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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    The Big 6

    I'm gonna tell y'all a secret guys... I am a big fan of the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 housemates! Hahah especially Bret Jackson II. I have a very huge crush on him :) So today, I went to ABSCBN with my friend Lea to meet the big 6 because we were aware that they'll be having a press conference at the PDA Hall. We met our high school friend, Kris, by the time we arrived at ABSCBN. We waited until the press conference ended, then by the time they went outside, we met all of them. James Reid is sooo good looking, as we all know, but he looks more handsome in person. Bret Jackson II, my ultimate crush, is to die for. He is nice and effin cute. I'm so happy I was able to meet him for the first time and we were able to shake hands hahah. Ivan Dorschner is handsome as ever. He is freaking nice! Ryan Bang is so hilarious. He is "lily lily lily" cool. Fretzie Bercede looks more gorgeous in person. She is very pretty, indeed. Devon Seron is pretty as well. So that's it, I only had the chance to take pictures with Fretzie and Ryan.

    Then a while ago after coming back to my university residence, my roommates Janna, Tine, Ate Shari and I ate dinner at McDonald's Mendiola and we had a walkathon in Malacanang. Super laugh trip and we shared stories and secrets. It was really fun.

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