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My name is Patricia.
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I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
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I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Eclipse is indeed the best Twilight Saga movie so far.

    I watched Eclipse with my college friends Lea, Yelle, Blaine, and PJ at SM North Edsa. Good thing all schools nationwide have no classes today because of the inauguration of the Philippines' new president, President Noynoy Aquino. The LRT/MRT rides were also free from 7am-4pm which was a very good thing. Supposedly, we planned to watch it at TriNoma, but when we got there, the cinema house was already way crowded so we decided to watch it on SM North. We picked Cinema 7 because it was 2D. The movie was really amazing. To be honest, I thought it would be like Twilight or New Moon which were kinda boring - in my own opinion because I read the saga way back on 2008 and the previous movies lack so many things. But Eclipse was different. I think it doesn't have any boring scenes and it was full of thrill and excitement. I also liked the way they mixed some funny stuffs, especially Jacob! Jacob was indeed hilarious. Hahaha omg here are some:

    Charlie Swan: What's going on?
    Jacob Black: [pause] I kissed Bella.
    Jacob Black: And she broke her hand.
    Jacob Black: Punching my face.
    Jacob Black: It was a complete misunderstanding.

    Jacob Black: [to Edward] I'm hotter than you.

    Jacob Black: (To Bella) Does my half naked bother you?

    Okay hilarious right? Haha I am so totally in love with him. Team Jacob for the win! So anyway, I really enjoyed watching the movie with my friends. I won't elaborate the story further, just watch it if you haven't yet! :)

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    The Big 6

    I'm gonna tell y'all a secret guys... I am a big fan of the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 housemates! Hahah especially Bret Jackson II. I have a very huge crush on him :) So today, I went to ABSCBN with my friend Lea to meet the big 6 because we were aware that they'll be having a press conference at the PDA Hall. We met our high school friend, Kris, by the time we arrived at ABSCBN. We waited until the press conference ended, then by the time they went outside, we met all of them. James Reid is sooo good looking, as we all know, but he looks more handsome in person. Bret Jackson II, my ultimate crush, is to die for. He is nice and effin cute. I'm so happy I was able to meet him for the first time and we were able to shake hands hahah. Ivan Dorschner is handsome as ever. He is freaking nice! Ryan Bang is so hilarious. He is "lily lily lily" cool. Fretzie Bercede looks more gorgeous in person. She is very pretty, indeed. Devon Seron is pretty as well. So that's it, I only had the chance to take pictures with Fretzie and Ryan.

    Then a while ago after coming back to my university residence, my roommates Janna, Tine, Ate Shari and I ate dinner at McDonald's Mendiola and we had a walkathon in Malacanang. Super laugh trip and we shared stories and secrets. It was really fun.

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    The Big Day and Night

    Hey everyone! I was at the PBB Teen Clash 2010 Big Night yesterday and it was so fuuuun and exciting. Everything happened in just a blink of an eye. I still couldn't believe yesterday became so memorable, and it was totally unplanned. I even thought yesterday would be my unlucky day because I felt some bad vibes right at the moment I woke up. But it's just the opposite!

    June 26, 2010, Day.
    Bummer. I wasn't able to attend my first class in one of my major subjects which is Pharmaceutics. Supposedly, I should attend the class by 9am but I woke up at 10am. I was like, EFFFFFF! WHAT THE HELL?! Good thing my classmates told me me that they haven't done anything crucial, just some minor discussions. I felt soooo relieved. I wasn't able to attend my second class too which was Social Science 4 (Psychology). But I guess it's only fine, for now. I attended my third class which was Theology 1 by 12 noon. Then next to that was PE 3 which is Swimming lesson. It was my section's first actual swimming class because we only did some discussions in our past meetings. WE ALL FELT SO NERVOUS! Especially us, girls. The main reason is because of the swim wear. Our professor said that we shouldn't have any underwears while wearing the swim suit. Effff. Maybe because it was only our first time that's why we felt nervous and I know that we will all get used to this soon. Then after we changed, our prof instructed us to dip into the cold pool water and she let us go around in the school's olympic-size swimming pool which is getting deeper and deeper that made majority of my classmates get more nervous. I felt calm, to be honest. I had my summer basic swimming lessons back when I was on my fifth grade which taught me a lot of basic things in swimming, and I can still apply them everytime I'm on the pool. So anyway, our prof taught us the four kinds of floating which were the Turtle Float, the Jellyfish Float, the Backfloat and the Dead Man's Float. I love floating btw hahah. I enjoyed my swimming class so far, but it's really a hassle. Like our next meeting's practical test. Again, hassle.

    By the way, before my swimming class, I kept on deciding whether I would join my friends in watching the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 Big Night live at the Ynares Center in Antipolo or not. My friend Lea told me she was going, and I really want to join too because I want to see my ultimate PBB housemate crush, Bret Jackson II, plus Robert James Reid too! GOSH, I LOVE BRET SOOO MUCH! But I thought my parents wouldn't allow me so I can't fully decide. But after my last class, I've made my final decision, which was to join them. So I called my parents if they would allow me, I told them that we have our own van so we don't have any problems in going to Antipolo and going back home, and finally they've agreed. I immediately packed my things and together with Lea, we went to Gilmore station for our meet up with our friends in my hometown, Cavite. I was with Lea, Kris, Jen, Percy, Edwin, Mavs, Lea's sister with her 3 friends and Kris' friend, Marvic.

    June 26, 2010, Night.

    It was around 6pm when we arrived at the Ynares Center in Antipolo. They let us go inside by around 8pm. Before the Big Night which was live, some guys, or I should say gays - I do respect all of them - from the Punch Line entertained the audience while waiting. They were really funny so I guess majority of the crowd enjoyed. It was very cold inside the sports center. I was seated at the Devonairs' seat because my ticket was from the family of Devon Seron which is close to my friend Kris. The fans of James and JamLi were at the right side wearing yellow shirts, the fans of Ryan and Tricia - I KNOW, Tricia isn't part of the Big 6 and I don't know why the hell I have seen so many banners of her, no offense - were at the middle side, wearing red shirts, the fans of Ivan, Fretzie and Vanzie were seated between the middle and the left section, wearing green shirts, the fans of Devon were seated at the left side, wearing blue shirts and the fans of Bret are seated between the middle and the right side. When the live show started, the crowd became hysterical because the most anticipated event of the night had begun. I was glad I was able to see Jovit's live performance plus the Velasco Brothers' too. I was able to see all of the PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemates too. The three PBB hosts Mariel Rodriguez, Bianca Gonzales, and Toni Gonzaga are all indeed very pretty. The crowd was kinda calm, until the time they started to announce the positions of the big 6.

    6th Big Placer - Bret Jackson II
    5th Big Placer - Ivan Dorschner
    4th Big Placer - Devon Seron
    3rd Big Placer - Fretzie Joan Bercede
    2nd Big Placer - Ryan Bang


    Credit goes to http://twitter.com/ASAPOFFICIAL and to James Reid Official FB Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/ilovejamesreid

    Ryan's CHUVACHUCHU was the greatest part of all! I SO LOVE YOU, RYAN BANG!

    After the show, I was able to meet Yong Gopez and I had a picture taken with him. He looks so cute in person, he's also one of my first crushes in kuya's house. We left Antipolo by around 12 midnight, and we got back home by 2am. This day is so memorable. I had so much fun!

    All credits to Percy Sledge Carballo (P.C. Istudent) for the pictures.

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    Manila Day: No classes!

    Today's your day, Manila! And today's my rest day, supposedly. Actually, today's a day for me to finish all my paper works in Pharmaceutics and to study for tomorrow's quizzes on Pharmaceutical Care and Chemistry 21. Life is cruel, you know? Hahah anyhow I woke up in an unusual time for a weekday which was 9:30am and the very first thing I did was watching Detective Conan episodes 246-247. I skipped that episode because it didn't have subtitles yet the last time I checked it and finally now I was able to watch it, with English subtitles, of course. I've been so in love with the Detective Conan anime series for so many years now. I've already watched 400+ episodes plus all the movies and OVAs. It's still on going so I am looking forward for the upcoming episodes. The last episode I watched was the 576th. The series is beyond amazing and so freakin genius. Here's a screencap of the episode I watched today:

    I also studied for my looooong quiz tomorrow on Pharmaceutical Care. Then I'm gonna study Chemistry later. I accompanied my room mate, Ate Shari, to Recto a while ago. She bought a book and then we had our food trip in front of FEU. Hahah I felt so bloated. So I guess that's all for this day. Back to school again tomorrow, which sucks.

    PS: Wish me luck for tomorrow's quizzes!

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    I asked my room mates Janna and Ate Shari if they would like to accompany me in going to TriNoma and yay they agreed. First we ate at Burger King. I ordered the new BBQ Chicken burger meal and it was good. I totally love you, BK. Then I also picked up my orders at The Perfect White Shirt stall - yes guys, I'm a PWS reseller. Then we strolled around the mall, went to my favorite shops like Zara and Mango until we decided to head off to Time Zone for some karaoke time. It was reaaally fun! The first song I sang was Decode. I sang at the top of my lungs. Hahah I hope it's not very embarrassing. Then followed by Misery Business, Ikaw Lamang, That's What You Get, Torete and lastly, Lips of an Angel. We really enjoyed our bonding this day. We felt so effin dead tired, so we decided to take a cab in going back to our University Residence.

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    Start of a new week

    I arrived at Mendiola by around 7 am. Goodbye to my hometown Cavite for now, and hello school again. I hope this week would be great - and less busier. During my class in Pharmaceutical Care, we were asked by our professor to write down the things we keep on doing even we are aware that they're unhealthy and the reasons behind those. These are the things I wrote:

    -Eating junkfoods/unhealthy foods
    -Staying late at night
    -Staying online for the whole day whenever I don't have classes
    -Being unproductive
    -Being always late

    I still don't know how to cure those unhealthy habits of mine. Hahah even I am very much aware of the reasons why I keep doing those, I just can't simply stop them. Anyway, my class next to Pharmaceutical care is Communication Skills. We did an acting quiz that doesn't require our voices. Yup, acting without words. The scenario I acted, first was a person driving her car, then suddenly got into a traffic jam, got very irritated so soon afterwards got into an accident. Hahah I felt like a moron acting that scene. Then the next one was a student on the way to her school, then felt a sudden call of nature, looked everywhere to find a CR but couldn't find one, then walked very fast because she can't hold it anymore. This time, I felt moooore like of a moron. Hahahah but it was really fun!

    During our lunch break, I saw an owl vintage necklace on a stall in front of my school. I've been longing to have one, so without hesitation, I bought it. We had a two hour lunch break for today so we decided to stay at the library for the remaining hours before our next class. Btw, we didn't go to the library to study of course. Hahah.

    So that's it for this day. By the way, I have a zit on my nose right now which is so irritating, annoying, and made my day less fun. Uggghhh I hope this zit wouldn't last long. DAMN YOU ZIT!!!

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    Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now...

    Finally, Airplanes on YouTube! I really love the song plus its music video. Way to go B.o.B. and Hayley Williams \m/ :D \m/

    Hayley is very veeeeryyy gorgeous, as usual.

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    Second day of class

    The second day was also good, thank God. Our professor in Pharmaceutics 1 (lab) and Theology didn't attend the class so they're still unknown species. I hope they're not horrifying monsters hahah kidding. Anyway our class in Social Science was fun. I can feel it'll be interesting mainly because I'd really love to study Psychology and also because our professor is - from what I think so far - funny and nice. I also had the chance to bond with some of my classmates. They're nice and so approachable. The boys in the class - all of them were my classmates last year too so we're all good - are so hilarious as always. Their on the spot jokes are the best. I'm glad I can get along with all of them.

    I came back here in my university residence by 1pm and I just stayed in front of my laptop until 5:30pm. After that I met up with Lea at McDonalds Mendiola. Okay gotta go now I still have to prepare for my introduction tomorrow in Com. Skills. Wish me luck guys. Good night!

    PS: I'm gonna organize my Blogspot again tomorrow :)

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    First day of my sophomore year

    I'm officially a second year college student now! Wow time goes by so freaking fast. I don't feel that it's already been a year since I first entered college. Today was the first day of class and it was good. I reaaaally love my schedule. It's not that hectic anymore, and I know I should really enjoy this semester to the fullest. But I swear I'm gonna study harder because I don't want to experience summer class anymore.

    Speaking of summer class, this summer 2010 is my worst summer ever. Wanna know why? It's because of the bloody hell summer class plus my internship. I can't believed I failed a subject! It was my first time failing a subject because in high school, my grades were good. My parents and I freaked out at first but in school they say that it's pretty normal in college, and the subject I failed was indeed very hard as well. Many of us failed too, like almost 200 freshmen students so I guess it was fine. My life for a month of having a summer class is hell. H-E-L-L. I traveled everyday to Manila from my hometown which is Cavite City - two hours traveling by riding a bus - just to attend this crappy summer class. And the worst part? I was traveling every single day for two hours to Manila, then two hours back to Cavite for my two hour class ONLY. My class was 9am-11am so I immediately go back to Cavite for my summer internship. Yes people, my summer 2010 is that cruel.

    I only had my vacation - free time, NO summer class and NO internship - for almost two weeks. And now I'm here in my university residence AGAIN, and back to school AGAIN. Life sucks. But anyway there were also good times during my bloody hell summer class. I guess I wouldn't mention it here because I don't like it to be read by everyone but I assure y'all it's veeeery memorable and unbelievable, which is great.

    So back to the topic here which is apparently my first day of sophomore year. My section for this semester is BSP2K. I'm glad majority of my classmates are familiar to me and some of them are my friends since last year. We've met some of the professors and I think they're kinda fine... I hope. I'm gonna start making new friends this week so wish me luck. Hope this semester would be a good and amazing one.

    Btw, I'm studying in Centro Escolar University-Manila and I'm taking BS Pharmacy. Yeah just saying :) Have a great day ahead!

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