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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    TWILIGHT: tattooed on my mind.

    TWILIGHT. TWILIGHT. why can't i get you out of my mind? arggh. i'm so sheepishly helpless! am i peculiar? i guess not because i know that almost all of you feel the same way as i do. i'm exceedingly addicted on the twilight saga! this is the best novel i've read so far. edward is... oh well, JUST spell P-E-R-F-E-C-T! edward && bella's love story, including the vampire, thirsty for blood thinggy, is ghostly perfect. i love the way meyer did for the story && the way she characterized the characters. especially for edward and bella. edward seems as if he is the prettiest boy ever. and for bella, i love her simple traits, being not so girly and such, she's just too plain and her attitude is cool. twilight is a modern immortal-mortal love story. i love the cullens. i wish i would be the future member of the cullen's family someday. ;)

    this is my most awaited part. the TWILIGHT MOVIE. so sad for the philippines, because the showing on the theaters nationwide is due on january 8, 2009. while in the other countries, it's due on december 12, 2008. 5 more months to waiiiiiiiit. NO! it changed! from january 8, 2009 to november 20 to november 21, 2008 and yea, november 21 is the final date for the showing. ;) anyhow, enough for the wait thing, i am awfully thrilled while watching the trailer of the twilight movie on youtube last week! ;) it was mighty awesome! i'm highly glad that ROBERT PATTINSON is the one for the role of edward cullen. he is gorgeously perfecccct for the role and he is extremely hawwwt! ;)) i loved him since i've watched the harry potter and the goblet of fire, him as CEDRIC DIGGORY! starting at that very moment, i've been posting his pics and vids on my friendster account. i also like KRISTEN STEWART for the role of bella. she's very beautiful even without makeups and other stuffs that girly girls stuck and paint on their faces. anyhow, i like the poster of the movie. they have the chemistry, the physics, the biology or whateverr you want to call it. i've already watched the whole ballet scene (it's the part where bella went to the ballet studio to meet james) && it's awesome. i've already watched all the videos that are related to the twilight the movie. and i saw that hayden christensen is the first choice for the role of edward cullen and emily browning for bella. whew. i'm notably delighted that it wasn't the real thing. hayden christensen is greatly gorgeous but he's too old for the role of edward. emily browning is amazing but she's NO bella, not now, not ever. in general, ROBERT AND KRISTEN are the perfect ones to play the role of edward && bella, no doubt. period.

    i'm so excited for the release of MIDNIGHT SUN. (i hope so.)
    i'm so excited for the showing of TWILIGHT the movie.
    i hope there would be NEW MOON the movie and so on...

    arggggh! cross fingers.

    7:49 PM | 2 comments