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My name is Patricia.
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I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
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I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    tita leony's birthday celebration.

    yesterday was my tita's birthday and we celebrated it today. we always do this in our family, if someone's birthday falls on a weekday, then we should celebrate it the weekend ahead. no one should skip a week without celebrating his/her birthday! my aunt knows how to cook and she's good at it so i broke my dietary plan for this day. she has prepared so many foods && i can't help myself but to grab whatever's on the table. i ate alllllll day long! i bet it's not my fault because her homemade foods were the best! again, my grandparents' house was bloated. my relatives from my father's side came to celebrate with us. we had our bonding with my cousins as usual. our trip for this time was a movie marathon. we watched two movies, which were the memoirs of a geisha && mamma mia!

    1.) the memoirs of a geisha is a very touching and is a good movie. actually, i am quite interested in some japanese traditions and this thing caught my attention. i like the way the characters played their parts. especially the protagonist. she is beautiful indeed. i like the idea of the protagonist having a pair of blue, charming eyes, which is very uncommon for asians. full asians would never have a pair of blue eyes, as far as i know - just tell me if you know someone who's like that. and btw, this is a film adaptation. so sad, i hadn't read the novel before watching this one. and until now, i hadn't even touched the book.

    the plot:

    The film tells the story of Chiyo Sakamoto (portrayed by Suzuka Ohgo as a child, and by Zhang Ziyi as an adult), who is sold into a life of servitude by her parents when she is nine years old. Chiyo is taken in by the proprietress of a geisha house, Mother (Kaori Momoi), where she works to pay off the debt of her purchase and the soiling of a silk kimono owned by a well-known geisha, Mameha (Michelle Yeoh), which Chiyo was blackmailed into defacing by the haughty and jealous geisha, Hatsumomo (Gong Li).

    One day while crying in the street, the young Chiyo is noticed by the Chairman, Ken Iwamura (Ken Watanabe), who buys her an iced sorbet and gives her his handkerchief. Inspired by his act of kindness, Chiyo resolves to become a geisha so that she may one day become a part of The Chairman’s life. Chiyo, now a young woman, is taken under the wing of Mameha, head of a rival geisha house. Under Mameha's tutelage, the girl Chiyo becomes Sayuri, the most famous geisha in all Gion, Kyoto. Hatsumomo becomes Sayuri's rival and seeks to destroy her; however, Hatsumomo ends up destroying herself instead after setting fire to the okiya.

    Sayuri, through her work as a geisha, is reunited with the Chairman, who she has secretly loved since she was a girl, although she is led to believe he has no memory of who she was before she became a geisha. Her prosperous life is cut short by the outbreak of World War II and while the safety of Sayuri and Mameha is ensured by the Chairman, they must endure a life of hard labor. After the war, Sayuri is reunited with Mameha, and they become geishas once more.

    The Chairman arranges to meet Sayuri, where he finally reveals to her that he knows she is Chiyo. He tells her that he was responsible for sending Mameha to her so that she may fulfill her dreams of becoming a geisha. Sayuri finally reveals her love to the Chairman, which she has been harboring for more than fifteen years. The film ends with their loving embrace and a stroll through a beautiful Japanese garden.

    2.) mamma mia! is a hilarious movie. i swear it's worth watching. i knew this movie for a while now and i already seen it in www.watch-movies.net but i don't want it to watch it there because it buffers for life! so sloooooow. then i was thrilled when my tita leony said she has the dvd and she let us watch it. i was excited to see the mean in the movie "mean girls" portray the protagonist's part and i was excited to watch her singing. and wow! i never knew she has an amazing voice! and she's good in dancing and acting too. plus, she is gorgeous. i really, totally love the movie! and i am hoping for a sequel. i'm rating this movie A+.

    On December 15, 2008, it was announced that Mamma Mia! had become the highest-grossing film in the United Kingdom of all time. The previous record was held by Titanic, which was released in the UK in 1998.

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