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My name is Patricia.
Im 16.
I am a college sophomore.
I'm a goofball.
My heart beats for vintage stuffs.
Music is always in my head.
I love my life.
I love Paramore.

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    Expect The Unexpected

    Hey guys! This is exciting! I so want to share this to all of you. Hahaha. So let's start, shall we? Together with my friend Lea, we went to ABSCBN again to watch the taping of Entertainment Live because we know that the big 6 will be there and to be honest, we didn't plan this. Yeah, expect the unexpected. But my main reason is to meet Bret Jackson II again. The taping started by around 3pm. When we were all at the studio, the staffs picked 6 persons who will be asking each of the big 6 a certain question on TV during the shooting, and this will be aired by tomorrow. Unluckily, I was picked by a staff to ask a question for Ivan Dorschner. I FREAKED OUT. I don't want everyone to see my face on TV! And my parents would kill me for sure. Hahaha. Then they handed me the paper I was supposed to ask Ivan and they let me seated at the front row. I felt so nervous. I said to myself over and over again, "I don't want to do this, I don't want to do this". Then I begged my friend Lea if we could switch places and OMG she was my savior! - she agreed, yes. Thank you Lea, I really owe you a lot! Then after some time, the taping began. For the interview, the big 6 were grouped into two. The first batch were Bret, Ivan, and Devon. The second batch were composed of Fretzie, Ryan, and the big winner James. The audience became hysterical, I as one of the audience too. But in my case, the reason was of course, Bret. :D

    After the taping of Entertainment Live, Lea and I had our snack in The Loop - ABSCBN's canteen - and surprisingly, Bret, James, Ivan, Ryan, Fretzie, Ann Li and Tricia went to The Loop and they stayed there for a while, I guess for about 30 minutes. I immediately greeted Bret first and I took several pictures with him. We kissed (on the cheeks! Haha) and we were able to shake hands again. We talked for a while and I made him remember my name. God, he is so nice! And so fucking cute! Then I also had the chance to take pictures with James Reid and to talk with him for a bit. And OMG his accent is really smexy and to die for! And OMG Ivan Dorschner, Hahah well I'm gonna share this to all of you. Lea was the one who's taking the picture of me with Ivan. After one shot, I said to Ivan, "Let's do chuvachuchu" then we arranged our hands so that it'll form a heart shape, then when Lea was about to click the camera, Ivan suddenly said, "Oh no, wait, wait, wait. It's not a heart. Let's make this straight..." then he looked like he was measuring his hand so that it could form a better heart shape. It took a while for him. Hahaha I was surprised! I didn't know he is indeed very nice, and kinda weird, in a good way. I was able to take pictures with Ryan, Fretzie and Ann as well. They're all very cool and nice.

    Bret Jackson II

    James Reid

    Ivan Dorschner

    Ryan Bang

    Fretzie Bercede

    Ann Li

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