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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    makulay ang buhay.

    today was, a very, ehemm, dehydrating day! ;) wanna know the reason reason reason? ;) first of all. today was the elimination of the high school students, in each sections of each year levels, for the nutrition month dance contest. and the winners would be competing on the nutrition month program. i think that will be held on july 31. i'm not so sure about that. the songs na binigay samin ng teacher namin is the makulay ang buhay && lucky me. but we remixed that. anyway, before the event, we had our rehearsals in the morning. our teachers in each subjects allowed us to use their time to practice. so we practiced && practiced && practiced. that was very tiring, but i had a great time practicing with my classmates. after recess, there was this not so big deal problem, pero pinapalaki ng iba, it was all about our section and this issue that we're having a D.I. [dance instructor] urghh. because of that, yung batch namin ay nagawayaway. grabe, kakaibang experience yung nangyari kanina. all the sections of our batch came inside our room and then we've discussed about this problem, but lalong lumalala and nagkasigawan pa. ang gulogulo kanina. it's our first time to have this big fight sa ibang kabatch namin. but, our section "IV - MATTHEW" has a big big unity. lahat kame talagang nagkakaisa. even though some of our classmates have other tropas in other sections, hindi sila nangiiwan. ang sarap ng feeling ng may unity among the whole class. and our adviser sir paraiso. is very very supportive to us. he's the one who made our props because he's so talented in making arts.

    then in the afternoon, we did some practice, then before the event, we prayed all together so that God will guide us during our dance. && finally, we held the elimination. we did our very best to win, but we didn't. it's so sad, but we've accepted it already. atleast, ginawa namin lahat ng makakaya namin with all our energies. even though we lose, it's a very fun experience being with my classmates. some of them kasi ay first time ko lang maging classmate && yung iba classmates ko when i was 1st yr and 2nd yr. last year kasi dun ako sa section 1, III - galatians, and i had a great time din being with them. they are effin nice. anyway, lahat talaga todo bigay nung nagsasayaw na kami. basta, super duper fun. ;) "manalo, matalo, CUTE prin". ;)

    immediately, after announcing the winners, we had a CAT training and nagpatraining kami sa mga MOCC. grabe, superrrr kapagod! as in. then after the training, we went to dunkin donuts [again && again] of course with my tropa, paxtro, but as usual, kulang kami. superr saya namin kanina dun. we laughed and laughed. we've discussed so many issues. especially hilarious issues that made us laugh to death. yung alam mo naaa. haha. ;)

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