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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    hiyaa guyss! i am now back here in my very own country, fresh from HONG KONG. ;) being in hong kong for almost 6 days is so much fun! i've enjoyed a lot. we didn't took a package tour because we know for sure that it would only disturb us and it's much better to go alone with ourselves since my father already went to hong kong a bunch of times. i'm gonna give you shivers, so be ready. ;))

    FIRST DAY. 10/30/08

    so first, we checked in at a not-so-luxurious hotel so that the money that would be saved will gonna be an additional to our budget for shopping. we set off to mong kok, kowloon and we found a great place to stay there. our hotel was just a minute walk to the ladies market where you can bargain what you want to buy. plus, there's a lot of stores near our place so it's very convenient. but some of the prices at the ladies market were obviously not so reasonable. there are high prices that don't suit for the quality of a product. but still, we bought some items. the transportation in hong kong is such a piece of cake! you'll not be lost in hong kong even if you go to the other island unless if you don't follow the signs. there are mtr stations on almost every city. even though on our first day, i already knew the roads in mong kok. whenever my parents & my younger brother went back to the hotel, me && my younger sister are still strolling around the city of mong kok && we eventually come back to our place late in the evening. mong kok is well known for it's chinese restaurants all over the place. so if you'll going to walk along the roads of mong kok, better ready your nose for the aroma of delicious foods you'll gonna smell! the city is so much alive even in the night && it's more crowded in the evening rather than in the morning. the neon lights are everywhere so you won't notice that it's already late at night. man, the people there are like vampires! awake at night and asleep in the morning. ;D

    SECOND DAY. 10/31/08

    we went to hong kong disneyland resort && we've planned to stay there for the whole day so we could watch the fireworks at night. and lucky us, it's halloween! i rode at some rides && of course i took a lot of pictures. we enjoyed a lot, hell lot! we watched the HSM live, the parade in the morning && the glow in the dark halloween parade which was totally awesome! jack skellington was all over the disneyland resort. of course, it's halloween! and at night, we watched the amazing fireworks at the sleeping beauty's castle. that day was very magical! ;)

    THIRD DAY. 11/1/08

    so for this day, we decided to stroll along the city of mong kok alone for the reason that we got way tired during our trip in hongkong disneyland resort. we ate in a chinese restaurant for our lunch && dinner and the foods there was kinda different from the foods that we are eating here yet it was good. we also do shopping again && it was more fun to shop in the evening. that's what you call night life, dude!

    FOURTH DAY. 11/2/08

    lantau island was our first destination for this day. we bought a tourist day pass [an unlimited ride in the MTRs] so we could go back and forth in the cities of hong kong. we went there because we've decided that we would ride the cable car, but guess what, we made it through the citygate outlets first! huh, that's not part of the plan! but i was eager to go to that place by that time because i have seen that mall on the net before and that mall has many international brands on it that has 70 % off. so again, we shopped. our next destination was finally, the ngong ping 360 cable car. we enjoyed a lot while riding there, and boy! it was sooo high! ;) you'll appreciate the nature of hong kong if you'll gonna ride there. the route was long && it's extremely worth it. so before we went to our final destination, we went back to our hotel in mongkok first so that we could free our hands in carrying the items we bought. after that, we lastly went to tsim sha tsui to view the amazing symphony of lights wherein you could witness the buildings of hong kong across you doing a musical show. the lights were following the beats of the music which is so cool. after we watched the spectacular symphony of lights, we walked && walked until we reached the avenue of stars. it was great to see the handprints of jackie chan and jet li and the statue of bruce lee. this day was gory tiring but a hell lot of funnnnn. ;)

    FIFTH DAY. 11/3/08

    this was the last day that we could explore the wonderful hong kong so we didn't waste time in doing hogwash things. we bought tourist day pass tickets again so we can go through all the cities with just one payment. first, we went to wan chai so we could see the golden bauhimia square. and next we went to sik sik yuen wong tai sin temple. there were so many people there that are worshiping buddha. it's my first time to visit such temple and yeah it's kinda different but i do respect their religion. unfortunately, we got so tired from our nonstop walk so i'm afraid to say we got home after that. i've been so sad that day because i'm gonna miss HK. after we got to mong kok, we ate dinner and we did our last shopping. after that, we packed our things for tomorrow's flight.

    SIXTH DAY. 11/4/08

    HOME SWEET HOME by 3 am due to flight's delay.

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