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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    booyah. i hadn't posted anything for this whole week. it's because of the busy schedule i suppose. [owsss.] yayy, it's been raining for this week. but this past few days, the sun started showing up again. i already miss the rain. i love it when it rains, dunno why. btw, so this week is definitely a hilarious one. me and my buddies laugh && laugh very much often. we used to have so many reasons to laugh like there's no tomorrow and like there's always a clown in front of us. seriously it's true, but, to be serious is a no-no. get it?

    alright, so the funniest day for this week was i guess yesterday. even though our class had a major problem regarding with our teacher, hmmm, but before i continue, let me tell you the reason why our adviser is somehow mad at us yesterday. this happened last thursday, at our TLE time. we're supposed to have a long long periodical, err, i mean quiz, but we didn't had the time to study, so instead, we fooled our teacher that our quiz notebooks are in hers, even though it's not. then, when she was about to go at the faculty room to check if our quiz notebooks are really in hers, we hid those on my classmate's bag. then when she came back, she was somehow angry and told us "IV - MATHHEW, nagkakalokohan na tayo ah..." then, suddenly, "ay eto pala ung mga quiz notebooks eh!!" my classmate shouted. then our tle teacher became angry and told us that she will tell it to our adviser. then friday came, i was late then, after the flag ceremony, i noticed that my classmates were not in our classroom, then i found out that they were still on the line. then we discussed what had happened last thursday with our adviser. at first, we lied. i felt guilty at that time. and then our classmates told him that one of my classmate is cheating and that's the only reason why our teacher became angry on us. i felt more guilty. because that's not the real reason. it's totally unfair for him. but, after that, my classmate who's cheating told our adviser the truth. and obviously, our adviser was very disappointed on what we did. of course, who wouldn't?

    so, back to my discussion a while ago. even though that thing happened, we did laughed at that time. wanna know why? our first subject every friday is computer. we're having a meeting with our mayor at that time when our teacher in computer came. then, we immediately shouted, "sir! may importante kaming pinaguusapan, we need privacy! labas po muna kayo. respeto naman sir..." we told that to him not only because of our meeting but because we don't want to have a class. then our teacher said, "ay, sorry, hindi ko alam, sige lalabas muna ako magusapusap muna kayo...". hahaha. at that very moment, we laughed so loud. hahaha! ooh, that's life. ;)

    then, after that, the word "RESPETO naman.." became popular. ;) in every word we say, there's the word "RESPETO NAMAN..." ;) examples?? sure thing! :]

    "franze, respeto naman oh, pakopya naman, parang walang galang na ah..."
    "marj, wag kang papatong dito sa armchair ko, nawawalan ka na ng RESPETO nyan ah..."
    "pre, konting RESPETO lang naman ang hinahanap ko, gusto mo bang gawin sayo ng mga magiging anak mo ung ginagawa mo sa akin? RESPETO lang..."
    "kae, RESPETO naman oh, kung para sa atin talaga yang sisig na yan, kahit mahaba ang pila di mauubos yan, pero kung di para satin un, nakatadhana na sa buhay natin na kelangan nating magtipid ngayong araw. lahat ng bagay nakatadhana na..."
    "kris, RESPETO naman, wala ka nang galang ah, mgpo at magopo ka skin. parang walang pinagsamahan ah, ganyanan na..."
    "lea, RESPETO lang naman ang kelangan ko sa buhay na to, di mo ba kayang ibigay un? nawawalan na akong ng dignidad at moralidad nyan eh..."

    those are some of my lines. hahaha. ang baitbait ko nuuu?? ;)) feeling ko nga eh. importante talaga ang RESPETO sa buhaybuhay. ;)) mwahahaha! kulang na kulang pa yan. ;) haha. with emotions yan lahat pagsinasabi ah. ;) drama queen? no, it's just for fun fun fun! ;)

    3:18 PM | 2 comments