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I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
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I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    lamy lame drill.

    today, we had this earthquake drill at school and one word for it, LAME. we're all like abnormals pretending that there was an earthquake even though there wasn't. i know that it's important to train students some of these things so we will all be safe whenever there's a REAL earthquake, but c'mon, i don't think that this will be still followed by that time. all of us always PANIC even though some said, "do not panic", but this thing cannot be avoided. really, ryt? it was such a waste of time but, pwede na rin pagtiyagaan. ;) haha.

    8:41 PM | 4 comments

    topnotcherr. ;)

    yiihaaa. our yemas were very popularrr this morning. haha. our yemas were sold out during our recess, yet, there were still so many buyers from different levels && my classmates ordered twice, then some ordered thrice! whoa, our classroom looked like a yema store because the 1st yr students were actually going to our classroom just to buy some yemas even though it were all sold out. we earned so much money this day && yea congrats to me && to my business partner jewel. ;) so next weekend, we'll gonna make yemas again because of the many orders made by our dearest sukis (plural form? ;)]. hahaha. galingg nuu. ;)

    8:31 PM | 0 comments

    yemalicious. ;)

    this business thing is quite common for me && for my bestfriend jewel. we're actually business partners or what they call mga negosyante in our tropa. this happened during summer 'o6. we decided to sell accessories, particularly bracelets and rings. the bracelets are worth 40 pesos each. and the rings are i guess worth 10 pesos each. we've earned 1000 pesos and our capital was only 150 pesos. ;) so see, it's all worth it and we do really enjoyed while doing those stuffs. so for now, we've decided to make yema for business. we made this plan because we want to earn money for shopping i guess. ;) first thing we did was, we announced it on our class and we let them make orders. that happened last last friday. then last tuesday, me && jewel bought the ingredients for our yema and we planned to cook it at our house. man, it's so hard to make yema, especially if there were so many orders! we made two flavors; one is langka && the other one is caramel. the hardest part is ung pagbabalot na mga yema. we took a lot of time on that thing. we started at around 3 pm && we finished at around 8 pm. then, after that day, we distributed all the yemas to our classmates && they said it was good && very delicious. ;) even our adviser made two orders. ;) we earned 630 pesos and our capital was only 300. i can say that it's worth it because it was vey fun doing that thing && i learned how to cook yummyy yemas. ;) then, our classmates were asking for another orders again so me && jewel decided to continue our somehow business thing. even the other year levels ordered. && omg, there were twice as many compared to the last orders. our second time na paggawa ng yema was happened last saturday. our friend majo helped us. we went to jewel's house at around 9 am, but it was supposed to be at 7 am, but again, i'm lateeee. that's lame okk, && i honestly admit it. ;)) it feels so easy making yemas on the second time compared to the first time. we made so many packs of yemas and we finished at around 8 pm. we will sell those tomorrow because as we all know, there were no classes today because of the weather but i don't think that it's the only reason. okk. so bye for now because i have something to do && yea ttyl.

    6:27 PM | 3 comments

    because of boredom...

    bcoz of boredom, i've spent my time in answering this not-so-fun-survey.
    btw. this is my first survey post in this blog. ;)

    1. Where were you 5 hours ago?
    -at the schooo. taking the test probably.

    2. How did you get the idea for your blog name?
    -it suddenly crossed my mind. && yea i think that's it. ;)

    3. What song are you listening to right now?
    -the bckground song of my blog. "signal fire".

    4. What color is your phone?

    5. Do you click on pop-ups?
    -no. they sucks. my time is very precious for that thing. jk. ;p

    6. Do you own a phone?
    -anyone does. i guess. ;)

    7. What was the first thing you thought this morning?
    -OMG. gonna be late agaiiiiin. x]]

    8. what are you going to do tomorrow?
    -the same routine. go to school, maybe late. then in the afternoon, we have a CAT-MOCC traing at school.

    9. What did you do last night?
    -review for today's test. && definitely surfed the net.

    10. What's your favorite memory from highschool?
    -i'm still in hs aight now. ;) way many to mention.

    11. What are the last two digits of your phone number?

    12. What was the last thing that you ate?
    -yemaaaaaa. ;)

    13. Who is the last girl/boy that you hugged?
    -i can't remember but i did hugged one of my friends this morning. hahaaa. ;))

    14. What was the last movie you watched?
    -it's a boy girl thing. loveee that movie. ;)

    15. What do you dislike at the moment?
    -it's damn HOT.

    16. What food are you craving?
    -junkfoodsss. haha. jkjk. ;))

    17. What did you dream last night?

    18. What was the last TV show you watched?
    -power puff girls. haha. ;p

    19. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

    20. Do you always lock your door?
    -sure thing. ;)

    22. Are you on any medication?
    -nahnahnah. :)

    23. What color of shirt are you wearing?

    24. What is your favorite frozen treat?
    -ice cream. chocolates. && coffee will do. ;)

    25. How many Piercings/tattoos do you have?
    -nah. ;)

    26. What's your favorite store?
    -tooo many to mention. ;)

    27. Who's someone you haven't seen in a while and miss?

    28. What was the last text you sent?
    -bal. 222. hahaha. xDD

    29. Do you care what people think about you?
    -it alwayss depends. ;)

    30. Have you ever done something to make trouble?
    -maybe? haha. yes i guess. ;)

    31. Where do you wish you were right now?
    -disneyland! ;)

    32. Whats your font color on YM?
    -deep pink. ;)

    33. Where's your bestfriend?
    -at school. ;)

    34. What is the thing that you would most like to change about you?
    -i dunno.

    35. What do you smell like right now?
    -vamp. aha aha. ;)

    36. What is your favorite color?
    -blue. ;)

    37. What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
    -you can do it patricia. don't lose hope! ajaaaaa. ;)

    38. Would you ever sky dive?
    -if will be given a chance, sure why not. ;)

    39. What color is your pillow case?
    -blue. ;)

    40. Have you ever bid for something on ebay?

    41. Who was the last person to call you?
    -majo && jewel. just happened a few minutes ago.

    4:23 PM | 1 comments

    lovin' my new spekkies. ;)

    heyy. i've got this one for a very cheap price. haha. xD but it's definitely cool && awesome. i like spekkies that as round as a basketball, yeaa lyyk this. haha. great thing it's not yet sold before i bought it. ;) that's all. just sharing. ;)

    i'm officially BORED aight nowwwww.
    will u pls. save me from this boredom? x]]

    3:43 PM | 0 comments

    the notebook.

    the notebook. what can i ever say about the notebook?? hmm, lemme think. oh! i know. the notebook is just only the bestest romantic movie i've ever seen in my entire life. && yea das it. ;) i've always wanted to watch this movie since last last year, but wow, what year is it now? haha. i've never seen rachel mcadams acted so good like in this movie except for the mean girls. i never knew that she's a good actress indeed. ;) their story is so kilig at first. then, at the latter part, my tears just rolled down on my face. it's so dramatic, my goodness. xD i just excuse myself to the washroom whenever i can't hold back my tears anymore. haha. i feel embarrassment whenever i cry beacuse of drama movies or drama series on tv. i don't know why, but for me, that's pretty embarassing. ;) i cried a lot especially on the last part. my god. when they died together holding the hands of each other. that's sooo. soooo. touching. ;) uhhhh. [to those people who haven't watch the movie yet, pls do and you'll never ever regret. promise. ;)]

    2:02 PM | 2 comments

    late bummer.

    i'm one of the members of the outreach ministry [yaa. i'm goooood. ;)] && we had an operation linis today. but unfortunately, i am late. again. members that would attend in this operation linis will have addtional points on computer and tle in our monthly test, and that's gonna be on monday-wednesday. OMG, i haven't study anything yet. ooh, back on what i am discussing, i arrived on our school super duper late. all of the members already left except for my friends who waited for me. my teacher teased me that i'm not going to have additional points. that's so wickeddd!

    then, instead of going home early, we [me, jewel, lea, kris, raf, majo] decided to go to mcdo. there, we had picture takings, again, on the washroom, again. ;)

    4:42 PM | 4 comments


    booyah. i hadn't posted anything for this whole week. it's because of the busy schedule i suppose. [owsss.] yayy, it's been raining for this week. but this past few days, the sun started showing up again. i already miss the rain. i love it when it rains, dunno why. btw, so this week is definitely a hilarious one. me and my buddies laugh && laugh very much often. we used to have so many reasons to laugh like there's no tomorrow and like there's always a clown in front of us. seriously it's true, but, to be serious is a no-no. get it?

    alright, so the funniest day for this week was i guess yesterday. even though our class had a major problem regarding with our teacher, hmmm, but before i continue, let me tell you the reason why our adviser is somehow mad at us yesterday. this happened last thursday, at our TLE time. we're supposed to have a long long periodical, err, i mean quiz, but we didn't had the time to study, so instead, we fooled our teacher that our quiz notebooks are in hers, even though it's not. then, when she was about to go at the faculty room to check if our quiz notebooks are really in hers, we hid those on my classmate's bag. then when she came back, she was somehow angry and told us "IV - MATHHEW, nagkakalokohan na tayo ah..." then, suddenly, "ay eto pala ung mga quiz notebooks eh!!" my classmate shouted. then our tle teacher became angry and told us that she will tell it to our adviser. then friday came, i was late then, after the flag ceremony, i noticed that my classmates were not in our classroom, then i found out that they were still on the line. then we discussed what had happened last thursday with our adviser. at first, we lied. i felt guilty at that time. and then our classmates told him that one of my classmate is cheating and that's the only reason why our teacher became angry on us. i felt more guilty. because that's not the real reason. it's totally unfair for him. but, after that, my classmate who's cheating told our adviser the truth. and obviously, our adviser was very disappointed on what we did. of course, who wouldn't?

    so, back to my discussion a while ago. even though that thing happened, we did laughed at that time. wanna know why? our first subject every friday is computer. we're having a meeting with our mayor at that time when our teacher in computer came. then, we immediately shouted, "sir! may importante kaming pinaguusapan, we need privacy! labas po muna kayo. respeto naman sir..." we told that to him not only because of our meeting but because we don't want to have a class. then our teacher said, "ay, sorry, hindi ko alam, sige lalabas muna ako magusapusap muna kayo...". hahaha. at that very moment, we laughed so loud. hahaha! ooh, that's life. ;)

    then, after that, the word "RESPETO naman.." became popular. ;) in every word we say, there's the word "RESPETO NAMAN..." ;) examples?? sure thing! :]

    "franze, respeto naman oh, pakopya naman, parang walang galang na ah..."
    "marj, wag kang papatong dito sa armchair ko, nawawalan ka na ng RESPETO nyan ah..."
    "pre, konting RESPETO lang naman ang hinahanap ko, gusto mo bang gawin sayo ng mga magiging anak mo ung ginagawa mo sa akin? RESPETO lang..."
    "kae, RESPETO naman oh, kung para sa atin talaga yang sisig na yan, kahit mahaba ang pila di mauubos yan, pero kung di para satin un, nakatadhana na sa buhay natin na kelangan nating magtipid ngayong araw. lahat ng bagay nakatadhana na..."
    "kris, RESPETO naman, wala ka nang galang ah, mgpo at magopo ka skin. parang walang pinagsamahan ah, ganyanan na..."
    "lea, RESPETO lang naman ang kelangan ko sa buhay na to, di mo ba kayang ibigay un? nawawalan na akong ng dignidad at moralidad nyan eh..."

    those are some of my lines. hahaha. ang baitbait ko nuuu?? ;)) feeling ko nga eh. importante talaga ang RESPETO sa buhaybuhay. ;)) mwahahaha! kulang na kulang pa yan. ;) haha. with emotions yan lahat pagsinasabi ah. ;) drama queen? no, it's just for fun fun fun! ;)

    3:18 PM | 2 comments

    apee birthday franze!

    today's the birthday of franze && we [me, kris, jewel, lea, jazze, raf && kae] went to their house at tanza, cavite. i've already went at their house when we were in 1st yr. and i already knew that place because my grandparents and my aunts are living in tanza too. our meeting time is 9 in the morning and i woke up very late. i forgot to alarm my cellphone before i slept last night so i woke up at 8:30 am. my god. i rushed to the bathroom immediately && took a bath. kris went here at our crib to pick me up. then we went together at our meeting place at 9:15 am. then when we arrived in their house, her sisters told us to eat. we can't resist food, yah know. haha. then, after eating, we watched the movie final destination 1 because i never had the chance to watch it online. it was a fantastic thriller movie. i like all the final destination movies and final destination 3 is my favorite among the three. anyway, after watching, we took several pictures outside their house. we always do that anytime && anywhere. haha.

    then when we're already at the bus, - we're about to go home - we had some funny conversations. my stomach ache so much because of laughing && laughing. just like unlimitxt, nonstop. ;)) it was hilariously fun. then, we decided to visit jewel's house in noveleta.

    super saya talaga this day. i wish we're all still gonna be friends until we're already in college. i'm gonna miss them so much. i love my friends friggin much. :]

    7:14 PM | 4 comments

    makulay ang buhay.

    today was, a very, ehemm, dehydrating day! ;) wanna know the reason reason reason? ;) first of all. today was the elimination of the high school students, in each sections of each year levels, for the nutrition month dance contest. and the winners would be competing on the nutrition month program. i think that will be held on july 31. i'm not so sure about that. the songs na binigay samin ng teacher namin is the makulay ang buhay && lucky me. but we remixed that. anyway, before the event, we had our rehearsals in the morning. our teachers in each subjects allowed us to use their time to practice. so we practiced && practiced && practiced. that was very tiring, but i had a great time practicing with my classmates. after recess, there was this not so big deal problem, pero pinapalaki ng iba, it was all about our section and this issue that we're having a D.I. [dance instructor] urghh. because of that, yung batch namin ay nagawayaway. grabe, kakaibang experience yung nangyari kanina. all the sections of our batch came inside our room and then we've discussed about this problem, but lalong lumalala and nagkasigawan pa. ang gulogulo kanina. it's our first time to have this big fight sa ibang kabatch namin. but, our section "IV - MATTHEW" has a big big unity. lahat kame talagang nagkakaisa. even though some of our classmates have other tropas in other sections, hindi sila nangiiwan. ang sarap ng feeling ng may unity among the whole class. and our adviser sir paraiso. is very very supportive to us. he's the one who made our props because he's so talented in making arts.

    then in the afternoon, we did some practice, then before the event, we prayed all together so that God will guide us during our dance. && finally, we held the elimination. we did our very best to win, but we didn't. it's so sad, but we've accepted it already. atleast, ginawa namin lahat ng makakaya namin with all our energies. even though we lose, it's a very fun experience being with my classmates. some of them kasi ay first time ko lang maging classmate && yung iba classmates ko when i was 1st yr and 2nd yr. last year kasi dun ako sa section 1, III - galatians, and i had a great time din being with them. they are effin nice. anyway, lahat talaga todo bigay nung nagsasayaw na kami. basta, super duper fun. ;) "manalo, matalo, CUTE prin". ;)

    immediately, after announcing the winners, we had a CAT training and nagpatraining kami sa mga MOCC. grabe, superrrr kapagod! as in. then after the training, we went to dunkin donuts [again && again] of course with my tropa, paxtro, but as usual, kulang kami. superr saya namin kanina dun. we laughed and laughed. we've discussed so many issues. especially hilarious issues that made us laugh to death. yung alam mo naaa. haha. ;)

    9:00 PM | 0 comments

    BOSSY; lohan's comeback!

    Ne-Yo wrote the synth-heavy dance track "bossy" with the actress in mind, he tells PEOPLE exclusively.
    "I wrote it for her because when she's on her game, you can see these traits in her. When she's focused, she exudes the aura of a boss with ease," Ne-Yo explains. "When [producer] Stargate and I were approached with the task, we viewed it as a challenge. 'Can we make a song for Lindsay Lohan that people were gonna take seriously?' I think we did it."
    In the song's chorus, Lohan unapologetically sings, "I'm just a little bossy. I like it how I like it when I like it and that's how it is."
    Ne-Yo says the song is about strength. "It's basically about a woman being strong enough to get what she wants when she wants it," he tells PEOPLE. "In this case, 'Bossy' is a term that describes confidence and power."
    "Bossy" is slated to appear on Lohan's as-yet untitled third album, due on Motown Records later this year.

    whoaaa, lindsay's gonna be back in the singing industry again! yipeee! ;) lindsay lohan has a very powerful and amzing voice. && that's effin true. i love her voice. && she's going to have her third album! i can't wait for it. ;) hope that it will be released this year. of course i will buy a copy of that. ;) i've just listened to this song minutes ago and i really really like it. && ne-yo wrote this song for lindsay! great job. ;)

    9:28 PM | 2 comments


    omg. i have a very very ultimate huge crush on ernest lorenzo (enchong) dee! ;) he's so adorable and gorgeous! ;) and he's so GWAPO! i alwayss shout && jump && scream at the top of my lungs whenever i see him on tv, especially in my girl! he always has a "dating" or what we call appeal. && i know you do agree, right girls? he's just simply AWESOMEEE. ;) he has the looks, the height, the body, plus, he's a great swimmer. i adore him for those things. he has more than 400 medals from his swimming career because he always compete in other countries. i know that you already know that fact, don't you? ;) he also improved in his acting, i noticed that when i've started watching him on my girl [philippines of course.] as the rival of julian for jasmine. ;) i always scream out load whenever i see his picture posted on a magazine. especially on candy mag., he's always there, because he's a certified candy cutie. ;) && i think that he's more handsome than his older brother, aj dee. sorry to say that for those who admire aj dee but that's my opinion only, okk. ;) to summarize this, ENCHONG DEE is a good example for a "perfect man". no objections, please. thank you. ;)

    8:54 PM | 0 comments

    shocking mondayy.

    just got home! it's monday today and yea it was a very tiring day. we had our regular class in the morning and in the afternoon. && yipee to me, i didn't feel sleepy during our discussion in math. did i improved? i guess so. ;) i admit that i'm not very good in math && i hate this subject the most among the rest, but i'm trying my very best to learn, not just to learn but to learn a LOT. ;) and now that i'm in my last stage in high school, i started being serious during class time, but of course, di maiiwasan ang pagiging pasaway, makulit, malikot and MADALDAL. ;) especially this grading period, magkakatabi kaming magtotropa, kaya always tawanan talaga. ;) but syempre, i know my limits naman, when to be serious, and kung kelan magsasaya. because, i'm gonna be in college next school year and i'm expecting that it would be way much harder than my situation as of now. kaya ngaun, i always listen to my teachers whenever they were discussing something, especially in math, calculus && physics. so now, i can say that i really improved. cheers for that. ;)

    my friend katre, again, bought a voice combo sandwich for me. ;) haha. because i'm in state of poverty right now. haha. just kiddin'. i am currently saving money from my allowance and i'm letting myself to starve just to save money money money, to buy my obsessions for life. then we had a test in english and i am full of regret that i didn't read the test IV instruction! arghh. but fine, i really can't change it na.

    then in the afternoon, my teacher in physics said to the whole class "patricia, explain the meaning of this. daldal kasi ng daldal eh". you don't have to say a word. i was kinda embarrassed at that time. haha. but it's okay bacause even though nakikipagdaldalan ako with my seatmate, i did answered her question. haha. :) then on our mapeh subject, each of us sang for our recitation! my god, i thought that we would only take the diagnostic test in mapeh but it wasn't finished yet so instead, we had this recitation. i love singing, especially on the shower, but i'm not a good singer. i was so nervous beacause i don't know what i should sing. then the song "torete" suddenly came up through my mind so i decided to sing it in the class. but before it, my teacher asked me if i do have a boyfriend. i didn't answer but my classmates said yes in a loud voice. shocks. then he asked who is the boy, then my friends shouted RODELAS, my teacher knew him because he was his student before he left our school. then he also asked if my parents know about it and if he visits on our house, && i said yes. then i was very shocked when he said, "GOOD". i was terrified at that time, then he actually said GOOD!? haha. maybe it's because they knew that adrian is a good boy. and he really is. ;)

    then, after class, we practiced for the nutrition month dance contest at percy's house. i missed their house so much because he wasn't my classmate last school year. we filmed our play "florante at laura" there. && it was a fun experience being the director, but it was during our 2nd year high school days. our dance practice was very very tiring but it was effin fun!! i like dancing a lot. ;)

    so that's all for this day. ;)

    7:40 PM | 0 comments

    sunday treatss.

    so today's sunday and we attended the mass in the morning at san roque church here in cavite city. it's still under renovation. it's pretty big but it's unfinished yet. it's near from our school. near near oh so near. so our first friday masses were usually done at san roque church. our school && that church are like partners. speaking of partners, kanina, the elementary students of our school are the one who sponsored the mass. then maybe next month, high school naman, and we should wear our school uniform. btw, ang ganda ng homily kanina. about sa mga maling akala. maybe maraming natamaan dun. haha. ;) the priest was so good on explaining the gospel. basta galing. ;)

    then after the mass, i watched the movie, "the big fat liar". matagal ko nang gusto panuorin yun, since last month pa but i didn't had the chance. until last monday, i rented on Evideo and voila, i saw it's vcd and i immediately rented it. it's a hilarious movie about a 14 year old boy [take note, he's 14. not 10! nor 11. ;)] jason sheperd, [the hottie && cutie frankie muniz!] who always lies and even his own father doesn't trust him anymore. then a sleazy movie producer stole his paperwork and it actually turns into a blockbuster! then jason and his friend [amanda bynes.] went to hollywood to reveal the truth. && it's pay back time! it's a cool movie. frankie muniz is oh sooo sooo sooo cute!! nakakahimatay. ;) shocks, i've already got 2 days penalty! because i've been busy doing some stuffs this week and i didn't have the time to watch it. kanina lang.

    then, my dad's co worker came here to our house. he brought the chocolates which my dad sent for us. lots of hersheys. yumyum. gonna eat those tomorrow. ;)

    omg. we have our dance practice tomorrow for the nutrition month dance contest on our school. i hope that i could still post for tomorrow. wanna know the song? lucky me!

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    the "me"hood of the traveling YELLOW pants.

    we went to the mail yesterday && i wore my yellow skinny pants. my mom bought a brand new cellphone for my not-so-little sisterrr. yea. ako... walaa! wanna know why?? okk, here it goes. kasi, yung n70 ko nahulog sa toilet bowl sa cr in our school last january. that simple. you're curious? i know you are. ;) sure, kwento ko nalang. i was wearing a jogging pants at that day because we're practicing cheerdance for our super duperr late intrams last school year because of the renovation of our canteen. our intrams was supposed to be every september or something, but because of that, we held it last january. then me && my friend siopai kris, [that's the way we call each other, siya siopai, ako naman siomao. kasi, we used to eat lunch everyday on 7 11 during our 2nd yr hs days && we always eat our fave food, siopao and siomai, then we reversed it && yea that's it.] went to the cr because we need to pee, but all of the doors' locks are not working so we have no choice but to use it. then i saw kris' shadow towards the door so i thought that she would enter. then i immediately put on my jogging pants not knowing that my cell phone fell off. at first, i only thought that, it was just a 10 peso coin. then after we got out of the cr, i noticed that my phone was missing. we went back on all the places we've been, and lastly the cr. at that very moment, i saw my cell phone inside the toilet bowl! i don't know what to do at that time. i wanted to cry na talaga nung oras na yun. si kris yung kumuha ng cell phone ko, tpos we immediately went to a repair shop but it was too late. how sad, eh? && it was a majorr embarrassment. so thats why they couldn't buy me a new one, for me to learn of taking good care of important things. i am very careless and clumsy. i admit that one two. but now, i realized that i should really change these attitudes of mine.

    i envied my lil' sister at first because of her new cp, but then, i realized that it was wrong. then, i bought some things for my projects. handmaid wraps and scrapbooking accessories to be specific. i didn't bought clothes or any stuffs for now because i now know that there are more things that are more important than those.

    && then, we went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. we bought many hashbrowns and yoghurts for my breakfast every morning because i love those so much! && i think that's all for yesterday. ;)

    lessons i've learned while wearing the yellow pants:

    take good care of my things.
    i think this lesson is for everyone, especially for the ones who don't have jobs yet, because all of the money that are used in buying our things came from our parents who work so hard just to make us happy and for us to have a much better life. we should cherish all the things that they've given us, plus a simple "thank you" and a hug will do.

    spend my money wisely.
    i've learned that i should spend my money wisely because money would be easily gone if i will just spend && spend && spend on things that are not important. it doesn't mean that i shouldn't buy clothes and other stuffs like my obssesions, but to learn my limits in terms of these. i should also save money for the unexpected things. *knock on the wood.*

    not to fight with my sister just because of material things.
    okk. this thingg is so explainable already. no need for further elaborations. if you do, you're such a drama queen.

    speaking of the traveling pants, i love the movie "the sisterhood of the traveling pants"! i love the story and everything! i love the novels too. ;) it's a great movie and it's very interesting with so many lessons for us gurrrls. this movie is unpredictable. the pants is awesome. it really fits them even though they are way differ in sizes. && there would be "the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" and it will be on theaters nationwide this coming august, but sadly, on the US only. but of course i will definitely watch it online! i can't wait to see that movie! i loveee alexis bledel and blake lively. they are gorgeous. ;)

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    it's a GALA dayy!

    mwahahaaa. okk. so today's the first friday of the month, meaning to say, today's a gala day! i'm sure you have certainly no clue about this gala thinggy. it's our uniform every first friday of the month, because of the first friday mass. oh myy. it's my first time to wear a certain dress. it looks like we're in the convention! oh, in a mental hospital rather! haha. me and myy classmates are oh so worried yesterday if we're gonna wear that, especially me, because my gala uniform is LARGE! even though my real size is only medium. i thought medium is small for me but i was wrong. "maraming namamatay sa maling akala." haha. but i have no choice but to wear it even though i really dislike it.

    but. our teachers, especially the sisters really really like it. i can see that in their eyess. it's very very obvious because they keep on saying na it really do fit us and bagay daw samin. pagpasok na pagpasok ko pa nga lang in our school, nakasabay ko yung teacher ko and she told me na bagay daw. namannnn! kung sila kaya magsuot nun! pero, by the time na sinuot ko yun, it's goood naman. un nga lang, it's big for me, but in general, therefore i conclude that it's cute. haha. biglang ganun eh nu. ;) even though we're 4th year hs na, we really look like little madelines. honestly. haha.

    i think that im so unluckyy this day. urghh. nagbunutan kame if what epic yung idedefense namin for our subject in english. ayun. being the so unlucky girl in class for this day, i picked the longeeeeeeeest epic everrr made! the "mahabharata and ramayana". it's an epic made in india. arghh! hay. accepting is the only way lang naman eh kase i can't change it na. it's my fortune, && yea, fine. i'll do it && i'll do my very very best. [drama eh.] *cross fingerss.

    then, in the afternoon, we dared on the HAIR DARE school tour. && by creamsilk, ofcourse. it was fine naman. kaso, after all the treatments done unto our dearest hairs, nawalan din ng kwenta! sayang nga eh, kase we have to tie our hairs with net because nagpatraining kame ng mga MOCC. in our CAT yun.

    then, during our CAT, superrr nakakabadtrip!!! as in. hayy naku. no need for more elaboration for that thing. basta kainis! pero, we need and we have to accept it nalang.

    after the CAT, we went to dunkin' donuts, agaiiin. it's our former tambayan na for now. haha. my favorite donut is choco butternut. try to remember that info and buy me one, && imma gonna lurveee u foreverrr. ;) plus coffee ha! ;)

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