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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    xmas party '08!

    today's our christmas party at school && it was a bash! honestly, it was not that extravagant but thanks to my classmates and friends, the party was so much fun && i guess that is the real essence of a party. i mean, it's always fun to be with them. it's my last christmas party as a high school creature and i'm gonna miss all my classmates. honestly, they are great people. so first thing i did in this day was taking pictures with my friends. then there was a movie made by my very creative && talented classmate percy - percy! if you're reading this, i just want to say hi. ;) - and it was a tear-jerking one. it almost made my tears fall out of place. and then, there was this slideshow of our pictures && majority were stolen shots. and of course, there were the FOODS. the foods, man. haha. i was so full! the foods that my classmates brought were all delicious. then, there was our exchanging of gifts. our adviser asked us to form a circle and sit on the floor. just like what we do during campings, with fire on the center && all that stuff - just like that but the fire wasn't present - && what we should do is, talk in front with the microphone and describe the person you picked in random and give your gift to that living creature. luckily, the person i'll be giving mine was franze && she is my friend so it's not that hard to pick the perfect gift for her. && i received mine from aileen aninon && she is my seatmate for two grading periods. i really liked the gift she gave to me. a tee from artwork. she knew what i want because we had our wish list posted on our bulletin board. i really like tees with graphics or texts in it. artwork is one of my favorite shops, btw. i also received gifts from jewel, precious, kris, karen && percy. they were all adorable. in general, all i did for this day was to have fun, FUN && fun!

    after our christmas party, i invited my friends to watch the final riot! at jewel's house - haha, i'm the one who invited them yet the venue is not my crib. && yeah, they're also parawhores. it's much better to watch it with my friends rather than watching it alone after all. we left jewel's house at around 4 pm because i am grounded and it was caused by a baloney reason so don't ask. but before going straight at home, we went to mcdo to kill some minutes and then finally we headed off to our own cribs.

    PS: i still have so many pictures in my bag that i can't put here in my blog because i don't want the scroll bar to be not seen by our naked eye. haha. just view my album in my FS account if you want to. ;)

    6:51 PM | 2 comments