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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    what's wrong with my hair?


    i'm pretty bored right now. i'm all alone here in the house [except for our maid] and was left with NOTHING to do. oh well, maybe it's better for now because i'll be busy tomorrow, working with my groupmates for our project in physics which would be "making of anything that moves project". uhh, and still, i - i mean WE - have no idea yet! can't blame my teacher for having this kind of project since it is physics, but the thing is, maybe because i'm sluggish? well, i guess that's the word that fits flawlessly for me.

    so ok. we're half day again for the omnipresent reason that we had our monthly test. it's our 3rd monthly test and today was the last. after the final test, which is english, we had our CAT - only the officers - && it's not for the training. our teacher - the one who's responsible for the CAT - shared a homily with us. yupp, that's right, he scolded us. but he's not that mad. so meaning to say we're still safe. first were the boys which haven't take their haircuts yet, were all suspended for some weeks. and next were the girls. he pointed out the ones whose hair was "untidy" - only for him! - even though it's NOT. certainly not. so for the punishment, he told us to pony our hair everyday and clip our bangs for the rest of the school year. uh-oh, i don't like this. WTH!

    sir: aro - that's my family name which means "ring" in spanish - ano ba yang buhok mo? nakasupalpal nanaman sa mukha mo! ano ka emo? paemo-emo ka pa dyan eh! hindi na nga makita yang mata mo. simula sa tuesday lagi nang nakaclip yan ah.

    i was about to tell him that "sir, hindi pa uso ang emo may bangs na ako!!!" haha. but i could not and would definitely not tell him that. he'll fire me as an officer if i'll do that! but then, my bangs actually became a part of me and i can't really change it. since i was a kid, 3 years old i guess, i already had my bangs. my mother was the real suspect, and the leader for this matter too. haha. here's some of my childhood pics - with my bangs of course.

    so that's it. see? i was born with my bangs! ;)) so can you tell me, WHAT'S THE **CKING WRONG WITH IT???

    4:47 PM | 1 comments