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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Counter started on 2/15/09.

    so long, 2008!

    well, 2008 went by very fast. real fast. it's all like, "omg. i thought yesterday was just the start of 2008!". but the year 2008 is not something that i can forget in a matter of time or even in my entire lifespan. it has something to do with my collection of good memories. the year 2008 gave me the best memories so far. it includes my last moments as a junior, my family's second time in baguio, me being a senior, my clique PAXTRO, the funny moments with my best buds ever, my family's trip to hong kong for 6 days, my entrance exams and a hell lot more. i also think that i've changed a lot this year. good changes actually. but i'm still ME no matter what. i'm just trying to be a better ME because as year goes by, my responsibilities for sure would increase && it's better to be ready than sorry. i also experienced a lot of things this year. if there's the good happenings, there would always be the bad. what i hate the most in this year was the loss of my ipod video 80G. if you're an avid reader of my blog, you could recall my post of my stolen ipod && that's it. my treasured ipod was stolen from me. i also hate the way i grew up - not the height, but the AGE - every year, and this year, i became 14 no more. yeah, that's right. i celebrated my 15th birthday last august 21, 2008. man, we're aging as years end!

    but anyway, i loved the life that i had in this span of year. i really enjoyed the half year of my senior life. it's actually the best high school year ever. i'm with my whole clique in the same room so it's always a riot. ALWAYS. i also gained more friends this year. && my blog was born on this year too. i also enjoyed the moments i had with my family. it's definitely the best.

    hey, let's recall some important things, shall we??

    2008. [not in order.]

    the things (it includes living && non-living creatures) i got addicted to:
    1. twilight saga
    2. twilight movie
    3. AP magazine
    4. forehead band
    5. anime (detective conan, hell girl, special a, ghost hunt, vampire knight/guilty, school rumble, kimikiss pure rouge, karekano, ouran high school host club, school days, wallflower)
    6. blogspot
    7. adobe cs3
    8. photography
    9. several international bands (i don't feel like mentioning it to you aight now, maybe later)

    the things i loved to do:
    1. watching horror films at jewel's crib whenever we have half day classes.
    2. reading novels.
    3. renting movies for the weekends.
    4. surfing the net.
    5. watching videos in youtube. [especially paramore's vids]
    6. watching animes.
    7. nonstop laugh with my bffs
    8. going on malls with my family or friends

    the unforgetable happenings:
    1. hong kong tour with my family
    2. in baguio with my family for the second time
    3. selling of yema with jewel
    4. my birthday together with my friends
    5. first CAT as an officer
    6. bonding with PAXTRo [always!]
    7. christmas 08 with the whole family

    in 2009...

    i will be:
    1. a college student for heaven's sake!
    2. graduating. of course before the college stuff, graduation first. adios to the high school life.
    3. maybe a better person? i hope so && i'm gonna do all my best.
    4. in tagaytay for my last retreat as a high school living.
    5. hmmmm. i really don't know! ;D

    my new year's resolution:
    1. DIET. DIET. DIET.
    2. be responsible
    3. save my allowance
    4. be a better and productive creature
    5. to be much closer to God, to my family and to my friends. ;)

    my new year's wishlist:
    1. meet && greet PARAMORE && to witness them performing live here in the philippines
    2. be josh farro's fiancee. ;P
    3. to be able to replace my stolen ipod video 80G.
    4. sony cybershot camera.
    5. brand new cellphone.
    6. new laptop.
    7. to be able to tour in different countries.
    8. to have lots && lots of moneeeeeeey! hahaaa. ;)

    && since 2009 would be our graduation year, my greatest wish of all is that my friends && i would still be friends even after our graduation && i wish that we would all be friends for eternity. ;)

    and to my family, i wish that we will be together as always and that we would enjoy all the moments we had together. i love them so muchhh. ;]

    so to all of you, HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! and wish you all the best this coming 2009.

    okk, so this is my last post for this year, 2008. gotta have some kitchen work to do. hmmm, i can now smell the foods. yumyum! ;D laterrrr guys!

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