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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    sleepover madness.

    march 28, 2009

    the whole aro family had a get together this day because we celebrated my graduation plus my two siblings' graduations too. we held it first at our house, my aunt and uncle treated us miryenda and then in the evening we celebrated it at the chefoo restaurant here in cavite city. my dad ordered a lot. the tables were all full. but there was still not enough space for the other foods. and all of us were all full afterwards too. there were so many excess foods so we divided it. the restaurant was also full. it was bloated. it's because of the graduation of san sebastian college-recoletos. many of the students there had their graduation dinner at the chefoo restaurant so the venue nearly explode. then after our wonderFULL dinner, my sister and i decided to have our 2 nights stay at my cousins' place at sampaloc, manila. luckily, my dad agreed and my tito too so the plan was a success. we packed our things before we have our dinner at the restaurant. by the time we arrived at my cousins' house, we went upstairs to have our chikahans and we also do soundtrips and laugh trips. it was fun to be with them. btw, my stay there has a purpose and the purpose was for this day - look at the date under this.

    march 29, 2009

    i am longing for this day to come, and yes, my plan was a success! wanna know why? because the secondhand serenade was in trinoma! yeah, that's right. my stay at my cousins' place was really a plan. a plan that was successful afterwards. i knew that the secondhand serenade - actually it's only john vesely - would have their mall tour at the trinoma so the easiest way for this plan to be a success is to stay at my cousins' house because it's only near in trinoma. first, we headed off to sm sta. mesa because my cousin troy had his haircut there. and then right after that we headed off to trinoma. i asked the guard where i could buy the ticket and he said that it was already sold out the day before the event. i was SO disappointed at that time. if i only knew it, i would buy a ticket earlier. i could already hear the shouts of their fans like me at that very moment because john vesely would be coming out soon. so instead of mocking around, we searched for a better view and luckily we found one that we could really see his performances. the mall was bloated. really really bloated. just add one more person and the mall would surely explode to it's maximum level. nope, i was just being exaggerated but the people were really uncountable. so, by the time john vesely appeared on stage, the people were like lions roaring. they became all wild. and of course i screamed my lungs out too. i really like that band. all their songs were great. john vesely's live voice was awesome. the first song he sang was vulnerable and i wouldn't forget that moment and the feeling i've felt right at that time. after that, my cousins, my sister and i were all hungry so we decided to eat something. my cousins decided to eat at mexicali and they treat me a plate of nachos. then, we came back near the stage to see john vesely again, nearer and with less people around. he was so handsome. i really like him. haha. then we bought a blizzard at the dairy queen and began strolling around. there were a lot of EMOs around the mall. some of them were really troublesome and some of them don't have manners. they were doing weird stuffs that i don't really get. then, one of those peeps talked to me about some nonsense things and of course all i could do is ignore it. anyways, aside from that, i really had a lot of fun at the trinoma today.

    for more pictures, click here.

    and after we got home, we ate dinner and then went upstairs. we had soundtrips - yea, secondhand serenade songs! - and guitar jammings and the major stuff that we did this night was being vain. yeeea men, vanity is one of our best traits. haha. we did some funny poses and we also had pictures together with undies. hahaha. we're all crazy and we know that. after that, we watched the grudge two even though we already watched it. it was really fun that night.

    click here for more photos.

    march 30, 2009

    this was the day we would be going back home. my cousins asked us to stay for some more days but we have to go home already because i should be getting ready about my college stuffs and my sister has her own things to do. but i really want to be with them for some more days too. my dad and mom picked my sis and i in the morning and we left my cousins' place after lunch. we headed off to CEU to ask for the requirements for my educational plan. then, we searched for some dorms and luckily, i found one that really caught my eye. it's all thanks to my friend prenz who graduated from my school saint joseph college the year before us. the dorm is called sun suites and it is located near CEU. it was a 6 floor building with elevator for the girls. the building is just new and it's the type i was looking for. then after that, we headed of to sm bacoor. my sister and i watched "you changed my life" on the cinema. the movie was romantic, funny and good. just like it's prequel "a very special love" that we've watched together with jewel at the cinema in moa on it's showing era. then after that, we went straight home.

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