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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    family saturday trip.

    we planned to go to divisoria for today to buy the things my sister needs for her grandball this coming wednesday. my dad gave me money and it depends on me if i will spend that money or not. and as i expected, i was tempted to spend all the money and unfortunately, the allowance my dad gave me was now out of sight. it suddenly vanished and i hardly noticed it. but the things i bought was worth it. i bought two tops and it was awesome. i also had some of my pictures developed because my classmates were asking some so they could have a remembrance from me. i'm also asking for their pictures and i thought it would be good if i'll add those in my collections. i had so many pictures developed including my pictures together with my classmates and friends because i'm planning to make a scrapbook as my project this coming summer vacation.

    then, we went to mall of asia and it was not planned. i suddenly asked them if we could hang out in moa for a little while and my parents agreed without any word. i really really want to go ice skating at that time but by the time we arrived, the ice skating rink will be closed after 30 minutes so we just let it pass. we just strolled for a bit and then went home after an hour. we arrived there at 9 pm so it would be closed anytime soon. gahhh, and now, i just got home from our trip for today. later dudes.

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