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    twilight: now showing!

    i watched twilight with some of my best buds for the very first time at sm bacoor this afternoon (of course, it's pretty much obvious, it's the first day of showing!). && fortunately, we have no classes in the afternoon because of our monthly test. the movie was great. you can see that they really did their best to make the movie as wonderful as it is in the book. bubububut. the movie was just too plain. (ok, remind you guys, no offense) i doubt it if the people who doesn't read the book yet would understand each and every part of it. they made several cuts && it cause me to crave for moreee && seriously, it made the movie kinda complicated for those who doesn't know the gist of the story. but i don't judge anyone && i can't blame anyone for having several cuts because we all know that it's way hard to summarize the whole book. especially for only two hours short when the book is about four hundred pages and something! and oh, i watched the movie for two times with my fellow twilight addicts kateriina && rafaella!

    okayy, i dunno if what i'm gonna type now would be a spoiler for you but i just want to express what i have watched. sorry guys, can't blame me for being such a stupid twilight addict. ;) so here's the thing, my top 5 scenes from twilight:

    1. the baseball game - it's so cool! the cullens were so cooltastic! the effects were good too. it really suits for the scene. it is indeed the coolest part of the whole twilight movie. ;) (my opinion dudes.)

    2. the first time edward drives bella for school - wherein their fellow students got amazed && shocked that edward and bella were officially dating! ;) everyone is staring at them! (edward was way handsome at that part! nice shades, edward.)

    3. james vs. edward + the venom from james - in short, it's the whole ballet scene! ;) the fight was too short but it was really great. i loved the way edward took off the venom from bella. hmmmm. blood! ;D no wonder why it belongs in my top 5 scenes.

    4. the truth - it is the scene wherein edward and bella is having a conversation at the middle of a forest && edward confessed the truth about him. it also includes the meadow part wherein edward showed to bella his actual self whenever he's underneath the sun, glittering! ;)

    5. the prom - oh, it's the last part of the movie and it was great. gonna watch the movie again anytime soon guys! ;))

    oh, i almost forgot! i also LOVE the kissing scene part! how i wish i was bella! lol. ;p

    NOTE: if you'll gonna watch twilight, i recommend you not to step in the theaters without knowing ANYTHING about the book. you'll just have advantages if you'll read the book first before watching so you'll understand it better. but if you don't want to, it's also fine but the thing is, you'll not appreciate it as the way WE twilighters who have read the book do. ;)

    so in general, even though there are some scenes that were cut and the movie went off too fast that i hardly noticed the time, all i can say is, it is worth the money i'd spent for the ticket! ;) cheers twilighters! gonna wait for the NEW MOON! ;)

    PS: OMG. i forgot that i have exams for tomorrow! awww, i doubt it if i could ever sleep for tonight! oh well, gonna study after i post this. till laterrrr, maybe i'm gonna add something more.

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