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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    intramurals '08.

    the most awaited week of the school year has finally started. the intramurals '08. we started with a mass at our gymnasium with the homily about "wins and losses in life". and right after the mass, we proceeded to the gate to start our parade. we, CAT officers are the lead in line. we have practiced doing this stuff yesterday. we marched && marched && marched up to the end of our scorching parade. then right after, we proceeded to our classrooms so we could get ready for our cheerdance. we have practiced a tons of lots to make this stuff perfect and electrifying. and guess what, we WON! yesss! our burned skins were ooh soo worth it! and in the afternoon, all we did was playing volleyball. i love playing volleyball but i didn't join any team because i don't want to burn my skin. haha. yeah, that's the only reason. and i'm kinda regretting it. anyhow, i think i won't post anything here starting tomorrow until the very end of the intrams because i guess i'll be getting way tired by then. so, gonna catch up soon guys. i'm going to enjoy the last intrams in my last year in high school. ;)

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    boys like girls are absofuckinglutely awesome! they surely rocks. i think they are in the second place on my top appraised bands. i'm so overly regretting that i hadn't been able to see them in person, or even hear them live, when i had an enormous chance when they had their tours on the ayala malls. arghh. i don't want to think of that idiotic decision of mine anymore. it just makes me feel so uncomfortable. well, anyhow, back to the subject, which is THUNDER. i've been telling you a while ago about the band, boys like girls, so you should already know what i meant. thunder is a song which i guess will be my favorite for forever. it's absolutely one of a kind, well for sure not for everybody, but at least for me. ;) i knew this song since last year && the video has only been released a while ago. and that made it popular globally.

    BRYAN DONAHUE is gorgeous. ;) i think you know that already, don't you?

    8:19 PM | 1 comments

    twilight trailer SPOOF.

    hahahaa. okay. this video is highly recommended and is not rated PG! i give this vid an excellent A+. you'll gonna laugh your ass off! check this out:


    my god. what a vid!
    i discovered this twilight trailer spoof from the featured videos in youtube. i found it interesting so i watched it and i got so crazed while watching it.

    bahahaha. ;DD

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    lil bro's birthday.

    HAPiii 6th BiRTHDAYY GABBY! ;)
    love yah so much && wish you all the best in life. c:

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    outreach program.

    i woke up at 6:30 am and this situation seldom happens. i usually woke up at around 10am every weekends. surely, there's a reason behind of being an early bird for today. we, the members of the outreach ministry had an outreach program just hours ago. we adopted the less fortunate children near our school. we usually do this, i'm a member of this ministry since 2nd year.

    it's good to feel being with them even though in just 3 hours. i could see the enormous smile in their visages and their continuous laughters and giggles. we improvised games, foods and prizes for them and they were so having fun. and even me, i enjoyed the program as well. cheers for it. ;)

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    it's worth the bite: TWILIGHT SAGA.






    [rafaella && me.]

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    SJC batch 08-09.


    serious. not so US!

    oh sooo crunky! absolutely US!


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    career day.

    SEPT. 15, 08

    before i start, this day was my adviser, MR. PARAISO's birthday! we surprised him with a cake from us, IV - MATTHEW. i can see it that he was definitely touched on what we had given to him. ;) and so, here it goes. i'm yearning for this day to finally come and taadaaa! here it is! ;) today's our [seniors of SJC] career day at PICC. we departed at around 7am and we arrived there at around 9am. there were many other students from different schools that also attended. there was a veryyyy looong line that's awaiting for us by the time that we've arrived. && ofcourse we took so many pictures by then. we're oblivious vain, you know that? ;)

    i will not make an epoch for this post. && yea, to make this one short, i'll just post the picss.

    this was a gruesome tiring day. bubububut. a zealous FUN day. ;)
    plus, i've grabbed different pins from different universities. ;) bahahaaa.

    PS: i didn't use ANY amount of my allowance for this day. && yipee to me, additional savings. ;)

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    youth day.

    SEPT 13, 2008

    at first, i'm so over sure to myself that i am not going to attend this youth day, but because of the plus for the 2nd monthly exam in physics, i didn't hesitate to attend the said event. who doesn't want to have additional points anyway? especially in phyyyysics!? but at the very end, i didn't regret it. this was held at san roque church here in cavite city. it was outrageous fun though there were times that i wanted to end this thing already. there were so many josephinians[my schoolmates] who attended. we did tons of stuffs like dancing joyful songs related in praising God, we listened to the others who share their experiences in life, && most especially, we fulled our empty, roarrrring stomachs. and afterwards, we did have a mass. it ended up at past 6, in the evening of course.

    after the dismissal, we went to the famous gotohan here in cavite city. it is located near the sangley naval base. they are serving delightful and delicious goto and lugaw. all the things that happened in this not so long day was worth the time. ;)

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    okk i'm off by now. gonna post a bunch of things laterr. catch you by then guyss! ;)

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