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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    yemalicious. ;)

    this business thing is quite common for me && for my bestfriend jewel. we're actually business partners or what they call mga negosyante in our tropa. this happened during summer 'o6. we decided to sell accessories, particularly bracelets and rings. the bracelets are worth 40 pesos each. and the rings are i guess worth 10 pesos each. we've earned 1000 pesos and our capital was only 150 pesos. ;) so see, it's all worth it and we do really enjoyed while doing those stuffs. so for now, we've decided to make yema for business. we made this plan because we want to earn money for shopping i guess. ;) first thing we did was, we announced it on our class and we let them make orders. that happened last last friday. then last tuesday, me && jewel bought the ingredients for our yema and we planned to cook it at our house. man, it's so hard to make yema, especially if there were so many orders! we made two flavors; one is langka && the other one is caramel. the hardest part is ung pagbabalot na mga yema. we took a lot of time on that thing. we started at around 3 pm && we finished at around 8 pm. then, after that day, we distributed all the yemas to our classmates && they said it was good && very delicious. ;) even our adviser made two orders. ;) we earned 630 pesos and our capital was only 300. i can say that it's worth it because it was vey fun doing that thing && i learned how to cook yummyy yemas. ;) then, our classmates were asking for another orders again so me && jewel decided to continue our somehow business thing. even the other year levels ordered. && omg, there were twice as many compared to the last orders. our second time na paggawa ng yema was happened last saturday. our friend majo helped us. we went to jewel's house at around 9 am, but it was supposed to be at 7 am, but again, i'm lateeee. that's lame okk, && i honestly admit it. ;)) it feels so easy making yemas on the second time compared to the first time. we made so many packs of yemas and we finished at around 8 pm. we will sell those tomorrow because as we all know, there were no classes today because of the weather but i don't think that it's the only reason. okk. so bye for now because i have something to do && yea ttyl.

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