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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    book reading w/ robi domingo && rj jimenez.

    my dad && i parted ways while we were in the mall of asia because i was accompanied by my friends jewel && kris. we planned this yesterday because we knew that robi domingo would be in the national bookstore for the book reading and it was scheduled at 3 pm. but i was way excited so i asked my friends to go to the national bookstore 30 minutes before the scheduled time. and we were so shocked to see flashes of cameras and a few people in a form of circle. and that's it, robi was already there, flashing his wide, killer smile for his fans. we rushed to the center of the circle of people and immediately took pictureS - with an S - with him. he is so HANDSOME. as in spell H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E! i was so happy to see him! i was a big fan of him since the pbb teen plus edition days. my friend kris is an officer of an official clan for the fans of robi or what they called robilievers so she introduced herself to robi, and he shaked her hands and asked my name too and he shaked his hands to mine! we are one of the few people whom he entertained. we talked for a while before the start of the book reading. he asked where we live, our province, our school, and etc. he is so nice! he also asked us to stay for the book reading && we said sure, of course! then we were also thrilled to see rj jimenez with him. and then, the book reading had started. the book reading was all about the book, PARA KAY B by ricky lee who also wrote some famous movies and teleseryes, like himala, lobo, dubai and so many more. this is his first novel, but he had published so many books. PARA KAY B, is a novel all about love. first, rj jimenez read some lines from the book and then followed by robi. rj also sang if we fall in love and miss kita pag tuesday with his awesome guitar. if someone bought the book, that someone would have the chance to have an autograph of ricky lee, rj jimenez and robi domingo with their short dedications and to have pictures taken with them. so i bought a copy and i had their autographs and my pictures with them. after that, we saw this familar boy who was all alone and who was at the back doing some random things. and for what we know, he is maro domingo - lil' brother of robi - and we shouted "maro" to confirm if it was him and he looked at us so it's definitely him. we asked him and he said yes and then we also took pictures with him. after that, he called robi from the back and robi headed off towards us and we asked him if he could take a video of him saying hi to me and to my friends and he said sure - he is so NICE! - and yes, we did it! and again we talked for a while and then somebody said it's time for him to go back so it ended there. today was so much fun! i would never forget this day for my entire life! ;)

    with maro domingo.

    with ricky lee.

    9:30 PM | 4 comments