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My name is Patricia.
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    sunday treatss.

    so today's sunday and we attended the mass in the morning at san roque church here in cavite city. it's still under renovation. it's pretty big but it's unfinished yet. it's near from our school. near near oh so near. so our first friday masses were usually done at san roque church. our school && that church are like partners. speaking of partners, kanina, the elementary students of our school are the one who sponsored the mass. then maybe next month, high school naman, and we should wear our school uniform. btw, ang ganda ng homily kanina. about sa mga maling akala. maybe maraming natamaan dun. haha. ;) the priest was so good on explaining the gospel. basta galing. ;)

    then after the mass, i watched the movie, "the big fat liar". matagal ko nang gusto panuorin yun, since last month pa but i didn't had the chance. until last monday, i rented on Evideo and voila, i saw it's vcd and i immediately rented it. it's a hilarious movie about a 14 year old boy [take note, he's 14. not 10! nor 11. ;)] jason sheperd, [the hottie && cutie frankie muniz!] who always lies and even his own father doesn't trust him anymore. then a sleazy movie producer stole his paperwork and it actually turns into a blockbuster! then jason and his friend [amanda bynes.] went to hollywood to reveal the truth. && it's pay back time! it's a cool movie. frankie muniz is oh sooo sooo sooo cute!! nakakahimatay. ;) shocks, i've already got 2 days penalty! because i've been busy doing some stuffs this week and i didn't have the time to watch it. kanina lang.

    then, my dad's co worker came here to our house. he brought the chocolates which my dad sent for us. lots of hersheys. yumyum. gonna eat those tomorrow. ;)

    omg. we have our dance practice tomorrow for the nutrition month dance contest on our school. i hope that i could still post for tomorrow. wanna know the song? lucky me!

    8:27 PM | 2 comments