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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    the results of being a lazy freak.

    *i am blogging now because pet society is under maintenance*

    okay, i am soooo getting all the disadvantages now. because of my laziness this past few weeks in updating my whatsoevers here in the net, many things have changed and it's affecting me.

    first, my karma in plurk decreased like whoa. whoa whoaaaa. guess what. my karma now is 3! three, for the sake of all mankind. second, my subcribers in youtube is decreasing. that's a very bad news for me. third, for the time being that i haven't visited my blog, i felt like i abandoned it. that's very cruel of me, i know and i hate it. fourth, i am now officially hating friendster. of course, i'm still using my account there, but that's only because majority of my real friends are using that site. fifth, i am starting to love facebook. no. that's wrong. i am not starting to love it, because i love it already!

    and now, the reasons of my laziness is because of these things:

    first, because of the pet society. i became so hooked up in that game and i can't stop playing it. second, because of the audition (online game). i've been addicted in that game since my sophomore year but i stopped playing it during my junior year, and now i am starting to like it again. third, because i can't let go of watching animes. i spent a lot of money in buying dvds and i am in the process of finishing all of it.

    and the main reason of all the reasons i typed earlier, is simply because i am a major bum. and that's it.

    okay, let's get rid of this topic now and i'm gonna type more words. or if ever laziness wouldn't hit me, maybe i could even type for more paragraphs. cross your fingers pls.

    sure, let's start.
    it's May now and it's... raining? what the hell? how could this tragedy happen? what about summer? arggh, i hate this. it's not like i hate rain, but i think it's not the right moment yet. because we would be experiencing this season again for the next months and i will surely miss the sun even though it's burning me like hell. so as the result, i am more into indoor activities now. but i guess even though it's not raining, i'll basically be in front of my computer doing wasted stuffs all day long. it's not the "ME" in the past few years because i wasn't this addicted in the computer yet. i just go outside the house, play with my friends or hang out on my friends' houses. but somehow, i am not regretting i became like this. because of this habit of mine, i opened some locked doors for me. i met new friends throughout the planet and i also learned some different new things. because of this, i became the "me" i am right now.

    it's summer vacation right now - even though i couldn't feel it! - and let's enumerate the things i am doing for a month now:

    obviously, paying attention on the net and doing some stuffs here. then, i am also watching several random animes and i already finished 8 animes since april so far. i am also watching Hannah Montana third season - yea, i bought a dvd. and i am also watching different movies that i think were great and interesting. i am also listening to different bands in the moment and i found some that were truly great. etc. etc.

    wonder why i am doing these somehow can be consider as "nonsense" things? it's becuase i'm gonna be in college few weeks from now and i feel like i can't do these things the way i'm doing it right now. i'm gonna be away from home because i'll be living in a dormitory near the university i'll be studying next month. i'm so sure that i'll miss doing this stuffs and i will also miss having a free time all the time. haha.

    i think this is enough for this day. pet society is still under maintenance and this is the best chance to check out my other accounts as well. so that's it. see ya later! :)

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