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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    hearts delight week.

    FRiDAY. aug. 1, 'o8

    it's the first friday of the month so meaning to say, we should wear our gala uniform, again, because of the first friday mass. we're only half day for this day because of the parents-teacher meeting. && then, after class we head to the market to buy ingredients of turon na bilobilo. then, we [me, jewel, majo, jazze, raf && franze] head to our house to have a movie marathon. we cooked the turons && had some experiment. && it turned to a delicious yummy one. ;) we watched the movie entitled "the omen". it's a good horror flick. it has a great twist at the latter part of it. we haven't watch the other cd yet that we also rented because we run out of time. it's the amityville horror. && it looks like a very very interesting film. can't wait to watch it. ;) anyway, we had so much fun for this day. ;)

    SATURDAY. aug. 2, 'o8

    we - with my family - went to sm bacoor && i really don't know that bea alonso would be there too. haha. unexpectedly, i saw her closely && all i can say is, she's very very pretty and gorgeous. i'm not a fanatic of bea but she's really awesome. btw, my most favorite store at sm is artwork. i really love their tees and everything. i always shop there. i love the designs. wanna know why? because i love vintage clothes. dats it. there are so many vintage designs on their tees, that's why i'm lovin' it. i bought two tees for this day and it's oh so vintage! ;) then, i met jewel at the tom's world && we're together for a short time. we went to artwork && i convinced her to buy a tee. she really loved the tee that i recommended. then she immediately bought it. ooh && btw, we took pictures at the fitting room. haha. lol.


    WTF. i really can't remember what happened on these dayss. oh well, gonna write some stuffs here whenever i remember anything. ;)

    FRiDAY. 8-8-8
    whoaaa. 888 huh. well well well. it's not an unlucky day for me [dunno for others], but it was a very very tiring day. very very very. i went back to our house with a very haggard look. today's our NCAE practice test. we stayed in our classroom without leaving for almost 4 hours and somehow like that. so, for that reason, we we're instructed to bring foods for lunch. after that, we had our CAT traing for 3-5 pm then training for the MOCC at exactly 5 pm. after that, we went to immediately to dunkin donuts because hunger strikes once again. hooray, i did spend money instead of saving it. wth, i really really can't help it, after our longgggggg hours of doing some stuffs. well that's it for the 888.

    oh, before i forgot something, wanna know why the words "hearts delight" was on this title? because for almost this whole week, i read a novel entitled "hearts delight". actually, i only borrowed it to precious because i was really bored this week so instead of just day dreaming. anyway, this novel is soooo nice! i was very very excited to finish it. immediately. it's all about the intimate love of a boy to a girl, whom he first saw on a bus. but actually, it has a really sad ending, but it's nice that the main character had made the right decision. cheers for that. ;)

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