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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    the "me"hood of the traveling YELLOW pants.

    we went to the mail yesterday && i wore my yellow skinny pants. my mom bought a brand new cellphone for my not-so-little sisterrr. yea. ako... walaa! wanna know why?? okk, here it goes. kasi, yung n70 ko nahulog sa toilet bowl sa cr in our school last january. that simple. you're curious? i know you are. ;) sure, kwento ko nalang. i was wearing a jogging pants at that day because we're practicing cheerdance for our super duperr late intrams last school year because of the renovation of our canteen. our intrams was supposed to be every september or something, but because of that, we held it last january. then me && my friend siopai kris, [that's the way we call each other, siya siopai, ako naman siomao. kasi, we used to eat lunch everyday on 7 11 during our 2nd yr hs days && we always eat our fave food, siopao and siomai, then we reversed it && yea that's it.] went to the cr because we need to pee, but all of the doors' locks are not working so we have no choice but to use it. then i saw kris' shadow towards the door so i thought that she would enter. then i immediately put on my jogging pants not knowing that my cell phone fell off. at first, i only thought that, it was just a 10 peso coin. then after we got out of the cr, i noticed that my phone was missing. we went back on all the places we've been, and lastly the cr. at that very moment, i saw my cell phone inside the toilet bowl! i don't know what to do at that time. i wanted to cry na talaga nung oras na yun. si kris yung kumuha ng cell phone ko, tpos we immediately went to a repair shop but it was too late. how sad, eh? && it was a majorr embarrassment. so thats why they couldn't buy me a new one, for me to learn of taking good care of important things. i am very careless and clumsy. i admit that one two. but now, i realized that i should really change these attitudes of mine.

    i envied my lil' sister at first because of her new cp, but then, i realized that it was wrong. then, i bought some things for my projects. handmaid wraps and scrapbooking accessories to be specific. i didn't bought clothes or any stuffs for now because i now know that there are more things that are more important than those.

    && then, we went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. we bought many hashbrowns and yoghurts for my breakfast every morning because i love those so much! && i think that's all for yesterday. ;)

    lessons i've learned while wearing the yellow pants:

    take good care of my things.
    i think this lesson is for everyone, especially for the ones who don't have jobs yet, because all of the money that are used in buying our things came from our parents who work so hard just to make us happy and for us to have a much better life. we should cherish all the things that they've given us, plus a simple "thank you" and a hug will do.

    spend my money wisely.
    i've learned that i should spend my money wisely because money would be easily gone if i will just spend && spend && spend on things that are not important. it doesn't mean that i shouldn't buy clothes and other stuffs like my obssesions, but to learn my limits in terms of these. i should also save money for the unexpected things. *knock on the wood.*

    not to fight with my sister just because of material things.
    okk. this thingg is so explainable already. no need for further elaborations. if you do, you're such a drama queen.

    speaking of the traveling pants, i love the movie "the sisterhood of the traveling pants"! i love the story and everything! i love the novels too. ;) it's a great movie and it's very interesting with so many lessons for us gurrrls. this movie is unpredictable. the pants is awesome. it really fits them even though they are way differ in sizes. && there would be "the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" and it will be on theaters nationwide this coming august, but sadly, on the US only. but of course i will definitely watch it online! i can't wait to see that movie! i loveee alexis bledel and blake lively. they are gorgeous. ;)

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