up to support their close friend.

    During her interrogation of Poppy, Harriet accidentally trips up and reveals her own role in restarting the fire. Poppy is found innocent and then leads her team to a triumphant lacrosse win. While on holiday back home, a blissful Poppy and her newly happy dad relish the enjoyment Freddie and the girls find at their taste of the wild child’s world. She realizes the value of her lessons at the Abbey Mount and understands she has finally become the young woman her mother dreamed she’d be.

    9:22 PM | 0 comments

    still unfinished.

    i am so tired... of JUST thinking about all our requirements! i am already tired of thinking about it, what more if i do it?? i still hadn't done anything and the weekend is almost over. i'll admit it, i am lazy. stubborn. a non-productive citizen of the world. a dull student. okay, i know tomorrow would be no classes but we will visit my grandparents at their house in tanza, cavite so i wouldn't have the time to finish all the sufferings, i mean requirements. argggh. btw, 4 hours ago i guess, my friend kris picked me up here at my house and we headed off to jazze's crib to borrow her notebooks (i don't have lectures in all the subjects for the 4th grading! i am not fond of writing the lectures so i'm always cramming after each gradings and i'm ALWAYS like this). and then, we also went to lea's house to have a talk with her for some minutes and supposedly, we have an interview with the parish priest here in san antonio, cavite city for our project in CLE but the priest was already in his room so he didn't let us in. i'm gonna end up this post ayt here because i have so many things to do by now. later guys!

    9:08 PM | 1 comments

    JS prom '09.

    february 20, 2009

    IV - MATTHEW [not complete]

    WARNING: this post is looooooong because of the pictures so i'm sorry for the scroll bar. ;)

    i will certainly never forget this day, my last prom as a high school student. our JS prom was a blast! totally. it is the best prom so far for me. i never knew it would be this fun. before this day, i thought our prom would just be boring, dull and no fun at all but i made a huge mistake. a massive mistake. because i definitely had a lot of fun! i guess i'll be no good in giving so much enthusiasm for this post because there are no exact words for the feelings i've felt during the said event. to go on, let me share to you the happenings in order.

    first, we - juniors and seniors of our school only - had a mass in the morning and they let us go home afterwards so we could all get ready for later's event. we wore our gala uniform, btw. and then, my friend jewel and i had the same makeup artist so we went to that makeup artist's salon together. after 2 hours i guess, jewel, lea and kateriina headed off to my crib because we planned to go altogether to the chefoo restaurant - the venue of our prom. then we picked up jazze and kris at jazze's crib and after that we headed off to the restaurant. and of course, we took pictures every now and then. my classmates and schoolmates were all gorgeous, i swear. i was shocked to see all of them like they were all goddesses. i really totally mean it.

    and then, after some minutes, the program had started and of course our grand entrance too. i am number 20 together with my partner in pasa doble (cotillion) and throughout the whole promenade, daryll buenaventura. we, the cotillioners had our entrance after the whole promenands' entrances. i am in the table 10 and my seatmates were my partner of course and my junior friend rajah pangan.

    this was the programme's order list:
    invocation - Erika Publo
    welcome address - mark lacson
    inspirational talk - Sr. Ma. flora silvero A.R. (she was replaced by another AR sister because she wasn't present)
    JS message - Sr. briggette parbe A.R.
    bequeathal speech - stephanie encarnacion
    acceptance speech - minette sto. tomas

    bequeathal and acceptance
    ceremony - 3rd and 4th yr students

    presentation of Mr. and Ms. JS 2008

    last will and testament - fay paredes

    special production numbers
    -3rd yr students - candyman
    -4th yr students - sway
    -pasa doble (cotillion)
    -faculty production number

    announcement of winners

    closing remarks - hillary gaspar

    so recap guys! in the bequeathal and acceptance part, the juniors sang the song 'next in line' and we, the seniors sang the song 'friends forever'. in the 4th year production number, we danced the song 'sway' of the pussycat dolls and my partner at that dance was king de guzman. and in the pasa doble, my partner was daryll beunaventura and i don't have any idea what the heck is that old song we danced. but in general, it was fun being part of the cotillion. our long hours of practices were oh so worth it. and after the program, we had our delicious dinner. then after the eating session, the most awaited part of the prom started... the nonstop dance! it was so funnnn! first they played some hiphop songs and we didn't waste time in dancing all around together with the whole batch. it was like a disco. hell yeah, it was a disco! and after that crunky cranks dance, they played the senti songssss. love songs i mean. i eventually sat at the moment they played those slooooow songs and honestly i wasn't expecting for someone to dance me. but anyway, i had danced with 8 guys and these gentlemen were the ff:

    my first dance was mavericks tayoto. he was so depressed at the time we danced. because the girl he loved was dancing with somebody else like there would be no tomorrow. hmmmm...

    then, my second dance was percy carballo (hey percy! i know you'll be reading this one so hi!). i knew him since elementary and he's a good and talented guy. he knows a lot.

    my third dance was richtoffen rosal. my adviser mr. paraiso asked him to dance me and i don't know who asked my teacher to do that - well, ok, i have an idea who the culprit is. anyway, i didn't expect it to happen. i was a bit shy at first because i was so shocked but then it was fine. ;)

    then, rolando naranjo jr., in short, kuya kim was my fourth dance. he's my friend since a long time ago until now and he is a trust-worthy friend. he asked me to dance and then he thanked me for all the help i've done to him - even though i don't know if what i did really helped him that lot.

    after that, my mare phil yuvienco - he is certainly not a gay, 'mare' is just our trip to call each other since 3rd year - asked me to dance. he also danced me last prom. he is a good friend of mine and a trust-worthy guy friend too.

    then, my sixth dance was jouize paroan. we only knew each other well this school year and he is a good guy. i love talking to him about random stuffs and he is a certified blabber. he talks a lot and it's not awkward talking to him.

    my seventh dance was my partner daryll buenaventura. he asked me to dance and of course i agreed. we're not that close, really, and i only knew him since he was my partner for our whole prom but i think he's a nice guy. he's just quiet so we barely talk.

    and my last dance for heaven's sake has nothing to do with the 'last dance' you guys know about. we're not really connected and i am somehow irritated to him but not that much because my classmates always tease me to him even though there's no connection and he thinks it's true. his name is sam miranda. he just asked me to dance and of course i don't have a choice but to agree. and that's it. after that, i got tired so i just sat with my friends and had a lot of talks about some gossips at that time.

    our JS prom is definitely something that wouldn't be erased in my heart. i totally had a lot of fun and i don't know how to express it here. it is the best prom ever!

    for more pictures, click here.

    8:49 PM | 1 comments

    first ever contact lense.

    my bfriend jewel && i cut class today, but of course we asked our adviser's permission and he let us take a half day class only. we said to him that we still hadn't bought the things we need for our prom which is not completely a lie. we cut class because we planned to buy a contact lense for each of us. we went to EO at the sm bacoor and asked for a contact lense which is only good for 3 months. they suggested to me that i should have a contact lense with an eye grade because i have a high astigmatism. i first chose the color green contact lense but they said it was out of stock so i chose the color gray - which is somehow blue - and it's also fine with me. we immediately wore it after they gave the contact lenses to us. then we bought a zagu which would always be a part of our mall trips. and then, home sweet home!

    6:40 PM | 4 comments

    divisoria galore, part II.

    okay. i just got home from our divisoria trip for today. my dad gave us a ride all the way up to there and of course all the way back here. i was with my friends jewel, jazze and marjorie and accompanied by my dad, bro and sis. i really never planned to go to divisoria today but because of a high demand, i asked my dad if he could give us a ride because we don't want to take a bus to go there. then i was shocked when he said yes. i never knew he would approve the idea. we left home by 2:30 pm. we went to 168 mall - that's the only place where we go in divisoria besides the tutuban mall. i was decided to go there because i really need a short-heels sandals for our kutilyon. i already searched at sm bacoor and i didn't find the one that i want. then in divisoria, i found what i was looking for! a cheap-that-looks-elegant-plus-fits-my-gown footwear! it was soooo comfortable to wear too. i think i could really dance well with that one. and then i also bought some accessories for our prom and i accompanied my friends while they're looking for the things they want to buy. it was fun to be with them for the second time in that place.

    6:17 PM | 0 comments

    bloody valentine's day.

    it was so sad. not because i don't have a guy with me this day - and i didn't plan to have one because i never really wanted a boyfriend this time and i don't celebrate the valentine's day, ever - but because i thought today was the showing of MY BLOODY VALENTINE. oh i mean not today but last february 4. i was so disappointed by the time we arrived at sm bacoor. i was with my friends jazze, jewel and katrina. the mall was bloated. there were so many people strolling around. particularly couples. my god, there were couples everywhere. but it was fun being with my friends, really. so instead of watching a movie, we hunted - not GUYS - a pair of flat shoes for me to wear at the kutilyon. i never really wanted to dance with my pair of 3-inches-footwear. but unluckily, i hadn't found one that i like. i hope my dad would accompany me tomorrow in buying "the one" to any malls, even in divisoria would do. anyway, i saw someone who's nobody to me now. i was so shocked to see him this valentine's day. my friends told me that my expression was priceless because it was so funny. they always trick and joke me. i really didn't see him even though we're on the same shop and i passed to him several times already without noticing him so they were laughing at me all the time we're in there. ha-ha. even i laughed for heaven's sake. anyway, we also met some of my classmates and schoolmates at the mall. it was so fun today even without boys. i don't need them. all i need are my friends and i'm happy with that. i believe that "boys are whatever, friends are forever."

    oh, before i end up this post, let me greet you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!. <3

    9:28 PM | 2 comments

    family day.

    today was our family day at school. and today's friday the 13th. but i wasn't unlucky at all! we all wore color red tops. our school nearly explode! it's all like we had a battle and it became so bloody. an "advance bloody valentine's day to all of you" from the josephinian students. anyway, today was fun, thanks to my classmates and friends. each of us brought foods so the table for the senior students was FULL. so full. i brought a heart-shaped cake together with my friends katrina and jazze. and i ate a bunch of yummy foods! i really can't refuse those foods that were on the five-tables-joined-together. i was tempted to the point that i hadn't realize my dietary plan until the time i was already full. but i didn't regret it, somehow. but before that, we had a mass at our gymnasium. we had a program after our eating session and i enjoyed a lot. we only took some pictures because some of my friends didn't attend and it's because of their own reasons. in the afternoon, we had a bingo at our gym and it was a lively one. although i won nothing, it was so fun. afterwards, we had a practice for the kutilyon. first was for the pasa doble and the second one was for the tango-chacha (seniors only). we finished at six, then jazze, katrina and i headed off to jazze's crib. and after some minutes, we went to san sebastian college-recoletos to watch the mutya together with my friends jazze, katrina, jewel and kim. we also met some of my friends that are studying there for the first time. we even saw some of our schoolmates and friends from other schools. the ssc-r's gym was a madhouse. it was so bloated. there were so many teenagers that were present to watch the mutya. i was home by 11 o'clock and it was a miracle that my parents didn't ground me nor scolded me but instead, they just asked me why i was late then i said that the mutya had just finished then they even prepared my dinner but i was so tired to eat so i refused. today was bloody tiring yet gory fun.

    11:31 PM | 0 comments

    i was so tired b'coz of an unexpected thing...

    ...that i really don't like! the idea of me being part of the kutilyon for our JS prom never really entered my mind. i didn't even hear a 'knock' until the time our teacher announced it. and not just one but two kutilyonS. how tiring is that? the first one was for the senior's dance only and the second one was for the junior and senior's dance which they called "pasa doble". and i already bought a cocktail gown and i guess it's not that splendid and now i became part of our kutilyon?! but oh well, i guess that's what life is and you just need to accept some things that you didn't plan and some things that you don't like. i'll just enjoy it and i would just forget all the troubles it might cause me. but seriously, i was soooo tired this day because of our nonstop practice besides our breaks. and i was worrying about the steps! my gadd, i was rumbling the steps from the two dances. and the heels. oooh, gonna think about that minor problems later! but i'm gonna make the most out of it. that's all for this day. good night guys! ;)

    oh, before i forget, tomorrow would be our family day at school and we would have an advance celebration of the valentine's day. as usual, we would again, be wearing a color RED top tomorrow. how bloody is that?? okk, gonna update after 24 hours.

    8:15 PM | 1 comments

    another cinderella story.

    the movie is... wow. wwwwwow. i instantly became a selena gomez fan and planning to join a fansclub soon after watching this film. she is so amazing for her age. i never knew she was THAT talented. i mean, that big. i always watch her in disney's wizards of waverly place (i always watch disney channel since i was as tall as our dining table. ALWAYS, until now. i like all the shows there. i guess i am a certified disney babe ;p). she's so great in acting. especially in this movie. she's way great in dancing too. i wish i could dance like her. she really amazed me. i really like her. she's truly pretty too even in her simplest way. the movie just made me realize what i really want in my life. to become a modern princess just like mary (Selena Gomez) and to have a very hot boyfriend who's famous and talented. nah, just kidding - but if that's my fate, then that's fine with me, maybe a little bit higher than fine, i wouldn't refuse it. the movie is so interesting to watch. there's NO boring part. every part made sense and every part is worth to watch. i let my friend jewel buy a dvd copy of it because i don't have enough money at the time i wanted to watch it so badly and then we made a contract that she would let me borrow it after she watch it. my most favorite part was the masquerade ball scene wherein mary and joey parker (Andrew Seeley) danced! and of course the last part too. then... just watch the movie, NOW, because i said so. okay? you'll definitely not regret it.

    7:26 PM | 0 comments

    my sassy girl.

    my sassy girl is insanely amazing! i love the american adaptation so much! and i'm now planning to watch the korean version of it. maybe this weekend? i hope so. the movie is fantastic, and i love it to the highest. i love elisha cuthbert's films like house of wax and the girl next door. she's so beautiful and i like her sense in fashion. she's so gorgeous and so admirable. she's so cute in the movie, i totally love her hair short. i love the plot of the movie. they really are destined for each other and jordan (elisha cuthbert) is so immature in her actions and i think it's cute and funny. she's acting totally crazy. she did very well in acting. and the last part of the movie made my tears roll down on my face, the conflict part i mean. the story is so good i haven't even noticed anything besides the flat screen at the moment i watched it. i really planned to watch it with my sister last year when i saw it's poster posted in the malls but then, i didn't have the time to watch it on theaters and i don't really know why i watched it at this moment. anyways, i'm so glad i bought a dvd copy of it. the movie is highly recommended for those people who wants to notice some heart-warming scenes. better watch it NOW.

    10:23 PM | 0 comments

    the black sheep.

    i was reading this novel for weeks because i only read it in school, whenever we don't have class or whenever we're left without nothing to do. and now, i already finished reading it. *claps* i only borrowed the book from my classmate, friend and seatmate for three gradings already, marjorie. we both love reading novels and others can't understand that. not that we are nerds because i don't believe that all people who love reading novels are nerds. some of them like me just wanna have inspirations in life like some hot fictional characters, and the best example for that is of course edward cullen. but there are so many other sizzling hot fictional characters out there. like in this novel, the somewhat dream guy is MITCH MULLIGAN. i love him already! he's so sweet and caring and everything! he is the perfect model for a perfect boyfriend. i really like kendra bishop's- the main character in the story - attitude. i can totally relate on her. she's one of my heroines. the novel is so funny and is so entertaining to read. believe me, if you're also a teenage girl, then you'll surely love this book. the book is about hmmm... the following plot will explain it all.


    The setting is New York and then off to California. It begins as Kendra Bishop a fifteen year old who has had enough of her parents and all their rules; they even keep a binder filled with these rules. There is a reality TV show that offers teens a chance to swap families, so Kendra decides to write to the show for her chance to get away from it all. The winner is chosen on the basis of the most pathetic letter written, Kendra is excited to find she has actually won.

    Kendra is taken from her apartment in Manhattan to California to live with the Mulligan family. They are so different, the parents are both hippies, have five children and a pet ferret. Kendra learns quickly the chaos of sharing a bathroom with so many, having to watch her belongings, and living with a ferret that wants to sleep in her bed. But her biggest problem is the pushy producer who will do anything to get higher ratings. And to top all of this Kendra falls for one of the Mulligan’s, Mitch who is seventeen and despises everything this show stands for. Will Kendra win Mitch over or will things continue to decline for her?

    10:40 PM | 0 comments

    my grandparents 47th wedding anniversary.

    happy 47th anniversary and congrats to my lolo && lola! they've been together for 47 years! can you imagine that? that's sure long but i hope them more years together. love you lo and la. ;) anyways, we celebrated it at tagaytay with the aro family - my dad's side. it was windy and cold in tagaytay this day even though the sun showed up. we started our ride at 6:30 am because we planned to attend the mass in any church we might pass by. and our fate brought us to Our Lady of Lourdes church - i hope that's the correct name of the church. and after that, we headed off to the picnic grove in tagaytay. my aunt, uncle and cousins were already there by the time we arrived. we immediately stroll around and took pictures. then when we went back to our spot, a bunch of foods were already waiting for us. i was so full at that time. then we stroll again, off to the adventure trail and back in the woods. i was so tired! it was very tiring but it was absolutely fun. we also tried the zip line and it was a gory fun experience. i already rode the zip line twice, and the first one was on the la mesa eco park last year. for once, i felt like i was superwoman, freely flying on the sky and something dramatic like that. i was with my cousin laura at that time because you could have a flymate if you want. i also had a lot of fun with my sister and cousins. we talked everytime and took pictures every second. after the hours we spent there, we headed of to sm dasma just to kill some time and afterwards, we went straight home. in general, i really had a lot of playfulness and stuffs like that today, so heck yea, i totally had a lot of fun.

    click here for more pictures.

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    nick and norah's infinite playlist film adaptation.

    after our retreat just a few hours ago, i immediately turn on the tv and the dvd player because i was so so so excited to watch the movie. then i automatically sprawl at the sofa with my buko tarts beside me. and as expected, no words for the movie because it was perfect! and for my own opinion, it's great that they kinda twisted the plot. i'm not disappointed in the film adaptation, and this barely happen! almost all the film adaptations i've watched so far were very very disappointing. but not this one! i love the one who did the casting for he/she chose MICHAEL CERA as nick! he is a perfect nick. i love him since juno. he is so cool and he is like a dream guy to me - besides josh farro and taylor lautner. i like boys like nick. nice and cool guys, plus a music lover. and i totally love his jacket! i soooo like his style. kat dennings was also great in the movie. she fits the role for norah. i thought she wasn't that pretty when i saw her on the cover of the novel's movie tie-in with michael cera, but i was wrong. very wrong. because she is so gorgeous! i like the way she talks. and i think she is so cool. anyways, back to the awesome movie. so yea, the movie is certainly amazing and i guess it's a major fact. but if it isn't, well, at least for me. i'm sure i'm not going to get tired watching this one. this movie is something that you could watch over and over again. in the book, the ending left me hanging in the air, but in the movie, it is so worth it and i'm completely satisfied even though they made a lot of shortcuts because obviously a novel is sooooo loooong for a less than 2 hours movie. the movie made it through my top 10 movies so far. *clapping*

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    retreat 09.

    this would be my last retreat as a high school student so i enjoyed myself to the fullest. as usual, we had our retreat at tagaste retreat house in tagaytay. i've been there thrice, first was our retreat way back when i was a 6th grader, the second was our last year's retreat and the third time is this one. our school is controlled - yea CONTROLLED - by the AR sisters, so as the tagaste retreat house so they're like partners in crime. our school, saint joseph college, would never have a retreat in other places but tagaste. however, tagaste is always a fun place to be. the place is huge and the rooms are fine. the outside is the best. we always took pictures there. the BUKO TART in tagaste is the best buko tart everrr. i wish i could buy buko tarts there whenever i want. anyways, i'll give you all the thrills so listen if you want to - ooh i mean read the follow ups).

    1st day.

    the bus starts it's engine with us on the inside already at past 12 noon. me and my buddies was at the back of the bus with our adviser on the middle. we share and ate junkies all the way to the place where we're going - of course at the tagaste retreat house. and by the time we arrived, they let us sign the attendance, i suppose, and the list for those who want to buy buko tarts. i ordered 3 boxes. there are 9 pieces of round buko tarts in each box. and after signing up, we headed off to the session hall for some introductions led by a nice sister. then, she let us go to our room to fix up and to unpack our things. btw, we are all girls. the boys had their retreat last day, february 4 and now it's the girls' turn. our retreat was for one day only. but i wish it could be a week! or maybe a month! a year! and a decade! haa! just kidding. ;) but i was certain that i'm gonna miss my computer and all of you guys. anyway, after resting for a few minutes, again we headed off to the session hall for a session of course with brother alvin - we met him once during our recollection at kawit, cavite way back in our sophomore year. he is so nice as always. he didn't let us shut up even though some were making noises, but we often behave also. after our first session, we had our snacks at the massive front yard. they gave each one of us a piece of buko tart and a juice drink. after that, we had our second session and brother alvin grouped us into five. each group would have a sharing from each members' experiences. my group was the best ever. we're group three and the members were lea diaz, jazze crisostomo, erika preciado, ahra anciro, angel tipa, joanna leonor, el russina, abby anselmo, danica alvarez and i. we're the only group who lasts our sharing for one hour and something. we're even the last group who came back to the session hall. we learned a lot from each other and i was able to know them from the inside, not just from their names and their attitudes in school, but them, deep within. we had so much fun discussing each one's problems and at the same time, we tried to relate from each other's experiences. after that, we reported from the whole people at the session hall the things we discussed and the reporting was done by my friend lea even though we're all at the front, without nothing to do. the reporting was hilarious. they were all laughing and woooing. then after the reporting of all the groups, we had our dinner and it was delicious as usual. and after the dinner, we had our last session for the day. and brother alvin made us all cry when he let us watch a video about the love of a father for his son and when he let us hug each other while playing a very emotional song. and we also had a group hug. it was a nice feeling. and yea, i'll admit, i'm gonna miss them like crazy! even the very person whom i didn't waste my voice for the past four years, whoever she might be, i'm gonna miss that someone. our first day was so much freakin fun! and after that, they let us rest for the rest of the night. we went staraight to our room and got our half baths because they didn't let us take a bath for that night and i don't mind it bacause even if they told us so, i would definitely not. the water is effin cold like ice water every night and the heater sometimes sucks. then, there was this shocking happening that night. my friend marjorie saw a white lady for real and we all know she ain't kidding. that night, we were shocked to see her shaking and grasping for breath and she said she can't breathe easily. so we called our teacher and he calmed her down but she wouldn't. then she told us her story, that she saw someone obviously nonhuman walking outside the window at the second floor - at the session hall, where we always were! then at the bathroom, she's been hearing someone but us calling her name. she was so afraid she can't barely move. but then, we, her friends, comforted her and she became somehow fine afterwards. btw, we joined our beds together so my best buddies and i, PAXTRO, were all in one loooooong bed. haha. and that night was both creepy and fun.

    2nd day.

    i woke up by the noise of some of my hyper classmates whose arguing for a bathroom slot. because our room has only four bathrooms which sucks for us 30 something ladies. anyways, we all did survive in that matter and pls, a big round of applause for us. whoo-hoo! after waiting for a slot in a looong time and bathing for a short time and grooming myself for even a shorter time, we had our breakfast. it was good, fairly good. and after that, we had our last session at the session hall. we'll gonna miss brother alvin and i'm sure, i'm gonna remember all his teachings for my entire life and i'll even bring it to my second life, which i hope would be faaaaar from now. then, we had our snacks, followed by a mass. after the mass, they let us pack our things and afterwards we took pictures as remembrance of course. and after that, we made it all the way to our same ol' hometown, cavite city and to my aging school, saint joseph college. again, welcome... reality!

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