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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    happy birthday jazze!

    today's may 12 and today is jazze's day! happy birthday jazze lyralette crisostomo! she's been a very good friend of mine since first year high school and we've been classmates since then. she's very kind, thoughtful and soooo insane! she's the kind of friend that will let you laugh to death! and for the celebration of her birthday, she decided to celebrate it with us, her friends and of course with her family and with her special someone at the mt. sea resort in rosario, cavite. but unfortunately, it was kinda sad because we weren't complete. some of our friends hadn't showed up because of their own reasons. the peeps who joined were jazze of course, rafaella ignacio, erika pueblo, katrina pinpin, erika preciado, kzer tanada, percy carballo, jewel de guzman, marjorie tayoto, mavericks tayoto, karen reyes and i (jewel, marjorie, karen and mavericks aren't with us by the time we arrived. they arrived late). we arrived at the venue by 12 pm. her mom cooked so many delicious foods and it was fun eating with my friends. after that, we immediately took a shower and dived into the tempting pool. it was so much fun! but seriously, words can't describe how much fun it was for me. i guess a three letter word (F-U-N) isn't really enough. we did so many rounds of sliding and it was so thrilling that's why we couldn't stop but do it over and over again. the slide was high and we're always sliding so fast and take note, we're nine creatures connected by holding each other's feet. i'll mention the peeps on the slide in order, the one who's in the very front was percy because he's so big (peace, percy :D) and there was a time when he's in the last and he injured katrina and erika (but not that brutal, don't worry), after percy was kzer. kzer is a really good swimmer. he saved my life so many times after so many rounds of sliding. but he's always fooling us and i made a new nickname for him, k-ler (killer). haha! btw, i took a swimming lesson while i was in my 5th grade but i didn't continue it and i am regretting it now. then next after k-zer was me. in sliding, i am always sticking with k-zer because he's the only one that can hold a person, persons i mean while in the pool. by the way, the pool was kinda deep. next to me was katrina. she also knows how to swim and she also helped me a lot. then the person next to katrina was... random. haha. i was only sticking to my friends who can save me so the order was a bit random after katrina. i know, i know, that was very cruel of me. haha. :D

    it was fun being with them. we also did so many games in the pool and my friends keep on showing pool tricks and some of them like me were so trying hard to copy that. haha. we keep on swimming, sliding and playing in the pool until 6pm. btw, erika preciado took a video of us in the slide and it was so funny. we also took pictures but not that often. and it was a miracle! i will never forget this day. all in all, i had so much fun for this day and i am so lucky i hadn't got a sunburn or even a tan! yey. :)

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