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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    goodbye summer...

    and hello to the rainy season! gosh, i hate this but i gotta accept that tomorrow's officially the start of june! know what that means? classes would invade us, again! and i'll be a college freshman by then. anyway, it's been raining elephants and lions this past few days. yep, that hardddd. and it's hard for us too. but, i do not despise the rain. i like it though because i don't sweat during these times. haha. btw, it's been sooo long since i posted anything here. there's nothing much to talk about so i just rant my thoughts on twitter. yes, my new addiction, TWITTER! that's the general reason why i've been so lazy on doing... everything! since i owe you a lot because i've been a major bum in updating this past weeks, i will share to you some things:

    May 17, 2009 (sunday)
    my first ever contact lense is now officially EXPIREEEEEED! i need to get a new one.

    May 24, 2009 (sunday)
    i'm with my gurlfranss, jewel and jazze and we strolled around the town. we also watched the "sagala" and then we began strolling around and by 6 pm, we attended the mass at the san roque parish church. after the mass, jazze and i went to edwin's crib because some of our classmates were having a sleepover at their place. they also grilled some bbqs which was fun! i wish i could join them in their sleepover but of course my mom wouldn't allow me since they're all boys!

    May 28, 2009 (thursday)
    we went to sm baccor to buy the stuffs we need for school. i've been so excited everytime we shop for new school supplies but now it was a bit different. because i only bought two notebooks and some ballpens. not like these past few years wherein i would ask mom for 12 notebooks, a bunch of art materials, coloring materials and some other elementary/highschool-ish stuffs. i'm so jealous to my little sister who's an incoming high school freahman and my lil' br who's an incoming grade 1 student. i envy them so muchhhhh! i also bought some things i will need for my dorm.

    May 29, 2009 (friday)
    happy 1 year and 4 months to my clique, the bestest girlfriends a girl could ever have, PAXTRO! i love 'em so much but so sad because we're not complete for this day. anyway, jazze and i went to jewel's place to watch my favorite thriller movie, the uninvited, and they were so amazed on it's ending. i knew that they would really love this film the way i like it. after watching the film, jewel's aunt && granma, jewel herself, her boyfriend, jazze, and i had a loooooong story telling about some random stuffs. it was so much fun!

    May 30, 2009 (saturday)
    my phone was malfunctioning, again!!! i hate this. i can't receive and send text messages to anyone! i seriously need the best repairman in the world. anyway, my siblings and i had our vaccination for today to protect us from the dangerous swine flu. it was fun - you're now thinking that i have some mental issues, don't you? i also met a funny old man today. :) btw, my sis and i watched the korean version of the uninvited, which is 'a tale of two sisters' but it isn't 100% great as what i've expected. anyway, i don't need to get those 2 hours back because it wasn't that bad after all.

    May 31, 2009 (sunday)
    uhhhh, i'm blogging?

    okay, gotta go back to twitter now. if you have an account there, then, see ya there!

    7:17 PM | 3 comments

    kim bum is in the zone!

    i really really love this guy. he looks so perfect! i love the way he smiles and the way he cranks jokes (watch some behind the scenes of boys over flowers!). how i wish i could see him in person. i would definitely marry him! hahaha. more descriptions later. :) just want to share these:

    My Kim Bum Slideshows of some of his rare pictures. (there's more in my computer!!)




    6:41 PM | 3 comments

    happy birthday jazze!

    today's may 12 and today is jazze's day! happy birthday jazze lyralette crisostomo! she's been a very good friend of mine since first year high school and we've been classmates since then. she's very kind, thoughtful and soooo insane! she's the kind of friend that will let you laugh to death! and for the celebration of her birthday, she decided to celebrate it with us, her friends and of course with her family and with her special someone at the mt. sea resort in rosario, cavite. but unfortunately, it was kinda sad because we weren't complete. some of our friends hadn't showed up because of their own reasons. the peeps who joined were jazze of course, rafaella ignacio, erika pueblo, katrina pinpin, erika preciado, kzer tanada, percy carballo, jewel de guzman, marjorie tayoto, mavericks tayoto, karen reyes and i (jewel, marjorie, karen and mavericks aren't with us by the time we arrived. they arrived late). we arrived at the venue by 12 pm. her mom cooked so many delicious foods and it was fun eating with my friends. after that, we immediately took a shower and dived into the tempting pool. it was so much fun! but seriously, words can't describe how much fun it was for me. i guess a three letter word (F-U-N) isn't really enough. we did so many rounds of sliding and it was so thrilling that's why we couldn't stop but do it over and over again. the slide was high and we're always sliding so fast and take note, we're nine creatures connected by holding each other's feet. i'll mention the peeps on the slide in order, the one who's in the very front was percy because he's so big (peace, percy :D) and there was a time when he's in the last and he injured katrina and erika (but not that brutal, don't worry), after percy was kzer. kzer is a really good swimmer. he saved my life so many times after so many rounds of sliding. but he's always fooling us and i made a new nickname for him, k-ler (killer). haha! btw, i took a swimming lesson while i was in my 5th grade but i didn't continue it and i am regretting it now. then next after k-zer was me. in sliding, i am always sticking with k-zer because he's the only one that can hold a person, persons i mean while in the pool. by the way, the pool was kinda deep. next to me was katrina. she also knows how to swim and she also helped me a lot. then the person next to katrina was... random. haha. i was only sticking to my friends who can save me so the order was a bit random after katrina. i know, i know, that was very cruel of me. haha. :D

    it was fun being with them. we also did so many games in the pool and my friends keep on showing pool tricks and some of them like me were so trying hard to copy that. haha. we keep on swimming, sliding and playing in the pool until 6pm. btw, erika preciado took a video of us in the slide and it was so funny. we also took pictures but not that often. and it was a miracle! i will never forget this day. all in all, i had so much fun for this day and i am so lucky i hadn't got a sunburn or even a tan! yey. :)

    6:44 PM | 1 comments

    amanda sucks.

    holy crap! she's nothing but a pathetic major loser! she's a hater, but not the normal one. she's so retarded. i mean, everyone (awesome bands' fans) on youtube is hating her and she keeps on posting videos on how much she hates paramore, fueled by ramen bands and some other amazing bands as well. and not only that, she's also calling the people who are listening to the bands she hates "dumb" and she just wouldn't shut her mouth! just watch these videos and make your own opinions. btw, i've watched her old videos months ago but she posted a retard video again so i'm posting this now.

    title: fucking dumb paramore

    title: why paramore is destroying our world

    title: (meet AMANDA the sucker) about me amanda

    wanna laugh real hard? check her other videos right here.

    she's so funny right? she should be a comedian, seriously. arghh. i don't want these fatty ass to ruin my night so i'll stop here. doodles!

    6:29 PM | 9 comments

    don't forget pls!

    hey i'm back again. i'm so sorry i couldn't put videos for now because i'm gonna be in bed minutes after i post this. i just wanna ask your help to vote paramore's "decode" on mtv.com for the "best song from a movie" award in this upcoming 2009 MTV Movie Awards. btw, you should sign up on mtv.com to vote. vote now! :)

    see yaa all tomorrow. have a sweet dreams dudes.

    10:36 PM | 0 comments

    taylor lautner and selena gomez dating??

    watch this video ASAP!

    look at this picture!

    hungry for more? check out this site!

    aww. they look soo cute together right? but so sad taylor lautner couldn't be mine! haha. lol. xD gonna post something from youtube again later! stay tuned, okay?

    7:08 PM | 2 comments

    tweet, tweet, TWITTER!

    hey everyone! at last i just made my very first update on my twitter! i already had my twitter account weeks ago after knowing that some of my favorite hollywood celebs have their own personal twitters but because of my laziness i couldn't post anything. and thank God i was able to update my account there! i am now following the tweeters of Demetria Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Ashley Tisdale, Katy Perry, Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson Wentz, The Veronicas and more!

    and if you also have a twitter account, pls check out mine! click here!

    okay, i'll be back laterrr! gonna cook some fried banana with bread crumbs. yummy yum yum. :) have a great afternoon party peeps!

    2:53 PM | 0 comments

    the uninvited reveals.

    hey guys, i'm back again from... watching the uninvited! yes, that's right, just finished watching the uninvited minutes ago and it was fantastic! one word for this film? mysterious would be the right word. the plot was amazing and you wouldn't really guess what would be it's ending. it's unpredictable and it has a great twist. the story is full of mystery and all that question marks in your head and that made the movie incredible. plus, the ending is oh so worth it. the uninvited is a remake of a korean film "A Tale of Two Sisters" and i'm planning to watch that movie before the week ends!

    i'm gonna make this post short because i might not control myself on blabbing everything plus i might give you the major spoiler possible and that would be very bad for everyone of you and that would be so evil of me. haha. that sentence is a long one huh. anyway, you should really really watch this movie if you love mystery plus if you love horror/suspense/psycho film. i wonder why did i put "psycho" there? hmmmm. that would be your mission to find out! btw, the main character in this movie is Alex Rydell and that role was played by the beautiful and the supposedly bella swan emily browning. i love her since i was a total girl (magazine) fan because she's indeed pretty. and she's even prettier now - and skinnier! i really love her style, the way she wears a comfy top plus a shorts and of course a converse. she did a very great job in this film and a big cheers for her. again, i will make this post a short one so i should stop here. right now.

    PS: watch it. now. yes. that's right. right now. no more tomorrow. yes. right now. i'm not a psycho. but please. watch it. right... now.

    5:51 PM | 0 comments

    the results of being a lazy freak.

    *i am blogging now because pet society is under maintenance*

    okay, i am soooo getting all the disadvantages now. because of my laziness this past few weeks in updating my whatsoevers here in the net, many things have changed and it's affecting me.

    first, my karma in plurk decreased like whoa. whoa whoaaaa. guess what. my karma now is 3! three, for the sake of all mankind. second, my subcribers in youtube is decreasing. that's a very bad news for me. third, for the time being that i haven't visited my blog, i felt like i abandoned it. that's very cruel of me, i know and i hate it. fourth, i am now officially hating friendster. of course, i'm still using my account there, but that's only because majority of my real friends are using that site. fifth, i am starting to love facebook. no. that's wrong. i am not starting to love it, because i love it already!

    and now, the reasons of my laziness is because of these things:

    first, because of the pet society. i became so hooked up in that game and i can't stop playing it. second, because of the audition (online game). i've been addicted in that game since my sophomore year but i stopped playing it during my junior year, and now i am starting to like it again. third, because i can't let go of watching animes. i spent a lot of money in buying dvds and i am in the process of finishing all of it.

    and the main reason of all the reasons i typed earlier, is simply because i am a major bum. and that's it.

    okay, let's get rid of this topic now and i'm gonna type more words. or if ever laziness wouldn't hit me, maybe i could even type for more paragraphs. cross your fingers pls.

    sure, let's start.
    it's May now and it's... raining? what the hell? how could this tragedy happen? what about summer? arggh, i hate this. it's not like i hate rain, but i think it's not the right moment yet. because we would be experiencing this season again for the next months and i will surely miss the sun even though it's burning me like hell. so as the result, i am more into indoor activities now. but i guess even though it's not raining, i'll basically be in front of my computer doing wasted stuffs all day long. it's not the "ME" in the past few years because i wasn't this addicted in the computer yet. i just go outside the house, play with my friends or hang out on my friends' houses. but somehow, i am not regretting i became like this. because of this habit of mine, i opened some locked doors for me. i met new friends throughout the planet and i also learned some different new things. because of this, i became the "me" i am right now.

    it's summer vacation right now - even though i couldn't feel it! - and let's enumerate the things i am doing for a month now:

    obviously, paying attention on the net and doing some stuffs here. then, i am also watching several random animes and i already finished 8 animes since april so far. i am also watching Hannah Montana third season - yea, i bought a dvd. and i am also watching different movies that i think were great and interesting. i am also listening to different bands in the moment and i found some that were truly great. etc. etc.

    wonder why i am doing these somehow can be consider as "nonsense" things? it's becuase i'm gonna be in college few weeks from now and i feel like i can't do these things the way i'm doing it right now. i'm gonna be away from home because i'll be living in a dormitory near the university i'll be studying next month. i'm so sure that i'll miss doing this stuffs and i will also miss having a free time all the time. haha.

    i think this is enough for this day. pet society is still under maintenance and this is the best chance to check out my other accounts as well. so that's it. see ya later! :)

    2:58 PM | 0 comments

    pet society invaded my world!

    hey guys, i'm back! first of all, i wanna say sorry for not updating my blog this past few weeks and i'm so sorry for the unreplied comments and tags. gonna reply to you guys later and gonna publish some drafts too. anyway, the reason i barely check out my blog is because of the pet society in facebook. yea, it is so addicting! even though my pet is still a hollywood pet - oh, a poor pet i mean - i just can't stop playing this game. i play this all day long and i dunno why i'm so attached in this game. you should start playing this game too! if you do have a facebook account and if you're playing pet society too, pls add me!

    Patricia Aro's Profile
    Patricia Aro's Facebook Profile

    here is the picture of my current pet:

    11:46 AM | 0 comments

    Pacman day, hooray!

    it's Pacman day today! hoooorayy! Pacquiao won on the second round, wow how amazing is that? but unfortunately, the fight finished in a short time only. we just witnessed the way Pacman hit Hatton. anyway, i am satisfied with that and Pacman really is great, you know, everyday, you know. haha, just kiddin'. :)

    btw, we went to sm bacoor in the morning because today is the last day of their 3 day sale. we bought the things i will need for my dorm and a new converse for me and for my sister. converse is the best pair of shoes you could ever have, anyone who's with me? then i left the mall earlier than my family because Noveleta celebrates their fiesta for today and my friend jewel invited me and some of our friends in their house. we're always hanging out in their house since our sophomore year and it's is really the best place to hang out. we always do some silly stuffs whenever we're at their crib and it's always fun. their table is so full and we ate a bunch of foods. we also shared some gossips and stories about random things and it was fun being with all of them.

    12:37 PM | 0 comments