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    JS prom '09.

    february 20, 2009

    IV - MATTHEW [not complete]

    WARNING: this post is looooooong because of the pictures so i'm sorry for the scroll bar. ;)

    i will certainly never forget this day, my last prom as a high school student. our JS prom was a blast! totally. it is the best prom so far for me. i never knew it would be this fun. before this day, i thought our prom would just be boring, dull and no fun at all but i made a huge mistake. a massive mistake. because i definitely had a lot of fun! i guess i'll be no good in giving so much enthusiasm for this post because there are no exact words for the feelings i've felt during the said event. to go on, let me share to you the happenings in order.

    first, we - juniors and seniors of our school only - had a mass in the morning and they let us go home afterwards so we could all get ready for later's event. we wore our gala uniform, btw. and then, my friend jewel and i had the same makeup artist so we went to that makeup artist's salon together. after 2 hours i guess, jewel, lea and kateriina headed off to my crib because we planned to go altogether to the chefoo restaurant - the venue of our prom. then we picked up jazze and kris at jazze's crib and after that we headed off to the restaurant. and of course, we took pictures every now and then. my classmates and schoolmates were all gorgeous, i swear. i was shocked to see all of them like they were all goddesses. i really totally mean it.

    and then, after some minutes, the program had started and of course our grand entrance too. i am number 20 together with my partner in pasa doble (cotillion) and throughout the whole promenade, daryll buenaventura. we, the cotillioners had our entrance after the whole promenands' entrances. i am in the table 10 and my seatmates were my partner of course and my junior friend rajah pangan.

    this was the programme's order list:
    invocation - Erika Publo
    welcome address - mark lacson
    inspirational talk - Sr. Ma. flora silvero A.R. (she was replaced by another AR sister because she wasn't present)
    JS message - Sr. briggette parbe A.R.
    bequeathal speech - stephanie encarnacion
    acceptance speech - minette sto. tomas

    bequeathal and acceptance
    ceremony - 3rd and 4th yr students

    presentation of Mr. and Ms. JS 2008

    last will and testament - fay paredes

    special production numbers
    -3rd yr students - candyman
    -4th yr students - sway
    -pasa doble (cotillion)
    -faculty production number

    announcement of winners

    closing remarks - hillary gaspar

    so recap guys! in the bequeathal and acceptance part, the juniors sang the song 'next in line' and we, the seniors sang the song 'friends forever'. in the 4th year production number, we danced the song 'sway' of the pussycat dolls and my partner at that dance was king de guzman. and in the pasa doble, my partner was daryll beunaventura and i don't have any idea what the heck is that old song we danced. but in general, it was fun being part of the cotillion. our long hours of practices were oh so worth it. and after the program, we had our delicious dinner. then after the eating session, the most awaited part of the prom started... the nonstop dance! it was so funnnn! first they played some hiphop songs and we didn't waste time in dancing all around together with the whole batch. it was like a disco. hell yeah, it was a disco! and after that crunky cranks dance, they played the senti songssss. love songs i mean. i eventually sat at the moment they played those slooooow songs and honestly i wasn't expecting for someone to dance me. but anyway, i had danced with 8 guys and these gentlemen were the ff:

    my first dance was mavericks tayoto. he was so depressed at the time we danced. because the girl he loved was dancing with somebody else like there would be no tomorrow. hmmmm...

    then, my second dance was percy carballo (hey percy! i know you'll be reading this one so hi!). i knew him since elementary and he's a good and talented guy. he knows a lot.

    my third dance was richtoffen rosal. my adviser mr. paraiso asked him to dance me and i don't know who asked my teacher to do that - well, ok, i have an idea who the culprit is. anyway, i didn't expect it to happen. i was a bit shy at first because i was so shocked but then it was fine. ;)

    then, rolando naranjo jr., in short, kuya kim was my fourth dance. he's my friend since a long time ago until now and he is a trust-worthy friend. he asked me to dance and then he thanked me for all the help i've done to him - even though i don't know if what i did really helped him that lot.

    after that, my mare phil yuvienco - he is certainly not a gay, 'mare' is just our trip to call each other since 3rd year - asked me to dance. he also danced me last prom. he is a good friend of mine and a trust-worthy guy friend too.

    then, my sixth dance was jouize paroan. we only knew each other well this school year and he is a good guy. i love talking to him about random stuffs and he is a certified blabber. he talks a lot and it's not awkward talking to him.

    my seventh dance was my partner daryll buenaventura. he asked me to dance and of course i agreed. we're not that close, really, and i only knew him since he was my partner for our whole prom but i think he's a nice guy. he's just quiet so we barely talk.

    and my last dance for heaven's sake has nothing to do with the 'last dance' you guys know about. we're not really connected and i am somehow irritated to him but not that much because my classmates always tease me to him even though there's no connection and he thinks it's true. his name is sam miranda. he just asked me to dance and of course i don't have a choice but to agree. and that's it. after that, i got tired so i just sat with my friends and had a lot of talks about some gossips at that time.

    our JS prom is definitely something that wouldn't be erased in my heart. i totally had a lot of fun and i don't know how to express it here. it is the best prom ever!

    for more pictures, click here.

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