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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    my 2nd bday celebration.

    this time, the celebration is all about me and my beloved family && relatives. ;) we always to this like for eternal. the rule is, if the bday of anyone of us is dated on weekdays, the celebration must be on the week's weekend. they all came here at our crib and yea, our house was bloated. this day was something worth to remember. ;)

    ohmigosh. still can't believe i'm officially 15. arghhh.

    PS: wondering why "JOYCE"? bcoz that's what they call me at home. it sucks. my second name... oh well, that's how life is. ;)

    potion against it pls...

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    i can't feel the weekend!

    AUG. 23, 2008.

    okay, so we all know that today IS saturday. in other words, weekend. rest day. but guess what, i was on the practice this morning at percy's house. this practice thing is for the speech choir. i hate it because we don't have enough time. we're still on the first paragraph. we are still way too far to the end of the piece. yet, the other members won't cooperate with us. anyhow, the supposedly whole day practice ended up in a half day practice only because many of the members can't attend in the afternoon. so instead, me and percy made our cle project. we are the only ones who are present so we didn't waste our time in contacting our other groupmates that didn't want to cooperate. we interviewed a pedicab driver just a few feet from their house. we also interviewed a maid from his tita's. it was great that we already finished our project so we'll have worries no more.

    jewel, majo, jazze && me decided to stay on jewel's house and watch a horror film, as usual. we watched the ring && it was good. after the film, i went to the cr. then, after, while opening the door, there's a girl in front, her hair was scattered all over her face like samara [sadako] on the ring, and it made me scream at the very top of my lungs, twice, && it made me drop my hanky. they were all laughing after i realized that it was only jewel trying to frighten me. nice try of her. it really frightened me. after that, me, jazze and majo left jewel's house. this day was fun, just right for a WEEKEND.

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    my 15th bdayy.

    today's my 15th year here in the planet since my mother gave birth to me and named me patricia. frankly, i've felt quite awkward that today's really my birthday because i am 14 no more. i feel like i've grown up too fast. i always remember my childhood days && i miss those times. nostalgic, huh? && now, i can't play piko or patintero outside our house again. it's kinda humiliating if i do that. arggh. i'm now 15! but anyhow. so much for that dramaaa && grown up thing, i'll be narrating all the happenings for this day.

    as usual, my same old routine, i woke up 5 in the morning. i was still really sleepy by that time. my mom greeted me a happy birthday, with a tone. and as usual && as always, i am late. again. i am kinda slooowww every morning, dunno why. i was standing on the late's lane, with a fear && was so edgy that my adviser would be mad at me because i am always late this past few days && he already told me not to be late again, but again, i was there, again, standing by the late's lane. but i was a bit surprised that he didn't scolded me, instead, he greeted me happy birthday. thatt was very lucky. by the time i entered our classroom, my classmates, with a grin on their faces, greeted me a happy birthday. it was actually great. ;] then after our worship, they sang me a happy birthday song, that's usually sang by children. but hey, we're still children, aren't we? then i felt our test didn't last long. the time ticked faster than usual. i didn't realize then, that our tests are already finished. supposedly, we have our practice in the afternoon for our speech choir. but i didn't attend. hey, hey, it's my birthday today so thay HAVE to give me an exception. i don't want my birthday to be a no-no fun.

    we planned [paxtro] to celebrate my birthday here in our house with a little celebration. marjorie came here first because almost all of them attended the practice. while waiting for everybody, we watched detective conan movie 5. we both love watching animes. she's really really fond of it since birth! everyone came here in our house altogether by 4 pm except for jewel and kae because they went to the mall, so they were late. we have our conversations while eating && it was so ridiculous! ;) we were all laughing out loud because of our topics. it was very fun! ;) then we took pictures, of course. then jewel && kae came here by around 5 pm. && guess what, they gave me a mug with their letter to me printed on it, "always here, PAXTROPERTZ". && that's the reason why they went to sm bacoor. they were good in hiding because i had no clue until that moment that they gave it to me. i was very touched. i love them so much. ;)

    then, we went on our front yard and took pictures. of course it's highly needed because this day was very memorable to me so i should have to take lots of pictures. this day won't come back anymore. it's my 15th year here in the planet since my birth && MAYBE, it's vague okay, this is the last time that WE [i mean my tropa] will celebrate my birthday altogether. okay, knock on the wood. i definitely don't want this thing to happen. so enough of this. where are we now? ooh, okay, so after we took several pictures, it happens to have a blackout here. oh my god. it was no good. we kept on screaming because we're all afraid in the dark. it took, i guess, 10 minutes. after the blackout, we took pictures again inside my house while having a conversation.

    they left at around 7;30 pm. this day was exceedingly fun. i'm glad that my friends were here with me during one of the best days in my life. [not the best actually because i am 14 no more && i detest it. but of course i thank God that He gave me a year full of happiness and experiences and hopefully another year with more happiness && more experiences.] we [paxtro] were complete for this day and i'm so happy for it. they all showed up even though they have something else to do. i love them so much. even though adrian was not here, he tried to call me even though i didn't hear him, at least he tried. i miss him so much. && a very special thanks for my supportive mom, she cooked all the food for this day and they were delicious as ever && as usual.

    click here for more pictures.

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    ROBERT PATTINSON is lurveee.

    9:12 PM | 2 comments

    TWILIGHT: tattooed on my mind.

    TWILIGHT. TWILIGHT. why can't i get you out of my mind? arggh. i'm so sheepishly helpless! am i peculiar? i guess not because i know that almost all of you feel the same way as i do. i'm exceedingly addicted on the twilight saga! this is the best novel i've read so far. edward is... oh well, JUST spell P-E-R-F-E-C-T! edward && bella's love story, including the vampire, thirsty for blood thinggy, is ghostly perfect. i love the way meyer did for the story && the way she characterized the characters. especially for edward and bella. edward seems as if he is the prettiest boy ever. and for bella, i love her simple traits, being not so girly and such, she's just too plain and her attitude is cool. twilight is a modern immortal-mortal love story. i love the cullens. i wish i would be the future member of the cullen's family someday. ;)

    this is my most awaited part. the TWILIGHT MOVIE. so sad for the philippines, because the showing on the theaters nationwide is due on january 8, 2009. while in the other countries, it's due on december 12, 2008. 5 more months to waiiiiiiiit. NO! it changed! from january 8, 2009 to november 20 to november 21, 2008 and yea, november 21 is the final date for the showing. ;) anyhow, enough for the wait thing, i am awfully thrilled while watching the trailer of the twilight movie on youtube last week! ;) it was mighty awesome! i'm highly glad that ROBERT PATTINSON is the one for the role of edward cullen. he is gorgeously perfecccct for the role and he is extremely hawwwt! ;)) i loved him since i've watched the harry potter and the goblet of fire, him as CEDRIC DIGGORY! starting at that very moment, i've been posting his pics and vids on my friendster account. i also like KRISTEN STEWART for the role of bella. she's very beautiful even without makeups and other stuffs that girly girls stuck and paint on their faces. anyhow, i like the poster of the movie. they have the chemistry, the physics, the biology or whateverr you want to call it. i've already watched the whole ballet scene (it's the part where bella went to the ballet studio to meet james) && it's awesome. i've already watched all the videos that are related to the twilight the movie. and i saw that hayden christensen is the first choice for the role of edward cullen and emily browning for bella. whew. i'm notably delighted that it wasn't the real thing. hayden christensen is greatly gorgeous but he's too old for the role of edward. emily browning is amazing but she's NO bella, not now, not ever. in general, ROBERT AND KRISTEN are the perfect ones to play the role of edward && bella, no doubt. period.

    i'm so excited for the release of MIDNIGHT SUN. (i hope so.)
    i'm so excited for the showing of TWILIGHT the movie.
    i hope there would be NEW MOON the movie and so on...

    arggggh! cross fingers.

    7:49 PM | 2 comments

    moments with my sister && my bff jewel. ;)

    actually, we supposedly planned to watch "a very special love" at sm bacoor but guess where our feet brought us. at mall of asia, haha. my mom never knew this until we reached home by 8pm. but being so kinda unlucky, we - me, my sister && jewel - missed the ferry boat. we were late for two minutes. ONLY. so instead, we headed off for the bus. dyahe. then, before we watched the movie "a very special love", i bought the POPULAR novel of stephanie meyer, which was TWILIGHT at the powerbooks. then we head off to the cinema. the movie was so kakilig. john llyod cruz is way awesome, gorgeous and handsome. it made me, i mean us, cry that made our eyeliners blacken our eyebags. haha. but it also have so many funny scenes. then after the movie, we walked. && walked. && walked around. && around. && around. too bad that i couldn't find detective conan stuffs on the comic alley. jewel && i took pictures on the "shoot you" of penshoppe. hahaha. we took a lot of photos everywhere && then we head off to starbucks. hmmm. i lurvee starbucks way much. after that, we waited for the shuttle that's heading off to the metrostar ferry boat. we waited there for 45 minutes - standing. then, we're home sweet home at around 8pm.

    penshoppe gal. ;)


    starbucks babyy

    9:48 PM | 5 comments

    hearts delight week.

    FRiDAY. aug. 1, 'o8

    it's the first friday of the month so meaning to say, we should wear our gala uniform, again, because of the first friday mass. we're only half day for this day because of the parents-teacher meeting. && then, after class we head to the market to buy ingredients of turon na bilobilo. then, we [me, jewel, majo, jazze, raf && franze] head to our house to have a movie marathon. we cooked the turons && had some experiment. && it turned to a delicious yummy one. ;) we watched the movie entitled "the omen". it's a good horror flick. it has a great twist at the latter part of it. we haven't watch the other cd yet that we also rented because we run out of time. it's the amityville horror. && it looks like a very very interesting film. can't wait to watch it. ;) anyway, we had so much fun for this day. ;)

    SATURDAY. aug. 2, 'o8

    we - with my family - went to sm bacoor && i really don't know that bea alonso would be there too. haha. unexpectedly, i saw her closely && all i can say is, she's very very pretty and gorgeous. i'm not a fanatic of bea but she's really awesome. btw, my most favorite store at sm is artwork. i really love their tees and everything. i always shop there. i love the designs. wanna know why? because i love vintage clothes. dats it. there are so many vintage designs on their tees, that's why i'm lovin' it. i bought two tees for this day and it's oh so vintage! ;) then, i met jewel at the tom's world && we're together for a short time. we went to artwork && i convinced her to buy a tee. she really loved the tee that i recommended. then she immediately bought it. ooh && btw, we took pictures at the fitting room. haha. lol.


    WTF. i really can't remember what happened on these dayss. oh well, gonna write some stuffs here whenever i remember anything. ;)

    FRiDAY. 8-8-8
    whoaaa. 888 huh. well well well. it's not an unlucky day for me [dunno for others], but it was a very very tiring day. very very very. i went back to our house with a very haggard look. today's our NCAE practice test. we stayed in our classroom without leaving for almost 4 hours and somehow like that. so, for that reason, we we're instructed to bring foods for lunch. after that, we had our CAT traing for 3-5 pm then training for the MOCC at exactly 5 pm. after that, we went to immediately to dunkin donuts because hunger strikes once again. hooray, i did spend money instead of saving it. wth, i really really can't help it, after our longgggggg hours of doing some stuffs. well that's it for the 888.

    oh, before i forgot something, wanna know why the words "hearts delight" was on this title? because for almost this whole week, i read a novel entitled "hearts delight". actually, i only borrowed it to precious because i was really bored this week so instead of just day dreaming. anyway, this novel is soooo nice! i was very very excited to finish it. immediately. it's all about the intimate love of a boy to a girl, whom he first saw on a bus. but actually, it has a really sad ending, but it's nice that the main character had made the right decision. cheers for that. ;)

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