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My name is Patricia.
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I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
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I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    shocking mondayy.

    just got home! it's monday today and yea it was a very tiring day. we had our regular class in the morning and in the afternoon. && yipee to me, i didn't feel sleepy during our discussion in math. did i improved? i guess so. ;) i admit that i'm not very good in math && i hate this subject the most among the rest, but i'm trying my very best to learn, not just to learn but to learn a LOT. ;) and now that i'm in my last stage in high school, i started being serious during class time, but of course, di maiiwasan ang pagiging pasaway, makulit, malikot and MADALDAL. ;) especially this grading period, magkakatabi kaming magtotropa, kaya always tawanan talaga. ;) but syempre, i know my limits naman, when to be serious, and kung kelan magsasaya. because, i'm gonna be in college next school year and i'm expecting that it would be way much harder than my situation as of now. kaya ngaun, i always listen to my teachers whenever they were discussing something, especially in math, calculus && physics. so now, i can say that i really improved. cheers for that. ;)

    my friend katre, again, bought a voice combo sandwich for me. ;) haha. because i'm in state of poverty right now. haha. just kiddin'. i am currently saving money from my allowance and i'm letting myself to starve just to save money money money, to buy my obsessions for life. then we had a test in english and i am full of regret that i didn't read the test IV instruction! arghh. but fine, i really can't change it na.

    then in the afternoon, my teacher in physics said to the whole class "patricia, explain the meaning of this. daldal kasi ng daldal eh". you don't have to say a word. i was kinda embarrassed at that time. haha. but it's okay bacause even though nakikipagdaldalan ako with my seatmate, i did answered her question. haha. :) then on our mapeh subject, each of us sang for our recitation! my god, i thought that we would only take the diagnostic test in mapeh but it wasn't finished yet so instead, we had this recitation. i love singing, especially on the shower, but i'm not a good singer. i was so nervous beacause i don't know what i should sing. then the song "torete" suddenly came up through my mind so i decided to sing it in the class. but before it, my teacher asked me if i do have a boyfriend. i didn't answer but my classmates said yes in a loud voice. shocks. then he asked who is the boy, then my friends shouted RODELAS, my teacher knew him because he was his student before he left our school. then he also asked if my parents know about it and if he visits on our house, && i said yes. then i was very shocked when he said, "GOOD". i was terrified at that time, then he actually said GOOD!? haha. maybe it's because they knew that adrian is a good boy. and he really is. ;)

    then, after class, we practiced for the nutrition month dance contest at percy's house. i missed their house so much because he wasn't my classmate last school year. we filmed our play "florante at laura" there. && it was a fun experience being the director, but it was during our 2nd year high school days. our dance practice was very very tiring but it was effin fun!! i like dancing a lot. ;)

    so that's all for this day. ;)

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