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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    retreat 09.

    this would be my last retreat as a high school student so i enjoyed myself to the fullest. as usual, we had our retreat at tagaste retreat house in tagaytay. i've been there thrice, first was our retreat way back when i was a 6th grader, the second was our last year's retreat and the third time is this one. our school is controlled - yea CONTROLLED - by the AR sisters, so as the tagaste retreat house so they're like partners in crime. our school, saint joseph college, would never have a retreat in other places but tagaste. however, tagaste is always a fun place to be. the place is huge and the rooms are fine. the outside is the best. we always took pictures there. the BUKO TART in tagaste is the best buko tart everrr. i wish i could buy buko tarts there whenever i want. anyways, i'll give you all the thrills so listen if you want to - ooh i mean read the follow ups).

    1st day.

    the bus starts it's engine with us on the inside already at past 12 noon. me and my buddies was at the back of the bus with our adviser on the middle. we share and ate junkies all the way to the place where we're going - of course at the tagaste retreat house. and by the time we arrived, they let us sign the attendance, i suppose, and the list for those who want to buy buko tarts. i ordered 3 boxes. there are 9 pieces of round buko tarts in each box. and after signing up, we headed off to the session hall for some introductions led by a nice sister. then, she let us go to our room to fix up and to unpack our things. btw, we are all girls. the boys had their retreat last day, february 4 and now it's the girls' turn. our retreat was for one day only. but i wish it could be a week! or maybe a month! a year! and a decade! haa! just kidding. ;) but i was certain that i'm gonna miss my computer and all of you guys. anyway, after resting for a few minutes, again we headed off to the session hall for a session of course with brother alvin - we met him once during our recollection at kawit, cavite way back in our sophomore year. he is so nice as always. he didn't let us shut up even though some were making noises, but we often behave also. after our first session, we had our snacks at the massive front yard. they gave each one of us a piece of buko tart and a juice drink. after that, we had our second session and brother alvin grouped us into five. each group would have a sharing from each members' experiences. my group was the best ever. we're group three and the members were lea diaz, jazze crisostomo, erika preciado, ahra anciro, angel tipa, joanna leonor, el russina, abby anselmo, danica alvarez and i. we're the only group who lasts our sharing for one hour and something. we're even the last group who came back to the session hall. we learned a lot from each other and i was able to know them from the inside, not just from their names and their attitudes in school, but them, deep within. we had so much fun discussing each one's problems and at the same time, we tried to relate from each other's experiences. after that, we reported from the whole people at the session hall the things we discussed and the reporting was done by my friend lea even though we're all at the front, without nothing to do. the reporting was hilarious. they were all laughing and woooing. then after the reporting of all the groups, we had our dinner and it was delicious as usual. and after the dinner, we had our last session for the day. and brother alvin made us all cry when he let us watch a video about the love of a father for his son and when he let us hug each other while playing a very emotional song. and we also had a group hug. it was a nice feeling. and yea, i'll admit, i'm gonna miss them like crazy! even the very person whom i didn't waste my voice for the past four years, whoever she might be, i'm gonna miss that someone. our first day was so much freakin fun! and after that, they let us rest for the rest of the night. we went staraight to our room and got our half baths because they didn't let us take a bath for that night and i don't mind it bacause even if they told us so, i would definitely not. the water is effin cold like ice water every night and the heater sometimes sucks. then, there was this shocking happening that night. my friend marjorie saw a white lady for real and we all know she ain't kidding. that night, we were shocked to see her shaking and grasping for breath and she said she can't breathe easily. so we called our teacher and he calmed her down but she wouldn't. then she told us her story, that she saw someone obviously nonhuman walking outside the window at the second floor - at the session hall, where we always were! then at the bathroom, she's been hearing someone but us calling her name. she was so afraid she can't barely move. but then, we, her friends, comforted her and she became somehow fine afterwards. btw, we joined our beds together so my best buddies and i, PAXTRO, were all in one loooooong bed. haha. and that night was both creepy and fun.

    2nd day.

    i woke up by the noise of some of my hyper classmates whose arguing for a bathroom slot. because our room has only four bathrooms which sucks for us 30 something ladies. anyways, we all did survive in that matter and pls, a big round of applause for us. whoo-hoo! after waiting for a slot in a looong time and bathing for a short time and grooming myself for even a shorter time, we had our breakfast. it was good, fairly good. and after that, we had our last session at the session hall. we'll gonna miss brother alvin and i'm sure, i'm gonna remember all his teachings for my entire life and i'll even bring it to my second life, which i hope would be faaaaar from now. then, we had our snacks, followed by a mass. after the mass, they let us pack our things and afterwards we took pictures as remembrance of course. and after that, we made it all the way to our same ol' hometown, cavite city and to my aging school, saint joseph college. again, welcome... reality!

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